Strike MRDS Cover for Eotech MRDS

Last year Strike Industries launched their first red dot polymer cover, made for the Trijicon RMR. They have just launched their second cover, this time for the Eotech MRDS. The cover protects the sight while still allowing access for windage and elevation adjustment and it does not interfere with the ambient light meter. The Strike MRDS Cover costs just $7.95.


Made from hard, yet flexible, Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU), the Strike MRDS cover increases the impact resistance of the MRDS. In addition to covering the main body, the cover creates an offset from the MRDS lens. This will help prevent damage to the lens when it is being used as an aid for reloads off of belts, holsters or other surfaces.

Strike Industries told me they are looking to partner with optic makers to manufacture polymer covers for their products. Any companies interested in partnering with them can email

Steve Johnson

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  • guest

    RMR > the rest

    • Marc

      I see you’ve never used a Docter III.

  • Studds Terkle

    Does anyone know what back strap accessory that is?

  • Dirksterg30

    Grip Force adapter, I think.

  • Nate

    Hard, yet flexible. Sounds like ridge-i-flex!

  • gunslinger

    so you buy an expensive RDS, and to make it better you add an $8 cover?

    • FourString

      i mean, i guess it’s the same principle behind a smartphone. better to dent a dodgy looking screen protector than an expensive lcd screen. does ruin the aesthetic though; meh shame manufacturers don’t just make the original parts more durable to begin with (they’re probably creating jobs though lul)

      • billyoblivion

        The difference being that most smart phones is a stylish piece of sophisticated electronics that compromises for looks and weight over robustness. You don’t find armor for sonim phones, but you do for the iDildo (cue fanboi outrage).

        The RMR at least (I’m not familar with the ERDS) is a sophisticated piece of electronics, well, at least a little, but it was built take to fast-roping out a helo into some the most demanding environments on earth.

        If you’re beating up your RMR to the point where function is degraded you’d probably want to stop and reconsider your approach as it’s likely YOU are getting a bit more beat up than you need to be. Seriously, those things are tough.

        It’s a lot like the dresses my daughter has for her barbies.

  • FourString

    i find it interesting that this TPU cover is the same material used in cheap phone/tablet cases heh

  • cd

    Awesome! Now if they would only sell the damn pistol!

  • AnarchyPrime

    Sounds like putting plasti-dip on a tank.