SIG SAUER Commemorative Purchase Program

SIG commemorative

SIG SAUER has a program to create commemorative firearms for military units and law enforcement agencies.  The commemorative guns can be engraved as standard, silver plated, gold plated or in a platinum edition with gold plating and floral pattern scroll work.  The gold and platinum versions are available on pistols only, while the standard and silver are available in rifle and pistols.

SIG commemorative

SIG normally requires a minimum run of 25 pistols or 15 rifles.  However, for a limited time (no specific expiration given) the company has dropped the minimum number to 15 pistols or 10 rifles.

SIG commemorative

Visit SIG SAUER for more information.

Richard Johnson

An advocate of gun proliferation zones, Richard is a long time shooter, former cop and internet entrepreneur. Among the many places he calls home is


  • Micki Mahoney

    The P229 at the bottom appears to be commemorating Taurus…

    • kevin kelly

      How so?

      • Micki Mahoney

        Anonymoose got it. Black frame, stainless slide, matt-stainless controls (?) and some hideous fake ivory grips. Might scream “commemorative” to some, I suppose. To me, it just screams “Bob mixed up the parts bins again.”

    • Anonymoose

      With the gaudy silver plating?

  • The Hun

    The cops will use these commemorative Sigs someday when they are ordered to take the guns away from US citizens- they wouldn’t want to risk losing that fat pension.

    • Which they will refuse to do—

      • The Hun

        Sure they will.

      • TCBA_Joe

        Honestly, TFB needs to start removing comments that are this off topic.

        New “ARMS Sights” turns into “FEMA will be using those sights to take our liberty!”

        While I understand the frustration many of the readers with regards to the issue at hand, frankly TFB is supposed to be “Guns not politics” all while allowing the EXACT SAME off topic discussion in EVERY blog post.

    • 11b

      You know police/military are regular people just like you, right? It’s also illegal to follow an unlawful order. Just sayin.

      • When we took our oath it was to protect and defend the constitution not an individual.

        • The Hun

          BS- cops disobey the Constitution every day with illegal search and seizures and garbage like “safety/sobriety checkpoints”(paperz pleaze)

      • Seth Hill

        Far too many will follow the orders and then say they were just following orders. Look at history, even long after it was found that it is not an excuse people still do it.