Suarez International AUG Combat Rail and Forward Rail

One Source Tactical is now selling a fantastic set of AUG accessories that are absolutely a must-have for any AUG shooter out there. For years, the Achilles’ heel of the AUG was that you were stuck with the fixed Zeiss optic, or an oddly raised (and short) rail on models dubbed “special receivers”. The AUG A3 that is currently in production has lowered the picatinny rail a bit and ditched the fixed optic option entirely, but shooters are still stuck with a short rail.

Suarez International set out to provide AUG folks with a longer rail (that really shines with iron sights by providing a longer sight plane) on which to mount iron sights, an optic, or both. A shell deflector is also optional that will allow shooters to transition from shoulder to shoulder without a face full of brass. Also available is a forward rail system that will allow shooters to put whatever foregrip they want on the front of their rifle, rather than be stuck with the stock folding unit.

I received both the top and forward rails in the mail and was eager to install them.


Now I am one of the least handy people I know, but even I was able to install the top rail in about 5 minutes. Here are the only tools you need for installing both rails:


The top rail went on with ease. A few turns with a hex and some blue loctite did the trick:


The foregrip was even easier, requiring just a quick tap on the grip retaining pin and bolting on the new assembly:


I threw on an AUG-esque folding foregrip that placed it much further forward the the factory grip. I like this very much, as I am very lanky and prefer to grab on to rifles a bit farther forward:


The result was a very sexy looking rifle if I do say so myself!


Of course I just had to throw my Gemtech G5 on it for maximum cool-factor.

The Suarez products  make the rifle much easier to tote around. As I mentioned, I like that you now have the ability to place the front grip far forward, and use any grip you please:


The rail also allows back up iron sights and an optic, which is a very desirable feature:


My 6’3″ frame appreciates the grip being far forward, but you can always mount it farther back.

The rails also do not interfere with the rifle’s ability to go prone:



All in all, I am very happy with these products, and at a price point of $79.99 for the top rail, and $79.99 for the forward rail, they are affordable too!


To recap:

  • $79.99 for either rail
  • Install took 5 minutes or less for each rail and no special tools
  • Easily can go back to stock configuration
  • Allows you to run back up irons easier and with a greater sight plane
  • Allows aftermarket foregrips
  • Shell deflector available that isn’t a goofy plastic monstrosity
  • Looks very cool in my opinion!

I believe these rails at this price point are both home runs for AUG shooters out there, and I know that my AUG will be blessed with these rails for a long time!

Alex C.

Alex is a Senior Writer for The Firearm Blog and Director of TFBTV.


  • AD

    It looks like the top rail was pressing into your cheek, wasn’t that uncomfortable? Also, without the suppressor, having your hand that close to the muzzle might be a problem?

    • The rail does touch my cheek a bit, but it is beveled there so it is not uncomfortable. As for my hand vs. the muzzle, I set the foregrip just behind the flash hider. It protrudes a bit more than the photos show.

  • sianmink

    Not saying anything about your sweet can and offset streamlight? XD

  • Steve Truffer

    Looks… purposeful. Not sleek & streamlined, but featured enough to satisfy without being excessive.

    … I may have just described my girlfriend.

  • Alex—good looking rail. It gives you a lot more space than another I’ve seen.

  • dannye
    • noguncontrol

      he was convicted for having a job while receiving disability. it may be illegal, but not exactly immoral. the disability system is just all wrong, it is that kind of welfare system that breeds laziness and obama zombies. suarez is the real deal, he knows what he is talking about. i learned a lot from him and his site.

      • dannye

        Faking a disability to steal money? Sounds immoral. Plus the whole part with him being “blessed” with the experience of killing people, and challenging anyone who disagrees with him to duels, that’s not disturbing at all.

        The point isn’t what he knows, it’s informing the gun community of his shenanigans so we can choose whether to boycott this psycho.

    • anointedsword

      I use to defend him as well until I interacted with him on Facebook. Now I realize a lot of the negative things I heard about him was true (money hungry, thinking bad about others, paranoid, etc…). Oh well, moving on from this post. /waves

  • Gregor

    People were probably stuck with a fixed Swarovski optic, not a Zeiss one 😉

    • Ariel Kotler

      Dude ya beat me to it. The AUG is Austrian hence the Swarovski optic.

    • Whoops, my mistake!

  • Doopington

    Ever try the PJS AUG CQC rail?

  • Gabe Suarez

    dannye – I own twelve NFA weapons, have a CCW from Arizona, and run a multi million dollar FFL-based company. I think you got it wrong. Immoral? Maybe…I don’t worry about meeting other people’s standards…just my own. And psycho? No…you and your tri-cornered hat nutjobs are the psychos I threw off my forum (right after I forwarded your threads to DHS) for your incessant talk about attempting homicides on american politicians and over throwing the government.

  • Gabe Suarez

    I should have the brass deflector in my hands by the end of the week. This last has taken some prototyping due to the unpredictability of how the expelled case travels once it leaves the port. The angle and size had to be carefully worked on to make it effective but no bigger than needed..

  • Oddjob

    Looks like a rip-off of the rail already made by Ratworx; but that seems to be the standard for SI products.