STG 44 In Ukraine

STG 44 / MP43/44 rifles have been showing up all over the world in the last couple of years. An eagle-eyed reader spotted one at Ukraine’s newest and most popular tourist attraction, the private palace of their former President. The above image is a still from a VICE video (See 2:10. Embedded below) of the Presidents sprawling complex. Also take a look at his ammunition collection at 3:29.

Ukraine was invaded by Germany during WWII. Kiev was occupied from September 1941 until November 1943. It is possible this gun originated from the German occupation.

Thanks to Pablo for the tip.

Steve Johnson

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  • Ken

    Century Arms needs to go trade that guy a nice AK and bring that StG in as a parts kit.

    • Hunter57dor

      Right? Hell, I would give him any one of my rifles in trade for that, it belongs in a museum, not a warzone.

    • dubbs

      Yeah, and Century Arms shaved monkey staff would screw them up like the HUNDREDS of WASRs they pimped on the public! And lets not forget the,mess they made of the L1A1 clone…

  • darrel

    Who is making Kurz ammo to actually feed them though? I know that in pakistan there was local stuff being produced, but I don’t think the same is true in Ukraine.

  • Lance

    Again these might not be regular Army or Police. Both Pro Russian and Pro Ukrainian groups are armed and they have a shortage of AKs (both Armies want and use most of them) so they use what they can get. Like the AR-15 in a previous post these probably are local armed militias using what illicit arms they can get there hands on.

  • ColaBox

    I want that house, but I need that ammo collection.

  • Ghost930

    Have a weirder one. My team found two of them, with 4 mags and two ammo cans of Kurz ammo near Taji, Iraq on a raid. Go figure how they got there. Guys were a little suprised when I told them they were worth about 20K a piece back home.

  • t.S.

    These are just regular Ukrainian volunteers who are preventing the removal of evidence, theft, ect from the former dacha of their fled russian I mean Ukrainian leader. When they originally went in after Yanu fled, he had an armory with at least a thousand automatic weapons in it. I wish I could find the photos. He was a gun guy which is probably the only thing I liked about him. There were guns that any shooter would give his left testicle for. How he was able to possess machine guns or be president for that matter as a convicted violent felon I have no idea. (he was convicted of Agr. rape in the early 70’s and did several years for it). Probably because he was convicted during the soviet union which did not carry over records after the fall. Anyway his gun collection had many sections: Modern, historic, ancient, 1 of a kinds all of them. I imagine this gun came out of that arsenal or possibly from an old soviet warehouse. When I was there a few years ago, a NG base still had a rack of never used lend lease thompson m2’s and crated Ball .45 ammo marked 1943 or so.

  • Bob

    It might be one of those German .22LR StG 44 clones. I’d guess that’s just as likely as them finding a 70 year old Nazi assault rifle in a random police armory. Arms of any type (the cooler looking the better) would be used by these informal militias.