Movie prop weapons worth the price?

I am a fan of the KRISS Vector. So I stumbled across this and was shocked at the sticker price for a resin cast KRISS Vector. It is purportedly to have been used in the recent Total Recall movie remake. It was kitted with optics, flashlight and a vertical grip but those have been removed. The barrel is even missing. So you are getting a broken paper weight all for the bargain of $595.  I could get the KWA KRISS Vector airsoft replica for less than that and at least it does something and is complete.

Check out the sale here.

Nicholas C

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  • Blastattack

    Ya, but dude, it’s now a collectors item. Super rare, ya’ know? I mean, someone famous might have actually used or touched it. Maybe.

  • kosherbacon

    Memorabilia is really only worthwhile when it’s related to something you want to remember.

    The latest Total Recall film is not one of those things.

    • Cymond

      Precisely. Props from classic movies are probably very valuable today, but that is entirely dependent on the movie’s place in history. No one cares about some prop used in some forgotten movie 20 years ago. Bladerunner? Yes. The Fifth Element? Maybe. Demolition Man? Probably not.

      My only guess about the potential buyer of something like this Kriss prop is someone who enjoyed the recent Total Recall remake and who has more money than sense.

      • Mr Mxyzptlk

        Are you kidding? I would TOTALLY buy something from Demolition Man, especially if it was that G11 replica mocked up as the rail gun.

        • Peadair

          I would buy the three shells, if only to figure out how they worked.

          • noob

            I’d buy the sex machine from demolition man and use it on my own 🙁

            be well.

      • gunslinger

        Leeloo Dallas multi pass? yes please.

        ZF1? Flamethrower! My favorite.

  • ArcRoyale

    Really, it’s not just guns, all sorts of items from movies are collected by fans. It’s fandom for you.

    • gunslinger

      ruby slippers from Wizard of Oz?

      yeah some stuff can go for some serious coin. others..not so much.

  • Michael R. Zupcak

    Probably why a lot of movie producers use real weapons that are either converted to fire blanks or temporarily disabled from firing any ammunition.

    • mikewest007

      Nah, preparing casts like that one for the movie is cheap, they’re most probably attempting to recoup the costs after the movie bombed. I remember incomplete $20 airsoft guns used as background props in “Doom” being sold for this kind of stupid money.

  • patrickiv

    You’re paying for memorabilia. It is strange though that the producers wouldn’t just use an airsoft gun, which would likely have a functional charging handle and be way cheaper.

    • Phil Hsueh

      Depends on what they want to use it for and you also have to remember that the selling price has no bearing on what so ever on how much it actually cost the studio originally, props & costumes have become big business for the studios these days and even the cheapest of props can sell for many times its original cost. In the case of this prop since it appears to a solid resin or rubber gun it was probably a stunt gun in the sense that it was meant for use by stunt men/extras or even lead actors for when they needed something that can thrown around with no worries of it breaking. For close ups and shots of it actually shooting they’d probably rent a real Kriss from an armorer and not have to worry about posting in muzzle flash and shells ejecting.

    • mikewest007

      It’s a stunt cast, which means it’s going to be thrown around a lot, most probably along with the person holding it.

  • Duff

    They also have a fake M&P9 for more than a real one runs. Also you can’t buy it if you live in the UK.

    • steveday72

      The UK is officially run by retards now that you can’t even have a solid gun-shaped lump of plastic.

      I am a fan of movie props (and replicas of them), so completely understand the appeal if it comes a) with excellent provenance & b) from a movie I really enjoy.

      *# Interesting Factoid Of The Day #*
      The Beretta used by Bruce Willis in Die Hard is the same gun that went on to be used as Mel Gibson’s sidearm in Lethal Weapon.

      • Duff

        If a prop has a storied history like the ones you mentioned I could understand, but these are probably ones used by extras in the film, like cop #29.

      • mikewest007

        Bull barrel on Han’s blaster? Funny, I never noticed that one.

  • avconsumer2

    I do enjoy props & prop replica’s, being kinda nerdy & all, but a bastardized Kriss that was from the new Total Recall for $600? Pass. I’d maybe drop a $20 on that & regret it later.

  • SAR

    I would have to pass – save my money for a real gun.