BISON Armory Forearm Skin

New from BISON Armory is the Fore(arm) Skin for AR-15 rifles. These nylon and neoprene “skins” solve two problems. First, they act as shooting gloves protecting your hands from cold aluminum rails during a cold winter’s morning, and from scorching hot aluminium during a hot day or after sending a lot of ammunition downrange (with current ammo prices the former is more likely …). The second problem they solve is preventing the rail from snagging on vegetation when hunting (It would also prevent the finish being scratched … but this is a gun, if the finish is not being scratched its not being used enough.)


The price is $29.99. From the BUSON Armory website …

WHY A FOREARM SKIN? Anyone who has carried an AR-15 in the field knows the ‘joys’ of handling an aluminium forearm for hours on end. The metal gets cold in the morning, so you wear gloves, which inevitably make your hands sweat. Once in the sun, the forearm absorbs heat and slowly roasts your hands until you put your sweaty gloves back on. And if your forearm has picatinny rails, then it’s either gloves all day or hamburger hands. But gloves don’t protect your forearm and rails from damaging impacts and snags on your surroundings. And exposed metal has a way of going ‘clink’ at just the wrong time. The rail covers currently on the market attach to picatinny rails, so if you aren’t running rails, you’re out of luck. And you can forget about comfort in any case, since the covers are all made of hard polymers. They increase the number of edges and perforations that can snag, while leaving portions of the forearm unprotected and doing nothing to promote sound dampening.

After years of hunting with AR-15s, we thought: “There has to be a better way!” Now there is. Forearm Skins provide a cushioned and insulated layer between you and your forearm, for an always comfortable grip and a streamlined, snag-free profile.

Thanks to SayUncle for the tip.

Steve Johnson

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  • Joshua

    All I see is one big heat mitten that will hold in heat, lower time before cookoff, and reduce parts life due to excess heat. All of which is why FF rains have larger aluminum barrel nuts now days and why everyone has moved away from heat shields.

  • DougieR

    Bison foreskin…on my AR…no thank you.

  • xhln

    Some would argue that circumcised guns are easier to keep clean.

    • Nicks87


  • Roy G Bunting

    Isn’t this why we have shooting gloves?

    • Nicks87

      Agreed, if you cant/dont want to learn to shoot with gloves on then you… ///random insult///

    • Ben

      I find that when I’m hunting I move around a lot. In the early AM when it’s still dark, that’s fine, but as the day progresses and I generate a lot of body heat from hiking my hands get pretty warm and start to sweat. I take off the gloves only to find the aluminum forearm is not comfortable to carry without the gloves for hours. The foreskins solve this problem.

  • steveday72

    No lie – when I read the title I misread it as “Bison Armory Foreskin Arm” …
    … Which could come in ‘handy’ for quick mag changes!

    Isn’t this just a tea-cosy for rifles?

    If your hands are that sensitive then wear oven mitts to shoot!

  • vic18t

    It’s not even April yet.

  • Joshua Madoc

    Well, if it works, I’ll take it.

  • scurvy dog

    Totally useless product. The creators of this apparently aren’t thinking clearly. Using this thing will just retain barrel heat which is literally not cool. I’ve never noticed a railed forend as being uncomfortable to my bare hands, cool or warm. I’ve never had problems with snags either. At best a solution to a problem that does not exist. At worst, it makes an existing problem worse. This is obviously an attempt by someone who doesn’t shoot to cash in on the tacticool accessory craze, which is likewise overcrowded with other useless junk.

  • Dave

    Y’all are missing the point of this product. It’s for hunting. You aren’t doing 20 mag dumps trying to hit one woodchuck to build up enough heat to ” reduce parts life due to excess heat” Besides, this platform can handle it. And it’s cheaper than 4 sets of magpul rail ladder covers. My only issue is the added weight, but if it fits your philosophy of use for the weapon then it’s a great option.

    • Mystick

      I sure some people are doing just that. 🙂

  • Alex Nicolin

    Don’t put one of these on a Tavor 😉

  • SafeArmsReview

    Seems like a waste of money – besides wasn’t there an invention that already does this?

    Oh yea they are called “gloves”.

    Looks like another answer looking for a problem.

  • gunslinger

    so, if this is for hunting, do people hunt with ARs with quad rails with NV, Lasers, Lights, BUIS, range finders, TP holders, AFGs, iphone moutns…etc? really?

    i don’t buy the “snagging on vegitation” thing. front sight, trigger/guard/buttstock, flash hider can also get caught.

    and if you have cold hands..use gloves. I do. seems to work just fine.

  • 12B

    Only works on four types of rails= fail
    Only comes in one color = fail
    Only comes in one length = fail
    Doesn’t fit on standard issued cheese grater rails = fail
    No description of how it holds up to sustained fire = fail
    Tries to cash in on sexual innuendo = fail
    Assists operators in operating operationally = fail

  • sianmink

    Folks are being too critical here. It’s decently priced and exists for one purpose: to keep an aluminum fore-end from feeling too cold/too hot when wandering the outernet where that big fusion lightbulb is shining. It’s not tactiool, it’s not meant for situations where you could end up heating up the rifle from shooting, it’s basically a hat.

    • ColaBox

      And a cheap pair of gloves are basically hats for your hands.

      • Ben

        Right, except if the weather / level of activity is such that your hands get too warm for gloves, but the aluminum forearm is still to cold and miserable for carrying for hours, then the foreskins are the best option.

  • Dick is a Dick

    Or instead of having another ULTRA TACTICOOL ATTACHMENT on your AR15, you could just use your goddamn gloves you know.
    Pardon my French, but this is just dumb.

  • BOB


  • Ben

    When hunting with gloves and your hands get uncomfortably warm, you take off the gloves. The foreskin still provides protection while keeping your hands comfortable. I made these for myself, so if nobody else likes them that’s fine.
    Also note that the heat retention is effectively zero as with these forearms the avenues for heat to escape are substantial. I don’t use these much at the range, only in the field when I’m deer/bear/hog hunting. For their designed purpose, they are fantastic.

  • ColaBox

    “If the finish is not being scratched its not being used enough”
    Amen to that.

  • kev

    There is soooo much opportunity for penis jokes but in going to be mature. If it doesn’t affect the cocking mechanism and you can shoot your selected ammo load i see no problem in investing in a gun condom

  • patrickiv

    So it only works if there’s nothing on any of your rails. If you’re not using the rails why not just get a polymer foregrip? There’s nothing to snag and it doesn’t go through those magical temperature changes that they describe. This is getting ridiculous…

  • Michael

    Just a copy of the leather handgrip on the silenced sten gun

  • noob

    Dear Andrew Tuohy (or if Andrew’s busy, Dear Rick Taylor),

    Could you please fire enough rounds through a rifle equipped with one of these to set the neoprene skin on fire?


    a noob from australia