.300 Win Mag Velocities: 16.25″ – 24.25″

Federal 300 Win Mag

RifleShooter.com ran an article where they tested the effect barrel length had on velocity in a rifle chambered for the .300 Win Mag.  The author started with a 24.25″ barrel and cut off 1″ at a time.  At each length, groups were shot for testing both accuracy and velocity.

Velocity changes varied at each length, but a little more than 300 fps was lost going from the starting length down to 16.25″.  As one might expect, muzzle blast substantially increased as the barrel was cut down.

Check out the full article here.

Thanks to Bill for the tip.

Richard Johnson

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  • sauerquint

    You know the whole CQB elite operator thing has gone too far if you want it in 300 Win Mag.

    • Anonymoose

      If they can make SAAs in .50 BMG, why can’t they make (semi-auto) AR-15s in it? :C

      • sauerquint

        I have no words.

      • gunslinger

        so much for dirty harry’s most powerful handgun in the world…

    • Bwana

      Maybe read the article and see what it’s about. It’s actually goes against information published in a major rag that claims there is “no velocity change”.

  • HKGuns

    This information is covered very precisely in the Bryan Litz book titled “Accuracy and Precision For Long Range Shooting” which is must read material for anyone who cares about barrel length, velocity or accurate shooting at distance in general.

    Example: Increasing a .308 barrel from 18″ to 22″ only increases the hit percentage by 2%, from 85% to 87% at 1000 yards. Barrel length and MV only improve hit percentage if they are increased greatly at long distances. It should be noted the percentage increases as distance is increased. (4% at 1,200 yards)

    (No affiliation)

    • bbmg

      A longer barrel increases velocity but it also increases lock time which can lead to inaccuracy.

  • bbmg

    BBTI did this years ago and with a large selection of calibers: http://www.ballisticsbytheinch.com/

    • Bwana

      Yeah. He mentions that in the article. You should read it. That wasn’t an overbore magnum either.

  • Michael

    AR pistol in 300 win mag, with SIG arm brace, fun!!