The “Weekend Funny”: Users of… CZ-75, Beretta, & 1911

The latest “User Of… As Seen By…” graphic comes from one of our readers, Dave S. Thanks, Dave!

It is his first attempt at anything computer graphics and I must compliment him on the effort. I darn near lost it on the Beretta-1911 photo.



What do you think? Spot on or off-kilter?

Submit your Weekend Funny to me and if it makes the staff guffaw, you may see it posted live!

Nathan S

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  • Gregor

    User of a CZ75 as seen by user of Beretta is… austrian police? Really? The home country of Glock?

    • Chase Buchanan

      Maybe it’s meant to be just cops in general.

      • DaveP.

        Crossing guards?

      • Blake

        Pretty likely, as the Bundespolizei carry Glock. Maybe they couldn’t find any decent photos of the Czech police…

    • Blake

      Yeah, a photo of some Carabinieri would have made a bit more sense…

      • Giolli Joker

        Carabinieri field Beretta, here we’re talking about users of CZ-75. 😉

        • Blake

          Uh yeah, got it backwards. That’s what I get for posting when I’m exhausted :-).

    • Pete Sheppard

      I thought, ‘Police Academy’…

    • JT

      I don’t get the cowboy thing. The CC-75 is a younger design than the 1911 even if you go back to the Browning HP it’s based on.

    • JT

      [CZ-75] I’m amazed there isn’t a photo of Rally Vincent by the CZ corner

    • schizuki

      I was going for generic European police. I should have known that I couldn’t sneak that past the sharp-eyed and knowledgeable TFB readers. 🙂

  • jamezb

    …now is the part on Sphrockets where we dance!!

  • SentMKG

    That is pretty darn funny no lie.

  • LCON

    Well is’nt that Special….

  • Pete Sheppard

    It’s good alright, though I think Col Cooper would see the lower right a bit differently… 😀

  • Pete Sheppard

    Funny, and I fully understand the middle, far right image!! :p

  • Fruitbat44

    Kinda fun. Not as spot-on, in a tongue-in-cheek way, as the Glock, 1911, Hi-point was, but it did make me smile.
    My favourite? “I don’t always carry a nine-millimetre, but when I do . . .”

  • Renegade

    But where’s the XD love?

  • Mr. Scratch

    Who the heck is the dude in the bottom right?!

  • ColaBox

    Do revolvers, like S&W Ruger and Taurus.

  • Andrew Gault

    This one is waaaay off. I’mma make my own.

    • Andrew Gault

      Six billion hours in MS pictography. Now with 69% fewer mee mees.