Sightmark Debuts Laser/Light Combo Inspired Military PEQ-15

Sightmark, known for their laser and sights is now making a laser and light combo inspired by the PEQ-15.  Many that build an M4 clone want to put something that resembles the PEQ-15 and not have to spend the $2000 for an actual PEQ-15, and unless you are military or law enforcement, you are forced to by used.  Those looking for the low profile laser design laser that can be put directly on the top rail, and not interfere for optics will benefit from this design.

Although lacking the IR laser and illuminator, it features a white light and green laser.  The light is a 220 lumen LED, which will light up a room without any problems.  The one positive to a green laser is the ability to use it during the day, and not lose the dot light some red lasers can suffer from.  The laser and light can both be operated via a push button or an optional pressure switch.  So those looking to make an M4 clone, this looks to be a good option for a laser/light that resembles a military version, without breaking the bank.  The LoPro system will be $179.99 and is available now on the Sightmark website.

Press release after the photo.

SM25004_alt2 1000x1000 (Web)

Inspired by military designs, the Sightmark® LoPro Combo delivers optimal precision accuracy and versatility. This multi-functional laser and flashlight device can be mounted on a picatinny or weaver rail of an AR-15, either in front of a riflescope without interference with field-of-view, or on the side of the quad rail. Its 220 lumen LED flashlight can be used for clearing a room or quickly spotting targets in pitch black darkness, and the laser is offset for clearing front sight post.

The LoPro Combo is equipped with push button and pressure pad operation, simplifying use and allowing the operator to quickly place the light where needed. Featuring 1-inch MOA click adjustments, the hand adjustable windage and elevation turrets permit the user to zero in the laser dot for close-range shooting. Laser visibility ranges from 50 yards in the daytime to 600 yards at night.

Constructed of high performance thermoplastic, the LoPro Combo yields a weather resistance rating of IPX6, making it exceptionally reliable in a wide range of harsh climates. Built for durability in tactical scenarios, the unit is also resistant to 1,000G’s of maximum recoil.


  • JumpIf NotZero

    White light and green laser is ok… But in the form of a PEQ makes me think poser more than practical.

    • Chief Homeslice

      Can you design a light/laser combo that is more functional but in a different form factor for a 12 o’clock rail?

      • JumpIf NotZero

        Well… I suppose if by “form factor” you mean “box”… I’m not a designer, but I think there is little reason to believe that I couldn’t improve upon that.

        But let’s be honest. This is for PEQ-look. And to that point, I guess if I were them I would have at least made it look cooler, like with bosses that come out to protect the dials.

    • TITAN308

      It is a functional piece of equipment.

      Is everyone who owns an AR-15 a poser who wants to pretend they have a military issued fully automatic rifle?

      • JumpIf NotZero

        Do you know what a PEQ does? Do you know this looks like it but doesn’t do?

        • TITAN308

          But this doesn’t claim to be a PEQ – it just happens to be in the shape of a box with similar cosmetics. How can someone pose with something that operates completely different than a PEQ?

        • Cymond

          From what I understand, the PEQ emits infrared lasers that are invisible without expensive night vision gear. In other words, the PEQ is completely useless to the average individual.

          • Chrome Dragon

            Protip: A PEQ will work quite nicely with $50 kids’ active-night-vision. It’s adequate for airsoft engagement ranges, but even crappy Chinese knockoffs of a PEQ are about $400, and the real deal doesn’t offer (daylight-visible) green lasers.

            You win some, you lose some.

      • Drapetomanius

        “wants to pretend they have a military issued fully automatic rifle?”

        Not at all; most of us simply want to own an M4, but that right has been hideously infringed for 80 years.

        • CrankyFool

          So right. I’m incredibly jealous of the people who managed to buy M4s back in 1934.

  • Drapetomanius

    I dunno. I hated having a PEQ on my weapons in the army, because it was one more piece of heavy crap to hump around. I might have felt differently if the damned thing were reliable, but they never were.

    That said this is a functional low profile light with no need to buy a separate mount, so I’d pay as much as $60 for this. No use for the laser, but it’s not hurting anything.

  • hami

    This will be especially useful for the popular slimline, smooth handguards whose only rail is the monolithic top rail. That would make for a very light AR with all the bells and whistles.

    A top mounted laser and rail allows for more unobstructed hand positions on and around the handguard.

  • Cymond

    I personally think this is a good product idea, and not just for posers like others are suggesting. An offset laser is probably the best option for carbines that have a single top rail and standard front sight base.

    I plan to put a freefloat rail on my midlength upper but I’m still debating whether I want to keep my front sight base with a shorter rail or use a longer rail with low profile gas block & folding sight.

  • Alex

    Inspired by? More like looks like a PEQ-15A yet has none of the important features.

    You’ve been inspired by a box that emits lasers to make a box that also emits a laser and visible light.

  • kipy

    This is why I come to the TFB. I would probably have never found this thing without visiting the site, I think this would be an excellent addition to a light weight ar. Now I just gotta find some reviews to see if it’s quality or not…