Discovery Casting Family Owned Gunstores For New TV Series

Read the image above. Contact Amberlee S. M. Mucha ( if you want to join the cast.

Steve Johnson

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  • floppyscience

    Hopefully they break the trend of exclusively choosing stores with crappy reputations.

    • bbmg

      Why would they, when according to them that makes good television?

  • 1leggeddog

    Didn’t they already try this with American guns and they had to shut it down and also Sons of guns because of the recent shootings and public backlash?

    Don’t get me wrong i’d love to see more shooting shows on TV but i just remember that they were subpar at best.

    And the American Guns family seemed a bit… crazy.

  • Mystick

    They’ll film the shows and then, through editing and context manipulation, make these people out to be some kind of dysfunctional family. It’s what they do… time and time again.

    Don’t trust them.

    • gunslinger

      neva ben dun ba-fore! it’ll be a game changer

  • scott

    American Guns= Tax fraud

  • JT

    I guess this is the 21st century equivalent of Buffalo Bill’s Wild West show. Europeans paying to gawk at “quaint Americans” Well, except that it’s bankrolled by a European company

    • bbmg

      Let them gawk. Freedom is just an idea for them 😀

  • Cymond

    Considering typical online reaction from the firearms community, what sane family would want anything to do with this? Wait, nevermind, a sane family would never be selected anyway. They’ll pick someone with “tons of personality” who has “unique” customers.

  • gggplaya

    As long as there’s either a hot wife or daughter 18+, that’s what you need to make a show.