Big 3 Event Geissele Super Tavor Trigger

It was only a matter of time that once the Tavor was introduced to the shooting world someone would design an improved trigger. In this case that company is Geissele. Geissele makes some of the best triggers available for the AR15 platform as well as other quality rifles. In fact the AR15 article I recently wrote about my AR15 build has a Geissele SSA-E trigger. I’ve run them on other guns I’ve owned and never looked back.

I’m sure all of us that own and love the Tavor were pretty excited to hear new triggers were coming out specifically for the Tavor. We have to wait until sometime in mid April before we’ll see them being shipped to retailers or have the ability to purchase them direct from Geissele.

The Tavor trigger feels very much like my SSA-E trigger. This is a combat trigger not a match trigger.It’s a two stage type with a pull of 4.5 pounds.

Super Tavor Trigger   Triggers

Representatives from IWI have been here everyday of the Big 3 event I’m attending this week. They’ve really gone above and beyond by bringing about twenty assorted Tavors for all of us to shoot as much as we like. They even supplied the ammunition. Nice people as always. Now one of the Tavors is special and belongs to Geissele with a Super Tavor trigger installed.

The two representatives from Geissele have also been here all week answering any questions the writers may have about the Geisselle product line. We also got a good hands on look at the Geissele rail systems. Those consist of keymod and standard slick sided long rails with extra one inch attachable rails

During the last few days I’ve had the opportunity to shoot the Tavor with the Geissele trigger installed. In short it’s very smooth with a short take-up and crisp let-off. The reset is also appropriately short for a combat trigger. After shooting it enough to become very familiar with it I could tell when I was at the point it was about to release. All it takes is some familiarity by putting rounds down range. Of course as most of us know the one thing you can do to any gun to improve it and shrink those groups at the range is a good trigger.

All of the writers shot this Geissele equipped Tavor and the universal opinion was it lived up to what they expected from a Geissele trigger. I know several of us who own Tavors asked if they had enough for us to buy one on the spot. Unfortunately the one in the demo Tavor is the only one allowed outside the factory until production starts.I hate waiting for new products I want to buy!

Bottom line this Geissele trigger works very well and was everything I expected having used them many times before. For those who may not know the MSRP is $350.00.

Phil White

Retired police officer with 30 years of service. Firearms instructor and SRU team member. I still instruct with local agencies. My daily carry pistol is the tried and true 1911. I’m the Associate Editor and moderator at TFB. I really enjoy answering readers questions and comments. We can all learn from each other about our favorite hobby!


  • Nicks87

    Nice, I like all the aftermarket stuff coming out for this weapon. Now I just need to convince the wife that I need a Tavor. Preferably one in FDE with an 18in barrel.

  • gunslinger

    spend 2k on the rifle? then another 600 on parts?

    • JimJones

      It can easily be had for around $1700 these days.

      • Andrew

        Yep. Seen tons of new ones for $1600-$1700 and several lightly used ones for $1400-$1500. It’s no longer a $2000+ gun, now that several shipments have arrived and all the impatient/impulse buyers have theirs already.

        • RandomFFL

          Yeah… that $1600-1700 is dealer cost by the way. Myself and many other dealers are selling them for this because after the initial flood of interested the Tavor buyers have all dried up. One of my worst movers as of today.

          • Jeremy Star

            It’s because the rest of us poor slobs have to scrape and scrimp for a year or so to be able to purchase one.

          • No the demand hasn’t dried up in any way shape or form. They make hundreds per day as well as shipping out out many hundreds per day.
            An IWI executive that spent the past week with us at the Big 3 in Daytona told me just this afternoon they are making them as fast as they can without any compromise in QC.
            The orders coming in have not peaked and their continues to be a large demand for them.