SureFire RF-R14 Minimal AR Rail


At SHOT 2014, SureFire had a new freefloat handguard on display. It is a minimalist handguard with a picatinny rail on top. At first glance it does not seem like anything special. But upon closer inspection it has picatinny mounting points built into the rail sides. It is a clever design that does not require any picatinny rails. However you can add them if you so desire. I see this as a possible contender to the Keymod style handguards.

Take a look at the pic below, you can see how the Scoutlight interfaces with the hand guard.

SF rail

Take a look here

Nicholas C

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  • Anon

    That’s actually pretty interesting that they designed it like that

  • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

    Not gonna lie, that is a brilliant lightweight and functional design.

  • Mike N.

    Pricing will be key. Knowing Surefire, it’ll probably be $400. My sub $200 Midwest Industries SS-K hand guard is really nice and very light, and if you want a fancier brand like a Noveske NSR, BCM KMR, etc., they are in the $260 range. That’s where the competition is at.

  • hkryan

    What feature is used as the recoil lug? The large fore-aft slots or the half-round grooves?

  • JasonM

    The interface is not picatinny. It would be awesome if it was. It’s close to a weaver-style, pic accessories won’t mount to it, hence the accessory rails.