Can You Find The Sniper?

Wired highlights what seems to be excellent nature photographs. Hidden within them are German snipers, well camouflaged. Can you find them?

The photographs are the work of Simon Menner, an accomplished German photographer. Simon has an extensive website with some fascinating projects including photographs of Jewish graves named Adolf and murder weapons.



Readers, how did you fare?

I found 4; and only because I know they were there.

Nathan S

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  • iksnilol

    Here I was afraid of ninjas then these guys show up.

  • Joe Schmoe

    As a sniper myself, I find these shots rather amusing.

    Sure, they make great postcards; but they are horrible sniping positions and are completely useless in my humble opinion:

    1)- No field of view/fire. Most of the snipers here have brush or other objects completely obscuring their FOV.

    2)- Uncomfortable positions. While movies like to make snipers seem all glamorous with them lying in middle of the open field for days; the honest truth is that no one does that (aside from the odd Hathcock story). If you are uncomfortable, you are not going to be doing your job effectively. And if you think that’s nonsense, go ahead and sit in middle of a blazing hot, then freezing cold and windy at night, field for several days and see how effective you are at observing.

    3)- No escape routes. Self-Explanatory.

    And I know that these German snipers are some of the best around, hands down; and I have no doubt that they have more knowledge about these things than me. Which leads me to conclude, like before, that they did these for the photoshoots and not as a practical setup.

    My $0.02, please go easy.

    • Mike Knox

      It’s a civilian Photo-shoot, it’s intended to get thing wrong not to disclose particular procedures in fieldcraft. You forgot about the exposed muzzles in some shots..

    • ben

      What is your opinion about the sniper lying near a tree?
      I remember watching a show on TV where this is called “tree cancer” and has to be avoided because it makes the sniper stand out more?

      • Joe Schmoe

        Very much a mixed bag, it all depends on where you are and what’s around you. If you are in a neat grove with nothing next to the trees anywhere around you, then you are going to stick out hugging a tree. However, in most places the ground is never perfectly smooth and you have fallen logs, dirt mounds, etc; so you usually don’t stick out *that* much. Plus, a tree offers important protection, especially from the sun and elements. You just don’t want to be around it when mortars are falling.

  • bbmg

    Wouldn’t this be useless if the enemy has IR optics, which are becoming more and more affordable?

    Looked at the “murder weapon” photo series, interesting how only seven of the 38 objects illustrated are guns.

  • Kai

    Welp, it looks likes I’d be dead…

  • CaptainSlaughterboard

    In Soviet Russia, everywhere hides sniper.

    • wetcorps


      • bsnighteye

        Oh, VHS from 90s. Video contains old but pretty useful tricks.

        • I love the Flight of the Valkyries and Beethoven’s 9th soundtrack in the background. Nothing like making two classics sound cheesy.

  • doug

    Just like Obama floating in a toilet full of turds, you’ll never see him/her or the giant turd, moochelle beside him !!!!

  • Giolli Joker

    I found only 4 without reading the directions (the last one and 3 in open field), but in most cases I would have gotten killed before busting them.
    In some picture I’m still questioning if there really was a sniper.

  • JT

    Only reason I got it was because I expected the camera to be giving it away and the small black circle shaped thing 😛

  • wetcorps

    Found none. Pictures larger than 72dpi thumbnails would have helped, maybe… Well probably not :p

  • allannon

    Without a doubt.

    …a fraction of a second before they aerosolized my brain.

  • walter12

    After forcing the entire first world to fight them in WWII, and usually being outnumbered on the Eastern Front 6 to one and 8 to one on the Western Front, the German Army and Waffen SS were finally crushed back in 1945. It is a shame that this, now tiny and obviously pacific country, does not have any army to speak of today.