Desktop Quality Cut-Away Diagrams of AK-47, 1911, MGL, & Mosins

At first glance, the photo above looks real, but your eyes deceive you. The picture is actual a fantastically detailed computer rendering of a cut-away AK-47 by DeviantArt user ABiator.



Taking it a step further, ABiator has cut-away drawings of the venerable 1911, Multiple Grenade Launcher, & a Mosin-Nagant. With my eyes, they are near indistinguishable from real photographs.


Cutaway of the 1911.

Cutaway of the 1911.


Downloadable desktop wallpaper-sized copies (1920×1200) are all available on ABiator’s profile. 

UPDATE: The models in this gun are from the Gun Disassembly 2 application.

Nathan S

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  • gunslinger

    the first and third look pretty real. middle is almost something i could see in a steam punk novel or the like.

    still amazing.

    • Anonymoose

      More like film noir than steampunk.

  • bbmg

    Fantastic rendering, love the obligatory bottle of Столи́чная next to the AK 😀

  • Yakov

    That AK is still fully functional in that condition.

    • CrankyFool

      Really doubt it. Not nearly the requisite amount of dirt to make it operate reliably.