Caracal CC10 9mm carbine

I got a chance to shoot this at Media day at the Range for SHOT Show 2014. My immediate impression was that it is remarkably similar to the Beretta CX4 Storm. However the CC10 has a forward magazine well. The grip has a grip safety. It is a fun plinker. I felt that as I started getting comfortable with the gun it was easy to shoot faster.

Nicholas C

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  • Vhyrus

    What kind of mags does it take?

    It actually looks more like the taurus carbine IMO.

    • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

      I’m just going to guess when I say CZ75/Tanfoglio/Jericho mags, only because Caracal makes a CZ75/Tanfoglio/Jericho clone, and they tend to all share magazine compatibility. So if they’re already making mags for their pistol, why would they use a different type?

      Again, this is just a complete guess.

      • Mi┼íko

        Canik55 (Turkey) is not Caracal (United Arab Emirates)

    • Nicholas C

      Really? Take a look at the CX4 Storm picture I attached. the stock looks a lot like the Caracal’s.

      The Taurus Carbine looks more like the HK USC.

    • percynjpn

      That was my first thought – I guess it’s the section forward of the mag well, although it’s not as silly looking as the Taurus, overall.

  • Maxpwr

    Legal to import or made with US parts? Doesn’t seem legal to import if made with all foreign parts and a magazine that isn’t custom limited to 10 rounds.

    • Geodkyt

      You can import pistol mags of high capacity, no problem.
      A blowback carbine wouldn’t need many (if ANY) US-made parts to qualify as “US made” under 922(r) — remember, 922(r) says it’s only considered “foreign” if it includes MORE THAN 10 “foreign” parts from a list of 20 potential parts. Even counting 3 parts for the magazine, this gun might not HAVE 11 922(r) parts at all. Figure bolt, barrel, stock group (buttstock, pistol grip, and forearm all look like one piece to me), receiver, trigger, sear, and disconnector might be ALL the 922(r) parts in the gun.

      • Maxpwr

        Sure, you can import magazines of high capacity, but you can’t import firearms that take high capacity magazines of any kind since they don’t qualify as “sporting” under the 1989 and 1997/98 import bans no matter how many parts they are made of. You also can’t even import a receiver that takes 10+ round magazines so if your theory is correct, the receivers have to be imported with a low capacity custom magazine and then reworked in the US to take high capacity magazines and not consist of more than 10 countable parts. Sounds like a great loophole to me.

        • Geodkyt

          You cannot import rifles that are based on and take MILITARY “high capacity” magazines.

      • Maxpwr

        I didn’t say you couldn’t import high capacity pistol magazines, did I? You can’t import firearms that take magazines which are designed as high capacity. You can’t even import receivers which are factory designed to take high capacity magazines. So, it would seem that Caracal is importing receivers which only take custom 10 round magazines into the US, milling out the mag well to take standard high capacity magazines, and assembling them with foreign parts so the total count is 10 or less. And putting on a thumbhole stock for some unknown reason because if they aren’t qualifying under 922(r) anyway, there would be no reason for a thumbhole stock because by your theory they have 10 parts of less anyway.

  • bfmusashi

    Apologies if this is a question that’s been broached before, but what is the purpose of the connection between the grip and the stock? Is it structural, for regulations, or less of a snag hazard than I’m imagining?

    • Maxpwr

      Blame George W. Bush circa 1989. Stand alone pistol grips were considered a feature that banned semi-auto centerfire firearms from import. The thumbhole stock which prevented it from being classified as a pistol grip allowed certain firearms for import. That is still true today. However, per my post below and per Clinton’s import ban in 1998, the fact that it takes 10+ capacity rounds should also prohibit it from import. This is an interesting one.

      • Geodkyt

        George H. W. Bush, not George W. Bush. {grin}

  • Madcap_Magician

    I’m rather impressed. It’s not as fugly as the Taurus CT9 and might be an improvement over the Beretta CX4 to my eye, but Caracal did not exactly cover themselves in glory with their last release.

  • El Duderino

    Award for “New Gun that Looks Like it was Designed in 1996” goes to this new carbine from Caracal.

  • Mark N.

    I like the idea of these little carbines for home defense. The thing I prefer about the Beretta is that the mag integrates into the handle instead of looking like an orphaned pistol mag. I do like the grip safety of the Caracal. Not that it makes a whole lot of difference–about the only legal pistol carbines are the Hi Points–thumbhole stocks are a banned evil feature in California. Funny thing, though–the M1Carbine is still legal, which just goes to show that the law has nothing to do with safety and everything to do with appearances.

  • Sable

    From the manufacturers website, uses Caracal pistol magazines. Rumors (and sparse ones at that) are saying price tag around $500. Might be nice if it ends up being reliable.

  • kev

    On a different note the new sniper rifle range that was released by Caracal is actually made up of rebranded Tawazun Precision Industries TSR series precision rifles which in turn used to be Tsar Cannon the Russian custom rifle maker…..that was until they merged Caracal with Tawazuns rifle making sector. They also had a semi auto 338 on their product list I wonder will Caracal decide to persue it further? I have a link to some of TADS products (sorry its in Russian)

  • Nimrod

    And for about $350 you can get a Mech Tech CCU that converts your Glock, 1911 and soon XD to a carbine, with no restrictions or even having to buy another gun.

    • SkySoldier

      There you go, just what my comment was… a pistol with tactical stock and longer barrell but short capacity magazine.

      • maodeedee

        Short capacity mag? You mean like 33 round 9mm or 22 round .40 mags? I I’ve one of the 50 round 9mm Korean drums and it is 100 percent reliable.

    • buzzman1

      Yeah but if you use a glock pistol your still limiting the range of your ammo because of the short barrel. Max effective range for a .45 or 9MM pistol is 50 meters. Using a rifle that pushes the range to 100m. Back in the old west the Texas rangers carried .38 revolvers and .38 rifles so they only had to carry one type of ammo.

      • Knyte

        The MechTech conversion kits replaces the barrel. You end up with a full length pistol caliber carbine.

  • SkySoldier

    It’s a 9MM pistol with stock and long barrell.

  • Dan

    And this is better than a beretta cx4 how?

  • ExurbanKevin

    I shot at Media Day as well. I played around with it at the 2013 SHOT show I was initially excited about what I saw, but after putting rounds downrange I was under-impressed.

    I’m left-eye dominant, so I shot it left-handed, and the end of the cross-bolt safety stuck out just enough to be pushed in by my left hand as I shot the gun, thus disabling the gun. Also, the only mags it takes are the Caracal pistol mags, meaning you’re carrying around half the ammo of other carbines.

    The Beretta, IMO, is still the one to beat when it comes to a pistol caliber carbine in this price range.

  • buzzman1

    Make it in a 10mm or .45 and I’ll buy one of each.

  • maodeedee

    Does it use Glock mags?