High Velocity Arms ATSG: Advanced Safety Trigger Guard

Designed for all mil-spec forged lower receivers, the Advanced Safety Trigger Guard simultaneously opens up the trigger guard and provides a solid tactile place for a finger rest (while taking up that annoying gap). High Velocity Arms touts that the ASTG gives “increased leverage for competition / tactical maneuvers.”

Black & NiB-X coatings side-by-side.

Black & NiB-X coatings side-by-side.

The ASTG is all-steel construction, available in either NiB-X Nickel Boron or black Nitromet coatings. The kit arrives with the trigger guard and all installation hardware.


What do you think? For $114.99, is this a solution in search of a problem or a leap forward in ergonomics for the AR-15 platform?


Nathan S

One of TFB’s resident Jarheads, Nathan now works within the firearms industry. A consecutive Marine rifle and pistol expert, he enjoys local 3-gun, NFA, gunsmithing, MSR’s, & high-speed gear. Nathan has traveled to over 30 countries working with US DoD & foreign MoDs.

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  • Anonymous

    Same category as the Magpul or Troy BAD lever – if you need it, you NEED it. If not – just another gimmick.
    Next in line: a silicone trigger sock, which would “improve correct trigger finger positioning and improve accuracy by 10% or more on 100 yards or more” . . .

  • Nicks87

    I tend to move away from things with the word “safety” in their title. If you depend on some device to make you more safe you are just opening the door for bad things to happen.

  • iksnilol

    What annoys me the most about proper terminology is the misuse of the word “ergonomics”. You can’t say that the AR is ergonomic, it is quick, well designed but not ergonomic. A p90 is ergonomic due to being designed around the human body to reduce strain and to be intuitive. An AR is designed around a straight line to reduce muzzle rise.

    /rant over

    What does this actually do? Im not the person to every part of a firearm (mod/diy the neceessary only IMO).

    • dan citizen

      great rant!

  • Steve Truffer

    So, its a trigger guard that costs over $100? I’ll pass.

  • nester7929

    I literally laughed out loud when I saw that price.

    • dan citizen

      but, it’s “tactical”

      That’s priceless

  • ColaBox

    And we wonder why AK owners look at us and think, “Wow you guys are lame…”

    • dan citizen

      As an AK owner, I can conform this.

      Joking, I have owned AR’s and still respect those who choose the more expensive yet inferior AR.

      • iksnilol

        When comrade chooses AR it is like he chose the hard difficulty mode in the game instead of the normal one.

        Or at the very least it is like that for his wallet/bank account.

  • RickH

    Other then the ridiculous price, and why would anyone need this, my real question is: Why steel?

  • Kendal Black

    I have not had a problem of the sort this seeks to solve, but then I am a bit of a rifle duffer. Perhaps someone higher in speed and lower in drag would see what it is good for. Rule Three does not actually require an accessory.

  • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

    Nothing wrong with this design if it were made of aluminum and around the $25 mark. But $115? WTF? Someone over there is smoking something. The use of steel is completely pointless and that price is absolutely ludicrous.

    • El Duderino

      Well…you’re not a REAL operator until you learn the trigger guard strike to go along with seven varieties of buttstroke, muzzle bash, mag well slam, grip punch, and foregrip-to-groin attack. You need the extra toughness of steel over aluminum.


  • plumber576

    Add a cup-holder and I’ll consider it.

  • An Interested Person

    What do I think? I think that for $115 it had better be plated in 24k gold and milled from the finest German titanium.

    In all seriousness, it sounds like a good product. I have smaller hands and it is a stretch for my index finger to rest comfortably next to the trigger. But I will never pay that much to fix it. I would pay $20ish for a polymer model.

  • Personally, I would like to see the features of this machined into a billet lower.

  • BigBam!

    Strike Ind. has one. Similar function. Price: $10 for 2 pcs. Polymer though.

  • Graham2

    $115, wow, that’s a lot of money! Spend the money on something really useful, like ammo.

  • BillC

    The website used to say “NiB-X Nickel Boron coated for lube free operation. “. I see they removed that after ridicule from other blogs. They still have typos on their page after demanding more than the price of a stripped lower itself.

  • everett

    Great idea really. Horrible execution with that kind of price. and I’m not sure why they choose steel.

  • gunslinger

    aside from the finger rest, what does this have over the magpul guard?

    • Geodkyt

      Um, about that finger rest. . .
      Since, if you can reach the finger rest, you can ALSO reach the raised edge around teh magwell and use THAT for a finger rest, this has NO advantage over ANY after market trigger guard that has more room for a gloved finger and fills the annoying trigger guard gap in the back (which is only there to allow space to swing teh trigger guard down so you can shoot while wearing gloves. . . ).
      Oh, wait — it’s heavier and WAY more expensive. Those are selling points, right? 😉

  • guest

    Expensive and unnecessary mods are a disease, especially amongst black rifle users.
    Sais it is costs over 100$ and is nickel-boron plated. Why? Can anyone give me a single legitimate reason why such an advanced, expensive coating should be used on a part that is absolutely non-critical and experiences so little or no wear, while many manufacturers (like Bushmaster) just make it out of plastic?
    This is just like coating a car with chrome or gold. No reason and no pratical advantage what so ever. Just like the over-designed and “cool looking” flash hiders, of which all perform far worse than the plain cheap A2 when it comes to actually suppressing muzzle flash. But at least those are parts that matter, while this part does not matter at all.

    Please TFB, post news about worthwhile items. I am under the impression that a lot of articles appear as if you get paid to advertise these items. No pun intended, but that is the general impression.

  • Aaron E

    I agree with most of the posts here. I think the product has merit, but I’m not dropping $114 for one! Maybe if it was $34, maybe.

  • SafeArmsReview

    OMG!!! My life has been in a depressing spiral for my entire life but now I know why… I didn’t have the High Velocity Arms ATSG!

    I don’t know why everyone is disrespecting this AWESOME piece of kit. Its NOT just an accessory its a VITAL life saver! I mean how did anyone survive without its Nickel Boron or black Nitromet coatings? How many bragging rights were lost to armchair warriors because we didn’t have this steel device that screams…. FREEDOM!!!!!!

    Now I’m pretty sure the reason it took so long to get out of the stone age was the fact this piece of relevatory magnificence was not around. Surely this was a gift from the gods or from the aliens that planted human DNA on this planet in the first place. Regardless, I mean how can anyone NOT see the importance of this??? It boggles the mind.

    I purchased one of these and the price is a pittance of what it is worth!

    I would have mortgaged the house, pimped out the wife, kids and dog to get one of these because of what it brings in regards to being ‘tactical’. I bet if we researched into our govt more, the reason for the trillions of $$$ of debt is not because of overspending or giving tons of money away to illegals and countries that hate us, but its because it took this much to develop a masterpiece such as this. The moon landing was fake and all the money earmarked for that & other things was just a cover – all that is what it took to bring this to baby to market. There was no arms race it was all about the ATSG!

    I personally had no clue what to do with my finger until the ATSG came to market. Now it has a home. Personally I’m waiting for the next version which is made of titanium with carbon fiber finger bedding; its even rumored to have a battery powered heating element to heat your finger during times of coldness. You know when your sitting in your Mom’s basement at 40+ years of age, no job, playing COD and between matches you pick up your rig and talk trash to the 10 year old you just killed. You need to have a warm finger to combat the slowness brought on by the cold of your ‘command center’.

    I would go on and educate all you haters but my Mom called and its dinner time. When you get real with what is really going on, the get with me later, otherwise keep your military, competition and LEO experience to yourself.

    Peace out homies…

    Danny “the Deathman” Richardson
    the tacticool gamer

    *Note: if you can’t tell the above post contains sarcasm – if you can’t see that then ask your mom what that is.

    😉 SafeArmsReview