New B&T USA Importer ARMATI

Armati USARecently Brügger & Thomet (B&T) updated their international distributor list to include the new US importer ARMATI. Unlike prior importations of B&T accessories, ARMATI will be distributing B&T parts and accessories through local distributors and resellers, rather than selling the items direct to consumers. This minimizes the overall profit for ARMATI but grants a wider supply.

Already confirmed RTG Parts will be carrying a variety of accessories including (but not limited to) items for the AUG, Benelli shotguns, the B&T TP9 in addition to H&K accessories. Local to me, HK Parts will be carrying B&T’s wide array of H&K accessories.

This isn’t the big news, the excitement is in B&T firearms imports. The TP9 may or may not be the first firearm we see in the United States, however I personally would suspect them to be first in since the TP9’s were previously approved for import by the ATF and should not require re-evaluation. The TP9 is a great improvement over the original Steyr TMP and the civilian SPP; compare triggers if you require convincing.

Forms have also been submitted for ATF testing & evaluation of the new B&T APC series. Once approved, the APC9 will be imported as a pistol, with a removable rear sling-swivel block. Removal of the block allows for registered APC’s to be configured as SBR’s (all NFA rules apply). The TP9 and APC9 are not all I anticipate, the APC45, APC223 and APC300 are all expected to be sold in the United States. Military and LE variants are also forthcoming.

It is important to note that all the forms have been submitted to import the entire catalog of qualifying B&T firearms; speculation on what we will see first, is my own opinion. This process is lengthy and costly, receiving any ETA is casual guessing, it is dependent on several factors, most notably the ATF approval process (customs doesn’t speed anything up either). Since ARMATI has already successfully imported firearms from Switzerland, I have little doubt this will all come to fruition.

ARMATI was recently created as a new brand and has been selling Swiss made SG553 weapons made by SAN Swiss Arms. This is the first time a 100% Swiss made SG55x series has been imported for two decades! Though limited in supply, some of the SG553’s with picatinny rail and rear back-up flip sight are still available.

Brügger & Thomet [Switzerland]

Ethan M

Ethan’s firearm interests are mostly with Cold War era select-fire weapons and their semi-auto counterparts.


  • Christopher

    One hopes ARMATI will sometime in the near future make the Sig 750 available.


    • Christopher

      Stupid DISQUES had to hide the text at the bottom from me.

  • Andrew

    Too bad the APC9 will cost like $3000

    • JumpIf NotZero

      No. I paid $960 for my TP9 on RSR (dealer price) on close out. Which means DSA was importing for less than that. The TP9’s internals were massively complex/expensive. So I would guess the ACP to be anywhere from 700-1400 depending on a few variables.

      But mostly I think B&T see how HK is flailing about and realized that pricing themselves alike and using poor importer like DSA was a bad idea. I have a feeling they are going to actually try to be competitive this time. Could be wrong though.

  • wetcorps

    That APC9 really looks like a brick.

    • Anonymoose

      I really want the rifle version, not some franken-pistol. -_-

  • JumpIf NotZero

    First off… Good for B&T dumping DSA as the importer. They were absolutely HORRIBLE. They maybe had a poor relationship with B&T and it wasn’t their fault, but it doesn’t matter. Often it was just as viable to get parts from Wolverine Supply in Canada than to wait for DSA to get to it.

    Second… Good for Robert at RTG. has been the only game in town for FAR to long and Adam while I will admit is an excellent businessman, is not furthering the community, only himself. You can only fashion your own rigged supply and demand for so long before you lose it. Robert/RTG has always been as fair as possible with HK parts.

  • JumpIf NotZero

    Does anyone remember the way the action works on the ACP series? Blowback? Delayed blowback? Gas operated?

  • JumpIf NotZero

    On the topic of the TP9.

    Had one, liked it, hated it, sold it. Would never recommend it.

    + light
    + accurate
    = good mags, but expensive
    = uncommon gun
    – suppressed worse than any gun I’ve ever had. Large volume subgun can and I was literally blinded in my right eye after two shots for about 10 seconds from so much gas out the port.
    – over complicated action, very picky for timing, no adjustment, this was the issue suppressed.
    – impossible to replace parts. Barrel, barrel guide, bolt all would cost nearly the price of the gun to replace
    – terrible sights, optic a must
    – expensive parts with ZERO aftermarket
    – dumb controls. AR charging handle and a slide release/lock that would have been right at home on a tec-9, couldn’t drop the bolt on an empty mag
    – stock was flimsy, extremely uncomfortable with lots of cheek slap, and $160 for basically a plastic stick
    – vertical grip uncomfortable, MP9 gets and angled grip
    – 100% worthless as a pistol, fails in nearly every regard to a mrds Glock or M&P. Must be SBR’ed

    So…. On the TP9… Be careful of what you wish for! All that said, the ACP doesn’t look terrible IF they can come in around $700 imported – AND – it’s straight blowback action. But if it’s $1000+, expensive mags, only one stock and limited parts availability, then no thanks. I’d sooner go SIG MPX. But I’ll wait and see what comes of this.

  • JumpIf NotZero

    The barrel iirc comes out on the ACP with this three bolts. It appears the same platform could quickly switch to 45acp and 9mm. The action, the extrusion upper, the barrel swap and modularity… This could actually be priced reasonably! The components themselves seem cheaper than that new Taurus carbine.

    After looking the ACP9, I’m pretty much considering this a UMP-K.

  • Sammy Busby

    I hope they get to import those Sigs! I want one with the Picatinny rail

  • itsmytime

    When will Armati start importing more TP9s? I cant seem to get any info off their website (it appears to be unfinished) nor can i get a reply from them. And now it is getting extreamly har to find a TP9 for sale. Anyone have any answers?