Guncrafter Industries All Stainless Steel American

American pistol

Guncrafter Industries is now making the American pistol in an all stainless steel version.  The American is a full size 1911-style pistol that has a 5″ barrel.  The original American pistol (still available) is listed as having a forged frame and slide with a black Melonite finish.

Features of the stainless steel American pistol include:

  • fitted one piece mag-well
  • heavy flanged barrel bushing
  • slide top serrations
  • 15 LPI checkering both front and rear
  • tritium sights all around
  • forged stainless slide and frame
  • accessory rail

Guncrafter Industries is perhaps best known for the development of the .50 GI cartridge.  The .50 GI was developed for the 1911 platform, but has also been adapted to the Glock pistols through a caliber conversion kit.

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  • gunslinger

    This is a .50GI pistol? styled after a 1911?

    How does the .50GI compare to the .50AE?
    this gun to the DE?