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Sturm, Ruger & Company released the company’s annual report for 2013.  Not surprisingly, sales and profits were up.  For the entire year, Ruger saw a $196.5 million increase in sales to $688.3 million.

While the very end of 2012 through mid-2013 saw a huge increase in sales across the industry, many people were reporting a return to “normal” sales in late 2013.  During the fourth quarter of 2013, Ruger sales continued to be very strong:  $181.9 million, up more than $40 million for the same period in 2012.

The company believes they have outpaced the industry in sales growth.  According to Ruger, the company sold 18% more units during the year, while total adjusted NICS checks increased only 7%.  Ruger attributed much of the company’s sales growth to the introduction of new products:  the LC380 and SR45 pistols, the Ruger American and ST-762 rifles and the Red Label II shotgun.

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  • M.M.D.C.

    ” Ruger attributed much of the company’s sales growth to the introduction of new products: the LC380 and SR45 pistols, the Ruger American and ST-762 rifles and the Red Label II shotgun.”

    I thought the new Red Label would flop. I guess Ruger knows what they’re doing.

  • nadnerbus

    I will only say this: I vowed to never buy another Ruger product while Bill was at the helm with their inane policies on what they would and would not sell to mere civilians. I believe they missed out on a lot of sales growth in that time by not pursuing “black rifles” and larger than five and ten round magazines for their mini 14 and 10-22 lines. Post Bill, they finally came to their senses and starter producing a lot more of what the market wanted, and I sincerely applaud the change in policy, and personally have rewarded it by finally buying a 10-22 after all these years.

    And I live in California, where I can’t even by larger mags anyway. Principle does count for something in this industry.

  • Hey_Mickey

    Hey Ruger, I tell you what you can do with all this new money – Open a factory that makes cheap domestic steel cased plinking ammo, because it looks like Obummer’s gonna cut off cheap Ruskie ammo imports in the wake of this Ukraine crisis. That would serve 2 purposes for him, it would help his personal vendetta against gun owners and would hurt a sector of Russian industry. Yeah, ban Tulammo, that oughtta show Putin, right? Come on Ruger, this is your time to shine

    • If I recall correctly, Ruger addressed this in the investors call. Essentially their statement was they are not planning to get into the ammo market. They listed a number of reasons that included:

      1. They do not have the expertise in this area, so it would be a lot more than just building a facility.

      2. They would consider buying an ammo company, but none are for sale at anything near reasonable prices.

  • junyo

    S&W also released their earning report today, beating expectations. This is apparently the one industry the current administration has actually provided meaningful economic stimulus for.

    • Anonymoose

      NRA Firearms Salesman of the Year since 2008.

      • gunslinger

        No government bailout! No Government Money, yet the Government helped boost the industry!

        crap.. no politics… sorry

  • waterbuffalo

    Does Ruger have any plans to leave Connecticut? I know they only have their HQ there but that should make it even easier to move.