Kinetic Concealment IWB Holsters

Kinetic Concealment holster

While at the 2014 SHOT Show, I got a chance to learn about Kinetic Concealment, a relatively new holster company that is offering a twist on the hybrid inside-the-waistband (IWB) scabbard.  At first glance, the holsters appear to be similar to other hybrid offerings from CrossBreed and others.  However, the construction of the holster may increase comfort significantly.

The design uses a piece of Kydex that is attached to a slab of leather.  The Kydex is molded for a specific model of handgun, which allows it to securely hold the pistol without the need for a retention strap.  The leather offers a layer of protection between the hard corners of the gun and Kydex.  Belt clips are attached at either end of the leather piece, which spreads the weight of the gun over a wider area when compared to traditional IWB holsters.  These are pretty standard features for hybrid holsters.

Kinetic Concealment

Kinetic Concealment adds a neoprene backer to the leather, something I’ve not seen done on other holsters.  The padded neoprene, not the leather, goes against the skin (or undershirt).  Kinetic Concealment states the neoprene backer also keeps sweat from penetrating the leather, which can produce a funky smell over time.

MSRP is $76.95 for the Kinetic Concealment holsters.  Holsters are available for a very wide range of pistols, including some less common ones.

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  • MattW

    Why does the trigger appear to be partially exposed in the second picture? I hope that’s not a normal feature (doesn’t appear in the first stock photo)…

    • Steve Truffer

      Given the (what looks like to me) the excessive protrusion, I don’t think its fully seated.

  • Caesarjd

    Should have included the word “Neoprene” earlier in the article so I could have stopped reading. I’ve worn a Cross-Breed for 3 years, every day, and it doesn’t stink. Every pair of neoprene glove I’ve ever owned has stunk horribly after a few days.

    • ArcRoyale

      Might have to do with body chemistry too. When i wear leather gloves for shooting, they’re inevitably stinking after a couple of hours of sweat.

  • Cknarf

    My Alien Gear IWB is great, and only $30 bucks.

  • Asmith

    Stealth Gear holsters are easily the most comfortable I’ve worn. Check them out.

  • david

    Bad design. The backing clearly blocks the hand from getting a complete grip on the gun while in the holster. The problem with internet reviews is that you have no idea on the qualifications of the author. This writer is obviously lacking knowledge and experience on the subject of proper holsters

    • woodman

      I use Kholsters and what I like is the fact that I can cut the leather backing to the size and shape that fit me and the gun I am carrying. Having neopreme sewn on to the leather eliminates this option.