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  • iksnilol

    How come no one has pictures of the VSS Vintorez, I know I saw some in the news?

    • bbmg

      I’m pretty sure 9 x 39mm weapons will be out in force, along with the VSK:

      • iksnilol

        You misunderstand, what I meant is how is it that no one took any pictures of the VSS in use while they took pictures of all the other hardware. I know they use the VSS, I saw it in some footage (that was the dead giveaway that they are Russians).

        • bbmg

          Not necessarily, these guns get around! Look, a 9A-91 in Syria!

          • iksnilol

            I know that they get around, just wondering why no pics of VSS in UKRAINE when I saw one in a news segment on television.

  • Lance

    Not bad or good news Ukraine has always been part of the Russian sphere should not be our business.

    • BOB

      Russian gave the Crimean Peninsula to Ukraine in 1954, this is a territorial dispute between neighbors and is by no means reason to start talking nukes and world war. 100% agreement with you.

      • nova3930

        Problem is Ukraine is a NATO partner state and we signed an agreement in the early 90s to protect their borders in exchange for them giving up their nukes. We’re in a no win situation. We either help Ukraine and potentially start WW3 or unilaterally shred that agreement and every current and potential ally starts re-evaluating their relationship with the US.
        To go a little further, there are several Russian speaking full members of NATO who are going to be looking VERY closely at this to see if they can really count on Uncle Sam to back them up….

        • Problem is Ukraine gave up it’s nukes on the TREATY promise of protection by the UK & US. This event clearly demonstrates that nuclear weapons are still relevant, and will guarantee the complete nuclearization of the Mid East.

          Further, do you think Israel will give up half of Jerusalem for a promise of the UK or US now. They just saw this demonstration how utterly worthless such treaty guarantees are.

        • BOB

          yep that is a problem, glad its not mine to solve. Makes me remember something George Washington mentioned in passing about ‘foreign entanglements’…

          • nova3930

            I wish it weren’t so, but if wishes were horses as they say. In an ideal world it really wouldn’t be any of our concern but for a variety of reasons it is.
            In all probability, the driver in all this is that post-Syria debacle, Putin realized our leadership was completely unwilling to engage in a real deal shooting war. In that light, he can can put us in a no win situation and get away with just about anything short of pushing the little red button to send the ICBMs flying.
            The best thing we can do at this point is manage the damage, but I have no idea how…

          • BOB

            So many crises, so very little time (or brainpower in the case of US political leadership).

        • wojtekimbier

          Russia wants armed intervention on another country, where fights take place, “to help and save minority groups”. Allies from NATO, including France and UK agreed to help. Does not that remind you of something that took place 75 years ago?

          • Phil Hsueh

            That’s what I’ve been thinking, very Hitleresque, all sorts of little crises involving ethnic Russians wanting/needing help from good ‘ol Mother Russia. While Putin may not be Hitler I strongly suspect that his motives, while less ambitious, are rather similar to the moustached one, my personal suspicion is that Putin is trying to rebuild the old Russian/Soviet Empire one former republic at a time.

          • n0truscotsman


            No it doesn’t. The incidences have nothing in common.

          • John

            Reminds Grenada ’83

        • ColaBox

          “Potentially start WW3”
          Its comments like that, considering the horrible political climate today, that make me sad I have no ammunition. Maybe im stuck on the remembrance of Modern Warfare 2, but having a few mags of ammo would make me feel a little better. There is a war on every front eventually.

          • BOB

            If you are physically able, look into donating plasma, you can make $60/week, that translates to maybe 140 rds of .223 at the prices I’m seeing locally.

      • Obama needs to go to the UN Security Council, take his shoe off and pound it on the table.

        Hate to say it but: Where is Kruschev when we need him!
        In 1954, the 300th anniversary of the Treaty of Pereyaslav [Uniting the Cossaks with Moscovy] was widely celebrated. Nickita Kruschev got drunk and transferred Crimea to Ukraine. He had been in charge of the Ukrainian SSR for many years before he became soviet Premier.

        • poundtheshoe

          Obama is much smarter than that; and remember – he was awarded Nobel peace price. He is in touch with Putin and I’d assume they are in tune; they have to. Public message is bit disturbing, as expected, but things behind scenes go by plan; there are plenty of good signs. Everyone knows that Ukrainian mess must be fixed. Let’s hope Ukraine will be better off under new management.

    • Molon Labe

      STFU. Just because Russia seized it long ago doesn’t make it theirs. Guess you’ll be giving Alaska back to Putin? It’s about time we defended a Caucasian nation for a change (Muslims or Asians)

      • n0truscotsman

        I can see you are a shining beacon of reason on this issue (and credibility! lol).

        Alaska? false equivalency much?

      • BOB

        We bought Alaska and it’s populated by people who culturally identify with North America. The people of EasternUkraine don’t seem to want to be Ukrainian, but rather Russian, how about we stop forcing different groups together and allow them to decide their own destiny, ‘for a change’.

      • Fegelein

        If we were defending a Caucasian nation, then we would be intervening for the Chechens or Dagestanis or the Georgians. Geez, racists are so stupid.

    • n0truscotsman

      I actually agree wholeheartedly with lance.

      Not our business.

      This is a Russian/Ukrainian issue is theirs alone.

    • lanceisright

      Absolutely, however it is good to be alert; anyone could take advantage of situation if unchecked. As matter of fact I have seen some place recently survey saying that 94% of Americans have same opinion. You’ve got to respect majority.

  • bsnighteye

    You want to see hardware? Recent photos of RF forces on Ukraine:

    • 1911a145acp

      Great images. I’m sure I am not the only one who has noticed that there are no mags in many of the rifles on patrol, mag pouches appear to be empty, and no belts on the PKMs……….

      • PatrickPM

        Wouldn’t want to start a war now would we? ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • bsnighteye

          If you watch many sources of information you will see that not RF forces are shooting, nor Ukrainian forces are shooting. Only a definite radical would like to spill a blood of brotherhood nations.

      • noob

        Just after 9/11 I was told that many guards at airports were patrolling with empty rifles, the rifle being a badge of authority.

        • 1911a145acp

          Well, rather empty authority if you really encounter someone who is shooting at you…

      • claymore

        All the photos in the link DO have mags in and ammo containers on the PKM.

      • 1911a145acp

        Well strike my previous comment- Russian troops fired over the heads of unarmed Ukrainian soldiers in uniform at one of the airfields yesterday. Thankfully cool heads have prevailed thus far. I don’t see this thing ending without bloodshed. One thing I am certain of – any positive outcome could not possibly include the Dumb and Dumber Foreign Policy disaster waiting to happen twins- Joe Biden and Barack Obama

        • bsnighteye

          Who knows for real what will happen now? I already saw bloodbath when Ukrainian cops were shot by sniper and burned alive with molotovs a month ago during coup d’etat. I mostly feel sorry for them – they were left on their own by losing official government, unarmed (I mean guns), beaten, some were put on their knees before cameras, and when protesters are in charge now they are outlaw and outcast.

    • AE

      Does that sniper carry a VSS in front of him? The barrel is too thick not to be it.

  • โ‚ฌ@

    it is funny to see how the west is shivering, impressed of old, rusty
    Sovjet technology from the 70th.

    Soldiers with old stuff, Tanks, Trucks,
    AMP’s which are hardly working.

    On can teach Russia a blody Lesson
    with some delivery of small Arms to the
    Ukrainians, light potable Artilery and so on. When Russia konquerd Georgia, they sent 5000 tanks, only 2000
    reached Georgia, the res broked down!

    But Obama (the hot guy) is leading from behind and Putin is not a fan of this
    kind of Games between man.

    • Blake

      Rusty Soviet tech that WORKS. There are two main reasons that Americans are interested in Soviet mulsurp stuff:

      – it is cheap

      – it is simple & ultra-reliable

      Satisfaction is cleaning the Cosmoline out of the bolt of a “new” 1954 Izhevsk SKS and watching that sucker print reasonably tight groups at 100 yards with cheap-ass Brown Bear and Golden Tiger (Vympel) ammo.

      Anyone that claims 7.62×39 is an inaccurate cartridge has never shot a CZ 527. If you use a tight rifle, decent scope or good iron sights, and high-quality ammo (i.e. not milsurp or other cheap stuff), it performs beautifully. Not much point in comparing a crappy stamped AK47 parts-bin special loaded with Wolf ammo to an AR15 firing Federal, they’re not the same thing at all.

      • n0truscotsman

        “Anyone that claims 7.62×39 is an inaccurate cartridge has never shot a CZ 527”

        …or a well built AK. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • n0truscotsman

      “When Russia konquerd Georgia, they sent 5000 tanks, only 2000
      reached Georgia, the res broked down!”

      That is a myth that keeps getting perpetuated around the west to somehow make them feel better about their NATO-certified ally getting its ass kicked.

      Russia overwhelmingly deployed the T72B to georgia, one of the most reliable and robust platforms in service today.

      “old”? you mean absent of the doo dads and technocrat BS that US troops are encumbered with?

  • Russia stock Market lost 10% today. Remember people, the knee bone connected to the shinbone, shinbone connect to the mid east, mid east connected to Iran, Iran connected to North Korea who just tested SCUD missiles yesterday. If Putin tries to invade Hawaii… RUSKI DON”T SURF!

  • kev

    I saw a video of Ukrainian police firing at protesters with what appeared to be a PGM precision rifle? I know the make the zbroyar sniper rifles (also ar 15s) so far haven’t seen any Ukrainian hard ware much (not even their tavors in 5.45)

    • Dr. Zarkov

      It was a Brรผgger & Thomet APR.

  • wetcorps

    In the last photo, is the guy with the SVD using his pal as a bipod? I don’t picture this ending well ^^’

  • Cameron

    Godspeed Mr. Putin. At least the writers are not getting emotional and posting their political opinions, that is why I like this site.

    • SP mclaughlin

      Yeah, godspeed to the man who won by 126% of his last election…..

  • Troy S

    I spent 3 years in the Ukraine and speak Ukrainian/Russian. Everybody should be very disturbed by the invasion of the Ukraine. The Ukrainians have finally dug them selves out from under a Russian controlled robber puppet. The amount of theft that Yanukovich and his Russian allies perpetrated is staggering (In excess of 20 Billion in 5 years). While I am not an interventionist, we have made promises to the Ukraine in the form of international agreements Budapest memorandum, start, ect. If we do not fight this aggression now, our children will be forced to fight this fight later. Putin has made it clear that he wants to take back eastern Europe one piece at a time. He has measured Obama’s metal perfectly, Putin knows our president is as weak as a wet noodle in a windstorm. As for the guns, sad to see many USA and European optics on so many of the rifles. I guess our government only enforces ITAR on it’s citizens. I got to play with some 5.45 tavors when I was there, reliability was good.

    • ColaBox

      Any opinion on the 5.45 vs. 5.56?

      • Troy S

        not really different enough to make a difference. The 5.45 is lower pressure, energy, and recoil but at the expense of range and penetration. Inside of 300m the difference is small, past that the 5.56 starts to win.

  • Born in the USSR

    What you have is a coup d’etat ,controlled Neo-Nazis, and backed by USA and Europe. No surprise that most americans have no clue about the history of Western part of Ukraine during WWII and the Ukrainian SS divisions. US media doesn’t mention their Hero Stepan Bandera.

    • Cameron

      The same “Neo-Nazis” that pledged to protect the Jews in the Ukraine? Sounds legit.

      • Born In USSR

        not exactly sure I know what you are talking about. Are you saying that the Neo-Nazis in the svoboda and pravi sektor pledged to protect jews?

        • suchumski

          Russia is protecting Yews by suplieing Guns, Missiles, Tanks,
          Atom-Tecnology to every enemy of Israel, like IRAN.

        • Cameron

          Exactly. When Ukraine was liberated by the Nazi Germans, the only thing the Ukrainians saw about the soviets was the ethnic Russians, not the Jew NKVD (look it up). The Privy sector and Svoboda hated the soviet union, and later the russians, not the puppet master.

    • Troy S

      Drink the Kool Aid. I would be inclined to agree had I not seen the breadth and scope of the popular uprising against Yanukovich myself. This is a popular uprising against a bunch of crooks. Millions in Kiev are willing to die to get rid of that guy. The amount of unwarranted arrests and property confiscations under his regime were the real cause of this uprising. Joining the EU/Nato was not. People speculated before Yanukovich fled that he was Putin’s puppet. Most Ukrainians disagreed with this assessment thinking him more of a mofia stooge, until they saw the extent of his theft, and where he fled to afterwards. If what you say is true, why go through all the effort of cutting internet and news to the outside world? Only despotic regimes resort to that level propaganda. I fear Putin is succumbing to that disease, as old as mankind itself, that drives the world to destruction. Like Stalin, Hitler, Mao the symptoms and results are always the same. If Russia was to do the same to Putin, what do think his house would look like, if Yanukovich had gold encrusted toilet bowls and pet giraffes what do you think Putin’s

      house(s) looks like?

      • noguncontrol

        Here’s the thing, one day, Yanukovich signs a peace treaty with the opposition, the next day he is ousted, and the opposition wants Ukraine to be part of the EU. What gives? Was the peace treaty just a ruse to make Yanukovich drop his guard? I for one don’t want Ukraine to be part of either NATO or EU, as far as i’m concerned both the EU and NATO are evil tyrannical organizations, just look at what happened to Serbia in 1999. And i don’t recognize the so-called statehood or nationhood of Kosovo. Between Russia and the EU and NATO, i’ll take my chances with Putin.

      • wetcorps

        Putin’s pets:

    • suchumski

      Oh da, kanjeshna, nj chuja bljead!
      The Ukrainians are Nazis, the Georgians, whom your RussoNazis robd Abchasia and S-Osetia are, Nazis, the Japanes whom you ow the ocupied kouril islands,
      are Nazis, the 40-nations you press under jour boot and rob there right of selfdetermination, like the tshuktshens, the nenzians… where you rob oil and gold, diamonds and freedom, are all NAZIS! Iran, for whom your RussoNazis build A-Bombs are defending themselv against Nazis, along with every Bloodthirsti Terrorist, whom ya fund and feed!
      Your Russian Pravdaganda is not working, stop ocupieing forein lands,
      the Ukrainians joind nazis to get rid of “Mother Russia” and much more Russians joined with Vlassov the Nazis then Ukrainians did.

      • Molon Labe

        Please walk in front of a moving train. Thank you for your moronic gibberish!

        • suchumski

          guess its not my english, your just have no arguments left.
          the last RussoNazi war was for South Ossetia, they even
          installed a “government” there but what about North Ossetia,
          didn’t they deserv the same independence?
          Russians are ocupieing old christian lands, expelling
          the inhabitans and who settels there after the ocupation?
          Tshetshens and other “Russian” Islamist tribes.
          me, i was born in the USSR to!

          • noguncontrol

            With his ties to the Russian Orthodox Church and his own personal history, i don’t think he would coddle the mohammedan terrorist tribes. He has already taken a tough stand against the mohammedan minorities.

          • suchumski

            the most people in the west do not know how rassist russians are.
            how antisemitic they are, who invented the so called
            “Protocalls of the Elders of zion”, a forgery
            which was basis for Hitlers racism,
            it was russia.
            Just watch how many % of the Political inmates in the gulags
            where jews and how many % of Sovjets where jewish.
            Russian culture is antisemitic to the bones
            In sotshi, where the PutiSS made the Olympics, there are churches, georgian churches from the 6th century, now they call it Russia. They whiped the great nation of the circissians literaly out.
            you know that the muslims in the region are just
            muslims because they askd turky for
            help against the russians,
            they where all christians once, nothing Russists care of,
            the want LAND, but god sended them VODKA and
            the fretilety rate is devestateing, in 20 Jears
            from the 120.000.000 Russians now, will
            be a tiny 60.000.000 left over.
            I could wright a lot about it, but my english is not good enough.

          • Born In USSR

            Are you a Chechen?

          • suchumski

            Because of your Russians, i can’t even tell you who I am.
            If i had not left, your RussoNazis would had forced on me your RussoNazi Passport, after the ethnik clensing of some 300.000
            non RussoArians. Now i cant visit my hometown, cant go to the graves of my forfathers who lived there for two and a half millenia, must live as a refugy from yor RussoNazis, a guest on foreign soil.
            Me a Tshetshen, a Hadbanger, a Kidbutcherer?
            Tshetshens are in RussoNazi
            definition Russians and I am not
            a Russian, in no Deffinition.

    • n0truscotsman

      Yes and the western media has been quiet about the far right extremists (mentioning them only in a small quip). America has no credible stance whatsoever.

      • jdkchem

        nazis, national socialists, the non-marxist left.

        • Fegelein

          Nazis are far RIGHT wing. What do you smoke and where do I get some?

          • jdkchem

            Wrong genius. What part of national socialist confuses you?

      • Fegelein

        Indeed, you are correct.

  • kostas papadopoulos

    For knife lovers, some of the Russian troops carry Kizlyar knives

  • 101nomad

    Ooops, another misdirect to a political forum.

    • dp

      You’ve got to wonder what we do here, huh! I do not give it a smack, just look at equipment. Someone mentioned they do not have mags in, that sounds they do not seek fight.

  • 1911a145acp

    Hate to sound political on this non-political site, but, This Ukraine situation IS SERIOUS business for the U.S.
    “Ukraine is as of January 2008 a candidate to join the NATO Membership Action Plan (MAP) We are supposed to protect Ukraine even though they are not a NATO member. This materialized on June 3, 2010 when the Ukrainian parliament excluded, with 226 votes, the goal of “integration into Euro-Atlantic security and NATO membership” from the country’s national security strategy.[6] “European integration” is still part of Ukraine’s national security strategy and co-operation with NATO was not excluded.[6] Ukraine considers its relations with NATO as a partnership.[7][8] Ukraine and NATO still hold joint seminars and joint tactical and strategical exercises and operations.[9][10] Ukraine gave up it’s nukes in exchange for economic an preferences with the west. “from Wikkii

    • n0truscotsman

      …so was Georgia.

      Georgia, unlike Ukraine, was closer than the US and it even had troops in Iraq when the Russians crossed the border into South Ossetia.

      The US will do nothing, just like it did with Georgia.

      • 1911a145acp

        So very true. I recall Georgian immigrants in the streets of NY holding signs and begging G, H.B. Bush to stop the murder of their families back home. We did nothing to the Russian bear then- and he knows we are going to do nothing now…..

  • Molon Labe

    Hitler Sudetenland 1938. Stalin wannabe Putin in 2014. See any similarities?

    Starting in 1938, the Nazi propaganda machine fabricated false stories of the three million ethnic Germans being oppressed in Czechoslovakia, and demanded to gain control of these lands.

    Putin Ukraine 2014…..

    Russian President Vladimir Putin told U.S. President Barack Obama that Moscow reserved the right to protect its interests and those of Russian speakers in Ukraine if they come under threat, the Kremlin said.

    • SP mclaughlin

      I see Saddam Hussien taking Kuwait back in 1991 again.

    • whodywei

      If Ukrainian government were doing a great job taking care of its people, the Russians would not receive such warm welcome from the locals. This incursion would not take place if Ukraine still had its nukes…the lesson is – Anytime ANYBODY tells you they’ll “protect” you if you give up your weapons, you’re a fool if you believe it.

    • EchteElbe

      The difference is that in some regions the Russians are majority and feel justifiably threatened. Germans were always minority – big difference.

    • n0truscotsman

      No sudentenland. You’re wrong.

  • kostas papadopoulos

    Guys just take a moment to hear the Greek perspective on the crisis, we jailed our Neonazis with very questionable legal proceedings since they are members of the parliament and after a diplomatic pressure by US and EU and it was the right thing to do but now we see the same US/EU recognizing the Neonazis in Ukraine as govt.

    Is this diplomacy? Should we free our NNs and give them a ministry?

    • greekexperience

      Very playful term – some are bad and some are “good”, sounds confusing? Same with ‘commies’, some GOOD (Chinese lend money to US treasury to make it next week) and some are BAD (Ruskies – occupying Uks). I know not to you, I think of the rest. Just wonder what they will tell of us 100yrs from now!

  • Kosme

    You should have linked the original source: /u/NihilNovae_Su from reddit

  • Sulaco

    Noticed on the evening news almost all the shots of masked “gunman” had AK 47/74 rifles and most if not about 90% were not carrying magazines in the rifles….

  • whatsdzescoop

    Sorry guys, it’s kinda lame, but I have to tell ya. First of all stay at rest; Ruskies DO NOT hate your freedom. They just want their share; consider history (you’ve got history channel in you cable pack, don’t ya).
    Now to the business. What happened was that local (sorry for being rude) fucking tycoons had full 22 years to pack themselves up and they did. Go to RT and read: one of them was given rule over one eastern regions – he is worth of 2.4 billions US. Yes, that correct, no typo. It’s all freaking ridiculous…..
    Now, the international guys (and you are in their jurisdiction as well) cannot look at this hi-way robbery anymore and are taking whole freaking place over. The new PM will be guy called in DC as Yatz, he’s central banker. Basically, one bunch is taking over the other – changing guards in real sense of the word. That’s it guys – bye, bye nationalism in Ukraine. So Putin, take it easy, do not get warped up over it, ok (ah, he probably knows already). Everything’s under control, its business as usual.
    Now you can go back to you wife/ girlfriend and be nice to her. No WWIII on horizon, not yet anyway. Take care!

  • n0truscotsman

    This is why i was laughing out loud (while screaming at the screen) when the media was saying “unidentified, unknown soldiers”.


    They’re wearing Russian digital camouflage, carrying AK74Ms and Pecheneg LMGs, and are in BTR80s. Russian.

    Then lo and bold! they found out they’re Russian!

  • Masoo2

    Shame that article didnt show the VSS, it popped up on the Today show a day or two ago.

  • Stunned

    The Russians!!!! I thought these were Neighborhood Watch groups.

  • Andrew Gault

    as a ukrainian i am willing to see a full scale war for independence

    tuten-ramen-noodle, let my people go-gurt