Military Industry (Indumil) 9mm Córdova Pistol

The new Cordova pistol from Indumil (Military Industry) is said to be the first pistol to be 100% designed and manufactured in Colombia. The 9mm semi-automatic pistol will be be available in three models (a full size, a compact size and a ‘tactical’ size). They will be fully ambidextrous and chambered in 9mm. Other than that, I don’t know much about this gun. I do like the design. The slide has a sleek look with a rounded profile. See the pistol in operation in the below video …

Indumil will be marketing the Córdova in Colombia, Chile, Paraguay, Ecuador and Peru.

Steve Johnson

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  • Lance

    Looks a lot like a M&P or Glock copy.

    • Giolli Joker

      We saw 2 different videos.
      I saw pistol with external hammer and external safeties.
      It reminds somehow of the Beretta Cougar, although locking action and (polymer) frame are pretty different.

      • mechamaster

        I see vertically tilting barrel with a rectangular breech internal mechanism when they fieldstripping the pistol.. It’s like Glock operation mechanism short recoil.. Beretta Cougar use rotating barrel mechanism.

        • Giolli Joker

          That’s why I said that the locking action is different from Beretta’s. 😉
          It was just the shape of the slide and the presence of the external safeties on it that reminded me the Cougar. 😉

  • It locked back when it wasn’t empty once. Then after the last round it didn’t lock back!?!?!

    • Giolli Joker

      QS Armi of Italy have once marketed in their guns an optional magazine that was locking the slide when you still had one last round in it:
      you release the slide AND then you change the magazine, in theory never being left without a round available.
      It was designed for competition, whether it’s useful or not I think it depends from personal choice and training.

      Maybe they adopted a similar system.

      • It happened after the very first shoot. Plus, that would be extremely odd for a defensive weapon.

        • Danny Yim

          Hey guys I think maybe because its a pretty early stage they haven’t worked out one or two kinks. If you noticed, the guy kept the slide lock held down because the gun would probably lock after every round (this is my guess). So i think thats the reason the slide did not lock back.

    • mechamaster

      Maybe the shooter accidentally raised slide release/ catch lever or button ??

    • Gidge

      I’m surprised they didn’t cut that out. Most likely a round being fed from the mag or a badly shaped follower has engaged the slide lock. That means something doesn’t fit properly or the mags have a flawed design.

      In 1911’s You often get that in 1911’s when using crap mags or the slide lock has been replaced for one that hasn’t been fitted properly.

      To be fair, these may be pre-production prototypes, but it does not look good.

  • noguncontrol

    looks like a 1911 clone.

    • Vhyrus

      I would really like to know what crazy double stack, polymer framed, slide mount safety 1911 you own.

  • Vhyrus

    Fully ambidextrous, eh? I don’t see a slide lock on the right side of that gun.

    The front of it looks almost identical to a Walther P99. Actually, quite a bit of that gun looks like a P99 now that I look at it.

  • Vhyrus

    I found this wikipedia page that gives a little more info. Use google translate in order to read it.

  • A.g.

    As Columbia have bought isralian Galil rifle manufactured by indumil too, I think this is a knock of Jericho. The polymer model with a new design of the slide.

    • DW

      But it lacks the “slide-in-frame” arrangement found on CZ-75 offsprings.

  • gun store GA

    Aside from the fact that the firearm looks good, it’s nice to know that the engineers can shoot!

    I did notice that it locked back even though the barrel is not empty. Too bad!

    Really liked it though. I plan to sell this in my georgia gun store.

    Thank you for this post!

    • JaxD

      Glad you found a cheap way to advertise your store.

  • Anonymoose

    All you guys saying “it’s a knockoff of this!” and “no, it’s a clone of that!”…
    Can’t it just be original? Or as original as a handgun can be, since pretty much everything has already been done before in the field of semi-auto pistols? Or because it’s Latin American IT MUST BE A CLONE BECAUSE THEY COULD NEVER THINK OF ANYTHING ON THEIR OWN!!! I mean, srsly. HK copied Glock, Glock copied SIG, SIG copied S&W, S&W copied FN…it ALL leads back to the Hi-Power and JMB at the turn of the last century. The locations of safeties only ever vary between two places according to taste, mags get higher-cap, slides get checkered, ergonomics have advanced from bricks to replaceable backstraps and fingergrooves over the past 10 years or so, but the mechanical principles almost never change. We’re still where we were in the 70s, essentially, with nearly every automatic being linkless short-recoil.

    • dp

      I think the reason why you see this ubiquitous design is that it offers mix of reasonable performance, ease of disassembly for maintenance and cost of manufacture. If you look at other varieties such as P38 type swing-lock or Beretta rotary lock they may have benefit of greater accuracy, but for added cost. In final consideration, economy wins – and gives you better price.

    • A.g.

      Yeah. Sure. All the products of this company, all, are licensed products. Great tradition of research and devellopement in new concept, new design.

      Sorry, and no offense but we were far away from the simple “mechanical principles” who never changes. That’s right this models use the same cartridge than “the traditional” firearm brand, it have a barrel and, wait !! a trigger too.
      Did the design break radicaly from a Jericho, a model produced by indumil too ?
      Did the mechanism break from existing product ? No.
      At 1.16″, could you identify formely and immediately this firearms brand and model ? No.
      Did they introduce new materials like ceramic ? No.
      To change some cosmetic details to avoid trials, as sarmsilmaz do, don’t make you’re product original. A caracal pistol, designed by the same engineer could not be considered like original. A mexican fx-05 xiuhcoatl too. Like this one. A photoshop mix of existing design with well proven mechanism inside as sarmsilmaz do don’t make you’re product original. That’s wrong.

      That’s dont means they are bad, unreliable, or dangerous firearms. But they’re not originals.

      • A.g.

        read “same engineer than Glock”

    • Steve_7

      We can say that because IT IS a copy of the Ruger P95. Absolutely. Even has the same magazine catch design, they’ve just made it more ergonomic.

  • Anonymoose

    The only thing that bothers me is that the rear sight looks really tall compared to the front sight.

  • JaxD

    Colombia, not Columbia. You’re the big cheese here, at least get your countries right.

    • FourString

      “I thought you had a Bachelor’s from Columbia.”
      “Now I have to get one from America.”


  • Mack

    it looks like a Beretta px4

  • john huscio

    Polymer baby eagle with a p99 slide.

  • floppyscience

    Love the malfunction the guy in the foreground has on the first shot.

    Does anyone else think these things look like the bastard lovechild of the old Ruger P-series and Grand Power K100?

  • Jake

    So, I speak spanish, Yay, translation time!
    It’s nice to see the pop music in gun videos is universal. Please bear in mind, my grammer is going to become weird, as I’m translating the video.

    Basically, the first columbian program, semi auto 9 mm, standard, tactical, compact.
    It’s fabricated in the plant of jose degardor (sp) of weapons and arms.
    The project, it was started in 2010, what we did with the 2 manufactures, is analize many of similar guns, and talk with clients and different makes, to find the perks and failures. We took all the good things available and integrated it in the pistol (My note, it looks like a M&P).
    I don’t have to XXX the arm to do any function. No safties, quick to shoot. (seems to be DA/SA).
    It shoots any 9×19 NATO rounds.
    Weight is at 1.52 on the video, but I can’t make out the words.

    Design and building. Montage, just talks about engineers.

    Price is not established, we are still designing. Will be more economic then the competition due to building at home.
    We are currently doing all the testing and doing with 15 guns, first 1,020 guns (ten hundred??) in first contract
    The importance is the automated manufactureing.
    Final bit is discussing goals and wishing to develop and grow and get better.

  • Micki

    For my money, it appears to be an enlarged copy of the Venezuelan “Zamorana”; itself a copy of the Moravia Arms “CZ G2000” of 1999 vintage.

  • George H Hill

    Looks like a Beretta Cougar and a CZ-100 Mated and had a baby with Down Syndrome.

  • LCON

    Why is it all I can think of is this?

  • Gidge

    The gun has a clear relationship to the CZ-75/85 family as will is close relatives from IMI/IWI and Tanfoglio but there are a few clear differences. It’s not a strait out clone.

    Externally there are some distinct resemblances to the polymer Jericho. The Hammer, sear, safety and firing pin block mechanism look similar to the Jericho/Tanfoglio design (a variation on the CZ design). Note that the lever for the firing pin block is raised and only drops when the trigger is pulled. This gives you a lighter trigger pull and more feel than more conventional firing pin block system where the trigger pull raises the lever (i.e. Series 80, 92FS, Glock, M&P etc…).

    But the trigger and trigger bar are different to anything I’ve seen from the greater CZ family. The positioning of the firing pin block levers is also different to the Jericho/Tanfoglio setup. It also looks like the gun has interchangeable back straps.

    • Steve_7

      Are you looking at the same gun? It’s a Ruger P95.

  • Roger
  • 1911a145acp

    In the edited portion of the video from .23-.39, the pistol in the fore ground has a malfunction when the slide locks to the rear DURING firing and then FAILS to lock to the rear after firing what appears to be the last shot in the mag. The operator does not appear to induce the malfunction in any way. The only other likely deduction is that it did not FIRE or feed the next round in the mag.No way that this should have been allowed to stay in the video, which leads me to believe the manufacturer and or the video editors don’t know what they are doing.

  • petru sova

    Did you notice the junk MIM cast hammer. Not a gun to trust your life to.

    • Cynic

      I’d wait to see one strip it and shoot it before I call it junk. Mim can be useful in the right places. It’s not as nice not as pretty and certainly cheaper but it isn’t automatically junk.

      Because polymer ars are crap does that mean all polymer guns are crap…. course not. Similar point here.

  • Steve_7

    Ruger P95 copy.

  • Henry DeVilliers

    This is a great little pistol, it is here in Orlando for the International Cheifs show. I spoke with the designer, it uses Dupont ST801 nylon, and while his influence by IMI is great, it is a new design from the ground up. Ergonomics is the key thing as that is what motivated the design, specifly the way the Colombiam forces use weapons in the drug interdiction. They do not use the same stance or what we see here in the states. The ability to operate the pistol, clear jams, and keep shooting was the first thing i tested and it passed. This was the criteria which Colombia applied tonits design, which the CZ Nor Jerrico can pass.