STI Nitro 10

Nitro 10

The 10mm fans may be happy to hear they have another pistol option in their favorite caliber.  STI International is now selling the Nitro 10, a 1911-style pistol chambered for the 10mm.

According to STI, the company received many requests from customers to make a 5″ barrel version of the Perfect 10.  The Perfect 10 is a 1911-type pistol with a 6″ barrel and carries up to 17+1 rounds of 10mm.  In addition to the shorter barrel, the Nitro 10 also differs from the Perfect 10 in capacity:  only 8+1 rounds.

  • caliber: 10mm
  • magazine capacity:  eight rounds
  • barrel length:  5.01″
  • overall length:  8.77″
  • weight:  38.9 ounces (unloaded)
  • MSRP:  $1,514.00

MSRP on the Nitro 10 is $1,514.  The gun ships with Cocobola grips, STI fixed sights, a curved trigger and a high-ride beavertail grip safety.  The gun has a matte blue finish.

Richard Johnson

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  • Sardonic

    According to STI, the company received many requests from customers to make a 5″ barrel version of the Perfect 10. So they did the only natural thing: not that. Literally not that at all.

  • FourString


  • Lance

    Me WANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ME WANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! get us some free samples Richard.

  • alex

    So in the end its nothing like a P10

  • Cymond

    For some reason, I don’t think that STI’s customers were clamoring for a single-stack pistol. It seems like there are/were several of those on the market while double-stacks are rather rare, especially in 10mm.

  • Blake

    They would have done well to mention that the Nitro 10 costs a kilobuck less than the Perfect 10…

    Personally I can’t justify the cost for either one, but the Perfect 10 does indeed look amazing. If I had to pick a handgun for deer hunting, that would be it I think.

  • Sulaco

    Never can afford one…drool!

  • suchumski

    this gun is an anacronism, it is a single aktion with a 103 jear old system,
    everithing from 1911 is long forgotten, strange just nostalgy.
    what ever, i love the 1911’s, just watching
    its forms and remembering
    the glorious history
    is like having a good drink with good old missed friends by the fire.

    • Vhyrus

      I don’t know how to put this, but….
      it sounds like it’s… kind of a big deal.

      • suchumski

        the desing is so uniqe, that even te finest luxury german guncompany

        has pickt it up for a totaly different gun. watch this.

        john moses was reali a genious.

        no big deal, i just like it.

        Fix Barrel, roler locking mekanism 1911 Made in Germany.

        • suchumski

          usualy KORTH is expensiv, the prise is unknown jet,
          guess something below 6000€ not $, €
          its the same system build in
          like in the HK MP5.

  • Andrew Malik

    At least it’s got a ramped barrel. I’m putting a Briley coned barrel and comp on my Delta Elite but I have to get the frame cut first.

    The Nitro 10 is a good looking pistol. I would have saved extra for it but I got my Delta Elite a couple years ago.

  • noguncontrol

    they should have made a pistol caliber carbine in 10mm Auto with a 30 round magazine.