NRA Edition of Ruger 10/22

NRA 10/22 rifle

Davidson’s is now offering a special edition of the Ruger 10/22 takedown rifle to support the National Rifle Association.  The rifles have a camouflage finish and the NRA logo on the bolt.  The guns also have unique serial numbers to identify them as special edition rifles.

NRA 10/22 rifle

The guns have fiber optic sights and the receiver is drilled and tapped for adding a scope.  The guns ship in a nylon carrying case that is brown with black trim and is marked as a special edition NRA rifle.

NRA 10/22 rifle

According to Davidson’s, “For each rifle sold, both Davidson’s and Ruger contribute $10 to the NRA Institute for Legislative Action.”  The rifles are available for sale now.

Richard Johnson

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  • hkryan

    I’m hoping (and holding out) for a well executed, wood-stocked takedown model. That said, it is nice to see more variants of the takedown 10/22.

    • gunslinger

      i guess cutting a regular wood 10/22 stock is out of the question? or at least why not in the aftermarket arena?

      • Gary from michigan

        There is at least one wood stocked take down available. Check the other distributor specials on the river website.

        • gary from mich

          That should be Ruger website

        • gunslinger

          Yeah, under the Distributor Specials, TALO has a wooden TDR. (although i don’t see it on the TALO website)

          Ruger lists the model # as 11167

  • wetcorps

    *Obligatory nowadays*
    Sigh… If only I could find 22lr :'(

    Wait, I’m in Europe. I can 😀

    • iksnilol

      *high five*

  • Blake

    Note to self: Firearms not Politics. Will keep sarcastic comments to myself…

    • 101nomad

      It can be tough, hopefully we can keep p******s out, that is pretty well covered elsewhere. I sort of enjoy having articles and comments, pro/con, without it. This is the only firearm related site I have left. Having choices is wonderful.

      • Marshall

        “This is the only firearm related site I have left.”

        Boy do I have empathy for that.

  • kipy

    I gotta get me some of those sights.

  • iksnilol

    A bit off topic but how is the handguard attached to the rifle? Is it separate from the barrel or are they one piece?

    • gunslinger

      looks like there is a screw on the barrel end that holds the back half of the handgaurd, as well as the ring at the front. the back half also has a screw for the stock.

      • iksnilol

        I see. The barrel isn’t free floated.

        I am trying to think up a way to attach a (sturdy) handguard on a Marlin Papoose without touching the barrel.

        • gunslinger

          kind of defeats the purpose of a take-down rifle. although i wonder if you can somehow find a way to affix the barrel separately from the forward hand guard of the rifle.

          • iksnilol

            Not really since I would like to keep the handguard detachable.

          • Gabe

            Well if you don’t mind the price tag, Volquartsen makes a take-down called Fusion. It is not a standard 10/22 receiver but is available in 22WMR and 17HMR as well as 22lr

  • Frosty_The_White_Man

    Why doesn’t the bag just flash “GUN” with a series of LEDs? Same goes for the Ruger bag. Discretion, people.

    • JumpIf NotZero

      … Excuse me for my ignorance…. But what tactical super sekret ops are you doing… with your Ruger 10/22 22lr… that you need a covert bag?

      • Frosty_The_White_Man

        I find flashiness distasteful, and prefer not to advertise to thieves. Your ignorance is excused.

  • Mike M

    Is the bag made in China, like my NRA hat is?