Serbian & Greek Special Forces Using FN SCAR

Serbia’s Military Police Special Operation Battalion “Cobras” have adopted the FN SCAR L as their primary carbine and the FN SCAR-H PR as their sniper rifle. They are using these alongside HK UMP 9mm submachine guns, FN SLP shotguns and GLOCK pistols.



Meanwhile to the south the Special forces of Greece have also adopted the FN SCAR L, who appear to be using it alongside M4 Carbines.




UPDATE: I am told that the Greeks pictured may be Special Forces students using airsoft or blank firing rifles for training purposes.

Thanks to Albi and Anonymous for the tip.

Steve Johnson

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  • Matt from Washington

    Hmmm something makes me think the Serbs have it down a little better then the Greeks….and not in the photography dept.

    • Miško

      Serbian SF get a lot more practice…. unfortunately

      • kostas papadopoulos

        Brate the fact that we don’t publish our activities dosn’t mean we don’t ”practice”.

        • Justme

          haha no pictures no practice If there are no pictures for internet bros to see that means you are just sitting around drinking bear 😀

  • M70AB2

    What, no love for Zastava?

    • I don’t know about that but there’s a Wookie in the second photo! Top right—

    • dp

      As for Serbs, they have more than capable AR of their own:
      This is most likely politically based decision; they are making disparate inroads to join EU. While persistently kept out of the door, they just keep trying.

      • Esh325

        Now that you mention it, it is quite possible they chose the SCAR for that reason. Political or not, I think they are getting a very capable rifle still.

        • dp

          This was just a superficial guess on my part. In reality, there are probably issues we have no way of knowing which may have had an influence. Again, just as a guess may be need for interoperability with similar foreign services and so forth. In any case, this appears to be for security services only as opposed for army. I do not see Serbian military scaling back of their traditional supplier; Zastava has long tradition and their reputation is very good.

          • Blake

            They certainly made fine SKSs :-). Our LGS has moved about 3 of them over the last couple years.

      • Miško

        special forces can choose what they want to buy…. they probably chose SCAR over M21 because they wanted a modular rifle…

        also special forces are separated from daily politics and use weapons which they prefer

      • Miško

        Serbian special forces can choose what rifles they want to buy…. they probably chose SCAR over M21 because they wanted a modular rifle

        EU or nor they choose what suits them, sometimes it’s domestic and sometimes foreign made (although it is usually German, mainly H&K)

  • Giolli Joker

    Cool pics.
    The UMP has curved magazine ergo: 9mm.

    • Steve (TFB Editor)

      ha, well spotted. Post updated.

    • It looks like I’d imagine a magpul UMP mag to look! Cool stuff.

  • Giolli Joker

    Quite funny, in the picture with yellow smoke, that the “operator” has vertical foregrip AND Magpul Angled ForeGrip…. and his weak hand is on the magazine well!
    (I’m not trying to judge his handling of the gun or anything else, I just find it funny)

    • ThomasD

      Looks like it allowed him to get his elbow onto his knee.

      But given how close his hands are I’m not sure that will be of much benefit.

  • Blake

    Not sure where what passes for a government in Greece these days found the money for new rifles (well, Greek politicians are generally pretty good at “finding” money anywhere). At the moment govt finances are a complete mess.

    • Giolli Joker

      What we see in the pictures might be the result of a contract signed a few years ago.
      (Maybe one of those contracts in the 6000$-a-Glock ballpark… if dealt by that kind of politicians you’re pointing out.
      “I can offer you each FN SCAR at 10k$, 11k$ with vertical foregrip, 12.5k$ with AFG.”
      “What about adding both foregrips?”)

    • dp

      You are right – while politically related consideration, this is certainly part of the game. On face austerity programs, in reality money is always there. However, this is drop in the bucket in comparison with massive spending in other braches of military in past. All based on fear of “next-door menace”.

    • kostas papadopoulos

      what is your country ? If you have non corrupted politicians i will come there LOL

      • Blake

        Γεια σου Κώστα,

        As a Greek I think it probably rains too much in Scandinavia for you, but you could try New Zealand &ltgrin&gt

        I spend about a month per year in Greece & truly love the country and the people, but unfortunately the government’s corruption & lack of oversight has earned it the lowest spot on the CPI list of any EU country.

        You know it’s bad when your health insurance actually covers the bribe you have to pay the surgeon (I’m not making this up, this is really how it works)…


        • kostas papadopoulos

          Φίλε μου

          All points accepted but let’s see another POV. When the Karamanlis govt decided to adopt the so called ”basic shareholder” legislation which was to end a lot of bribes and corruption in the media/politics , WHO rejected the legislation as opposite to EU? The European commission rejected it because if adopted it would effect other Eu countries as well.

          • Blake

            Fully agree with you there. The EU is just as responsible for the current Greek situation as the Greek politicians are. The Brusselcrats took all the financial data from Athens as gospel & believed every line of it, & then were “shocked” & “amazed” that they couldn’t pay their loans when the global economy collapsed. Brussels was the Santander financing the Greek gov’t Madoff.

            OK, now back to “Firearms, not politics” 🙂

  • ColaBox

    I thought that UMP looked fishy, why chambered in 9mm?

    • Rainhaven

      Um….cuz NATO.

      • Miško

        Serbia is not in NATO and has no plans to join

    • Miško

      Serbian military uses 9mm since forever, during Yugoslav times MP-5 was the main SMG

  • guard_pat

    Do your “homerwork”, before you post a picture. These men don’t belong to the Greek Special Forces, they ‘re army cadets ( Evelpidon military academy). These excercises are part of their annual training to the Special Forces training school (KEED). These rifles are airsoft replicas and not actual SCARs, there are no funds for “exotic” firearms right now.
    P.S.: They ‘re holding the rifles in such an awkard manner because because their standard issue firearm is the HK G-3. Their muscle memory “forces” them to have this posture.

    • steve

      Lol, was wondering why they look so young / are wearing airsoft masks / SCAR has really small looking supressor / etc etc.

  • kipy

    Austrian Arch Dukes better watch their backs now…

    • Miško

      Special Operation Battalion ”Cobras” are responsible for the protection of Presidents and senior Officials

  • Lance

    Not surprised the Greek like many SPec Ops have many types of guns at the Operators request. As for Serbia well they been buying a lot of western guns now for years replacing the re AKs they used in the 90s.

    • Miško

      Yugoslav and Serbian special forces used western (German) made guns since forever

  • Dragon

    The SCAR you in the hands of the Greek trooper, is an AIRSOFT rifle. He is not a member of Special forces.

  • Esh325

    I wonder why the Serbs went with the SCAR over their domestically produced weapons like the M21 SBS AK? Something is wrong when a country with a good history of arms making can’t supply its military arms that are meet modern standards. I suppose they’ve found the AK design antiquated perhaps? Regular Serbian forces use the AK still.

    • dp

      There is nothing wrong with Zastava products. Actually I believe they managed to get recently Iraqi order for general issue sidearm. Also see my previous comment. Cheers!

    • Miško

      special forces can choose what they want to buy…. they probably chose SCAR over M21 because they wanted a modular rifle

  • Masoo2

    The Level of Kebab in this post is strong

  • Justme

    Cobras special squad is main anti terrorist unit in Serbia, to join you must be part of special forces for at least 2 years (military police or recon-saboteurs or something ranked above them). Now they said after reorganisation that they are only there for protection of politicians but I don’t buy it they wouldn’t get new rifles if that was the case and they still have the same training. Kinda like delta force or seal team 6 in US.

    I wonder what Greek special forces unit will get new rifles if at all and if that one is coming to paratrooper competition in Serbia, usually there are Greek and Cypriot units participating.