BLK SOLO Single Rings

BLK Technologies has introduced a new range of rimfire and airgun mounts and bases. Each of the SOLO series rings are being sold individually rather than in pairs so you can mix and match them for your gun/optic combination. The SOLO ring range includes offset rings, single strap, double strap and even triple strap rings. You could, for example, have a triple strap forward of your scope turrets and a offset to the rear of them.

BKL-274 0.6" Offset Dovetail Ring

BKL-274 0.6″ Offset Dovetail Ring


BKL-264H 1.53″ Long Triple Strap Dovetail Ring

The SOLO rings range in price from $12 – $27.

Steve Johnson

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  • ThomasD

    BKL not BLK.

  • gunslinger

    can someone school me as to why you would put 3 straps on the front and 1 on the back? in the video he mentions weight, but it sounds like these are for rimfire/air guns. do those scopes have that much weight in them? or am i completely missing something.

    now if it fits a 30mm flashlight, then i can see a “single tripple strap” mount being useful

    • Suburban

      “Magnum” spring-powered air rifles have heavy reverse-recoil. The piston slamming forward is hard on scopes, and it can be difficult to keep scopes in place in the rings. Field Target air rifle shooters may very well use 32x, 36x, or 40x scopes, which are much heavier than what most would use for hunting.

      Why 3 in front, and 1 in the back? Although not desirable, it may be necessary to get the proper eye relief, due to the position of the rail on top of the receiver.

  • Bullet Bill

    I wish they would make these with built in MOA.

    • Suburban

      I have the adjustment on a set of Burris Zee rings maxed out on my air rifle. Yeah, a mount with some compensation would be nice.