Coming Soon: KSG 12-Gauge Suppressor & Attachments from Red Jacket Firearms

Red Jacket Firearms (of Sons of Guns fame) had a interesting prototype at SHOTShow 2014. They have been working on a replacement front cap for the Kel-Tec KSG to allow attachment of flash hiders, breaching devices, and most interestingly–a 12-gauge suppressor. The Q/D prototype adds only 9″ , weighs about 26 ounces, and matches the KSG’s frontal profile.

Talking Lead interviews Red Jacket covering a new Tavor quick-change frontal rail/handguard/light system. To skip direct to the information on the shotgun, Will Hayden of Red Jacket kicks it off at 4:23 with Zach Hall going into the details.  No word on how the suppressor affects shot patterns, dB reduction, expected lifespan, or pricing.



Rest assured, I will follow-up with them and go hands-on with Red Jacket KSG Q/D system and suppressor at the NRA show in Indianapolis.


Nathan S

One of TFB’s resident Jarheads, Nathan now works within the firearms industry. A consecutive Marine rifle and pistol expert, he enjoys local 3-gun, NFA, gunsmithing, MSR’s, & high-speed gear. Nathan has traveled to over 30 countries working with US DoD & foreign MoDs.

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  • bbmg

    In order to avoid baffle strike, a shotgun suppressor has to use a barrel extension so shot patterns should not be adversely affected.

    At that size, I would doubt the effectiveness of this device. For suppressors, volume is critical – look for example at the size of the can on the UK Hushpower shotguns:

    For a really quiet shotgun, you can either have an impractically long barrel ( ) or a pressure containing shell like the AAI Telecartridge which used a metal diaphragm to retain the propellant gasses as per the attached image showing unfired and fired examples.

    • Giolli Joker

      What do you mean with “barrel extension”?
      In order to avoid baffle strikes you can avoid baffles altogether by using a ported tube… somewhat of an older suppressor design, maybe.
      I agree that given a non ideal internal design and a limited volume, the efficiency shouldn’t be great…
      However, let’s see how it will perform… maybe it’s something nevah been dun befoh!
      (I swear, I tried not to write it but it was stronger than me…)

      • bbmg

        What I meant was that it would need a ported tube – essentially a barrel extension – as you mentioned rather than have a conventional baffle stack as used by suppressors for unitary spin stabilized projectiles.

        Not using baffles would mean having to rely entirely on volume to reduce gas pressure before exiting the mouth of the suppressor, something which the Red Jacket design clearly isn’t suited for so there must be something in there creating turbulence.

        • Giolli Joker

          Ok, we were on the same wavelength!

  • JT

    This is like 22 inch rims on Dodge Dart except the Dart

    • JT

      …usually comes working from the factory

  • bbmg

    Also, is that a pink P90 on the wall in the photo o_0

    Nope, it’s their P90esque bullpup stock mode:

    • mikewest007

      As a Muzzelite kit owner, I say that this thing is better. Too bad it costs four times the price of a Muzzelite, and that’s way out of my price range.

    • 1leggeddog

      That’s that custom 10/22 stock they made during one of their episodes.

      • Joey Szabo

        That’s a pretty big mag well and a rather large ejection port for a .22 don’t you think??

        • Joey Szabo

          The picture makes that stock look way bigger than it is.

  • Alex

    Those people (Red Jacket) make me cringe every time I see their name mentioned.

    • J


    • 101nomad

      Just something about them I never cared for. But, guess some do.

    • Nicks87

      Why? Because the show gets people interested in guns? Or because they are a successful small business? Yeah thats just horrible. God forbid they get famous for promoting firearms and make a little money in the process.
      I’m not much for the “reality TV drama” part of the show but I think that Red Jacket promotes a lot of positive things. When I hear people who claim to be gun enthusiasts complain about them the first thing that comes to mind is: jealousy. I think you guys are just pissed because they are getting rich and famous doing something that you love and think you could do better.

      • Vhyrus

        How about because they portray gun people as irresponsible, unsafe, melodramatic assbags?

        • LaCrika De TuMai

          Not to mention the unethical business practices.

          • Nicks87

            Like what?

          • 1911a145acp

            Like taking my money for an integral suppressed AK and not delivering it for 18 months whilst other orders after mine got filled.

        • Nicks87

          Many of them are.

      • saiga556

        Jealousy, no. Embarrassment, yes. And yes I am pissed that everytime a gun related show comes on they find the biggest jackasses they can which in turn makes the rest of us look like jackasses.


        I once saw Hayden trying to thread a muzzle without even using a thread guide down the bore. Didn’t work. Hackjob. Just add more spraypaint that’ll cover it up. Not a gunsmith among them.

        • Petter By

          And when they had a gunsmith he basically did all the work for them, figure that?

      • BuzzKillington

        All you had to say was, “I don’t know anything about firearms” and we would all understand.

        • Nicks87

          All you had to say was: “I cant think of an intelligent response to this comment” and I wouldnt have been suprised.

          • BuzzKillington

            Soooo…..Since you know nothing about firearms and present it to everyone on the internet, it is unintelligent to identify the obvious? Don’t be mad at me because you don’t know why checking head space is important in a firearm, or why ensuring muzzle threads are concentric to the bore is important in a firearm, or why portraying the “Master Key” name as their own is idea theft by Red Jacket, or why literally showing their ‘project lead’ not knowing how to install an Adams Arms (aka…built by another company) piston system on an AR15 that they are trying to submit for a private contract is a joke, or why the fact that they sell an AR-15 that is assembled with a bunch of other company’s parts and then stamped with their name is a joke, or why their “folding flashlight gun” is a blatant copy of the Magpul FMG (Folding Machine Gun) but they portray it as “Neva ben done befo’,” or why anyone who knows anything about suppressors laughs at a Red Jacket suppressor (they don’t even sell enough to keep a stock on hand — you have to wait 6 months for them to build it after you order it), or why their company and its owners are a black eye to the firearms industry because Will can’t even be trusted to have a Federal Firearms License and was using Vince for his FFL, or why people laugh at ugly Stephanie for things like the episode where she put a stock on a Desert Eagle and then “shoots it” but really is shooting a Beretta 92, or why every time they do something important they have to outsource for expert help, or why everything they actually make is junk and anything that they sell that’s quality is actually a purchased part from another company. Red Jacket is a joke. They are NOT a successful small business. Will even said that if they didn’t sell those 458 Socom rifles they would go out of business. I continued watching the show purely for the comedic entertainment. They actually had Kris head a project for a contract on AR-15’s and he didn’t even know how to ASSEMBLE the parts that they BOUGHT (didn’t make themselves). Building an AR-15 is something that people like myself do for fun in our garages and basements with hand tools and work benches. I could buy or build the best AR that money can buy from the best parts in existence for half the price of one of Red Jacket’s AR-15’s, which aren’t even comparable to low-grade AR’s like Stag Arms and DPMS. Seriously, their “RJF KMP Advanced” on their website is priced at $1455.00. I could buy a Noveske for that. I built my MK18 clone WITH the NFA tax stamp, the Daniel Defense RIS II rail, Noveske barrel, Geissele SSA-E trigger, Daniel Defense receivers, SOPMOD stock, Knights Armament BUIS, and Surefire Mini Scout light for that price. My $700 Eotech 553 is the only thing that puts me over $1500. Red Jacket is junk. They make junk, they sell junk, their attitudes are junk, their portrayal of gun owners is junk, and Stephanie’s face is deformed junk. They suck so bad that they don’t even care about being on television when they openly declare they aren’t taking standard precautionary steps to ensure their guns aren’t going to blow up in the user’s face. —- This leads me to my response to you. ANYONE who knows anything about the basic function of firearms knows that Red Jacket is about as low quality as you can go. ANYONE, and I mean ANYONE who thinks and openly declares that Red Jacket makes good products and is an asset to the firearm industry, is someone who is openly admitting that they lack even the most basic firearm knowledge. If I said, “Kia makes the highest quality car in the world” you would tell me I don’t know a d*mn thing about cars. If I told you, “dial-up internet is the strongest and fastest internet connection ever” you would laugh at me and call me an idiot. If I told you, “Smoking crack is the healthiest nutritional supplement known to man” you would be speechless at the utter stupidity I openly displayed. You did those things by making your above post. Don’t get butthurt because I pointed it out. That’s like Obama getting mad at people for calling him a liar after his administration tried to describe Benghazi as a “spontaneous protest due to a YouTube video,” and because he himself said, “If you like your plan, you can keep your plan.” The irony in your post about “intelligence” is not lost on anyone, Mr. Red Jacket.

      • Nicks87

        See, this is why we lose to left wing gun grabbers. Instead of embracing the postitive things about the show you guys just want to hate on it for whatever reason (I still think its jealously). The problem with gun people is that they hate other gun people. Especially the ones that have cooler toys then they do. I’ve met Chris and Flem both and they are good people and they know tons about firearms, much more than 90% of people who read this blog do.

        • gunslinger

          Ask just about anybody amd they will agree flem is pretty spot on. As for the rest… see the meme of steph.

          Its not that they can play with mg42s or bars or uzis. It’s that they make other gun owners look like fools. In real life they might not be. And that may be due to “dramatic editing” but it is a first impression to many.

          I mean if you look over at the range and basicly see a guy going..hey bubba hold my beer and watch this, I doubt youd let him anywhere near you or your firearms. He may be a master gunsmith but if he looks like a regular bubba.

          Now ive talked to pleanty of gun people. At shows, ranges and stores. Theve all beem great…save for the idiots. And its only because they bare the ones whobpaint gun owners as the bad guys.

  • iksnilol

    In my opinion shotgun suppressors need to be integral and have a large volume.

  • gunslinger

    oh boy…
    i can only wonder about this.

    did some secret undercover private security operation need this? (sorry, had to. the show did not do any favors to RJF)

    • Giolli Joker

      The show probably brought them money from Discovery Channel and from deep pocketed people that were not into guns but got hooked by it…
      And since any business has the goal of making money, I’d bet it was a good deal for RJF.
      (But yeah, searching online about them I found out that, before the show, you could read of very satisfied customers praising Will’s work (especially on AK variants) now nobody can talk about them without focusing on the show BS…)

      • gunslinger

        sounds like they may have had a decent shop prior to the TV show, but just about anywhere now thinks RJF is a no go based on the show. but these may have been “no customers” anyway. so there is no lost revenue there. in the end, if they lost say 5% of their existing base, gained 4% of “new” customers and made $$$ from the show/Discovery that’s a win for a business.

        but if the cash from the show was less than the lost revenue from the bad publicity, well. we that’s not a good move.

  • Nic

    Nevuh been done befoh

    • J.T.

      It’s a real game changer.

  • Shitfy Bitwise

    Needs more hand drilled holes and black spray paint.

  • tim.m

    id be happy if they dropped of the planet. they constantly claim they are doing something never done before…. but it has. maybe not for the ksg but for many other shotguns it has. the only guy on that show that was worth a damn was glenn.

    hell the father is a crook that cant even have an FFL in his name any more

  • davidio flavio

    Did he marry off that ugly daughter?

    And how many fugly guns did he have to bribe the groom with.

    • gunslinger

      He did. to the crazy EXPLOSIONS ON A GUN? OHHHEEEMMMMGGGGEEEEE!!! Kris kid.

      but that’s probably editing.

  • davethegreat

    I had to google “RJF Show” to figure out what all these quote and comments were about .

    I wish I hadn’t.

  • BuzzKillington

    LOL @ Red Jacket. What an utter joke and embarrassment to the firearms industry. I like Joe, along with Flem who is active on a popular AR15 gun forum. But that company is nothing more than a terrible comedy. “Neva been done befo’.” <—- After copying and mimicking some of the oldest designs and finding a way to execute them in the worst possible way. "We call it the Master Key" You mean you call it what it was nicknamed after Remington's 870 was transformed into an underbarrel mounted design for breaching years and years before you decided to take a semiauto shotgun with a 4ft long magazine unnecessarily hanging off of the bottom to snag on everything? Kris is a worthless idiot, Stephanie's famous meme with her jacked up face totally represents her ignorance to firearms, and the whole company revolves around jacking up firearms and selling them at a 2,000% markup to idiots who know even less about firearms. Hey, I've got an idea……lets make a precision rifle and decide that checking head space is stupid! It'll be a total miss! And if we're lucky, we can injure shooters in the process by having it blow up in their face because we were too lazy and cheap to use a go/no-go gauge. —— I'm just embarrassed that there are enough people ignorant enough to keep Red Jacket in business. It literally scares me that these people might be shooting next to me at a range.

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