Remington To Open Alabama Factory

Huntsville, AL. Photo by Nhlarry.

Rob Curtis reports that Remington will be opening a 500,000-square-foot facility in Huntsville, Alabama.

Remington Outdoor Co., previously known as the Freedom Group, expects to announce a major expansion to a new facility in Huntsville, Ala., as early as next week. According to two sources with knowledge of the property sale, the deal has been in the works for months and ROC executives plan to sign the papers Monday finalizing the sale of a 500,000-square-foot facility that will add approximately 25 percent more space to Remington’s existing 2.1 million square feet of existing manufacturing real estate.

Sources say the expansion was undertaken to help the company meet unprecedented demand for its products. Space in the facility is not currently earmarked for any one of the company’s 18 individual brands, but to facilitate flexibility and growth of the Remington Outdoor Company.

Read his blog post here.

Steve Johnson

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  • McGee

    Even with a renaming, do we still expect Freedom Group to hold the same standard of “quality” they have a name for? I ask because I was scared for the future of the R51. Bad quality will kill and otherwise promising design…

    • McGee
      Having been closer to the R51 project than most writers I can tell you I have no fear of poor quality in the manufacture of the R51.
      When myself and 17 other writers were the guest of Remington at the Gunsite Academy back in the second week of December last year we were all hands on with just about every tactical product Remington, Para, Bushmaster, DPMS and AAC makes.
      We fired thousands of rounds through them all. As a general observation the quality, fit, finish and reliability were very good among all of the shotguns, rifles, pistols, suppressors, sniper rifles and others.
      The folks from Remington and the other companies were genuinely interested in picking our brains on what we thought about every gun. This interest was from every employee, engineer,trainer and management that made the trip.
      I could continue to describe the event but I believe this gives you an idea of the interest these Freedom Group people have in insuring they make a quality product.

      • Blake

        I’m guessing there weren’t any “Marlin” rifles there…

      • McGee

        I don’t have a doubt that the event showed that companies connected to Freedom group can make fine, properly-functioning-from-the-get-go guns…

        What a lot of us are afraid of, if I may be frank (but not snide; I mean no offense), is if the reputation of Freedom/Cerberus’ quantity-over-quality policy for maximal profits at the cost of more than a handful shoddy builds put out to consumers not invited to closed door shooting events.

        What we want is to be able to trust Freedom’s mass-production line. We buy in America for American quality, and that’s hard to validate if the guns made aren’t 100% for all the money and educated workers our nation can provide.

        • Only time will tell McGee. I was encouraged by what I saw and heard. I’m certainly seeing the desire to make great quality guns.
          No offense taken at all. I welcome comments like yours.

      • J.T.

        “As a general observation the quality, fit, finish and reliability were very good among all of the shotguns, rifles, pistols, suppressors, sniper rifles and others.”

        Of course the guns shown to the people that review their guns were like that. They need good reviews from you to make money. I am sure the guns you were shown had all been hand picked and had been gone over a couple extra times to make sure everything was top notch. I have read another review of the R51 that shows some of the issues that are in the guns the actual public will be able to buy. Sharp edges around the grip safety tearing up the web of your hand, poor trigger reset that can cause you to short stroke the trigger under stress, and a poorly designed slide stop that is easy to unknowingly put in wrong and cause the gun to randomly malfunction. I am reserving final judgment until I can actually handle one myself, but like most modern Remington products, it seems to suffer from the same quality issues.

  • floppyscience

    “Sources say the expansion was undertaken to help the company meet unprecedented demand for its products.”

    I would’ve thought it had more to do with Remington buying up a ton of companies like Bushmaster and Marlin, closing the plants and firing all the employees, and moving production to the main Remington plant. You can only do that so many times before you need to expand.

    Anyway, maybe this will improve quality control. With Remington having another plant with which to divide production of its million different brands they can hopefully focus on getting things more consistent and ironing out some issues.

    • PatrickHenry1789

      +1 on this, my 700 is back at Remington for warranty repair for the third time now for the same issue.

      • Drapetomanius

        My 870 XT just went in for a half dozen FTEs after less than 100 rounds fired. I think I’ll pass on Remingtons from now on.

        • PatrickHenry1789

          Maybe they’ll fix yours the first time. Mine is scraping the brass up and I’ve had a couple of FTF issues with it. It probably wouldn’t be a big issue for me if I didn’t reload. But I do and I’m kinda particular about my brass.

          The first time when I first noticed the brass, I pulled the bolt out of it. Looked in with a flashlight and could see a burr in the chamber. That was the first time it was sent in. I think they tried to buff it down the first time. It was better than it was originally. But it was still scraping the brass slightly.

          So I sent it back again and they put another receiver on it and shipped it back to me. Now instead of scraping from the neck to the rim it’s only scraping about midway between the neck and rim. I took the bolt out and shined a light down the chamber. The internal magazine has a burr on it now, right where the feed ramp starts.

          I asked the guy at remington when I called back about it. How did ya’ll do that? Fixed one problem and created another. I’m a REAL long way from a gunsmith and even I could see it. So I just sent it back to them the other day again. Maybe they’ll get it straightened out before deer season starts in October.

  • Lance

    ANother BIG gun company escapes fascist NY state and its SAFE act.

    • tts

      Perfectly reasonable to dislike the gun laws in that state, I don’t like them either, but calling the state govt. fascist is hyperbolic at best.

      • ThomasD

        While jarring, it seems less and less far fetched every day. New York is becoming ever more a one party state, even though it’s people are not.

        • tts

          A webcomic using generic talking points about the President in graphical form has nothing to do even kinda vaguely with NY state politics/structure though.

          Also even if NY suddenly became a Democratic (or Republican for that matter) party only it still wouldn’t be a sign or example of Fascism.

  • Kilroy

    The facility is the old Chrysler plant in Huntsville, AL.

    • DieHard-Hans

      lets hear your source on that one

      • It’s going into the old Siemens/Chrysler plant near the airport in Huntsville.

      • nova3930

        He’s more than likely correct. They’re buying an existing 500k sq/ft facility on Wall Triana, and as far as I know, there’s only one unoccupied building of that size in that area.

  • J. Books

    “Sources say the expansion was undertaken to help the company meet unprecedented demand for its products.” (Reading between the lines…) attempting to survive an unfriendly U.S. Govt and it’s leaders. Anti-gun media outlet’s using their influence on parents and those who chose to stay ignorant…more of the gun industry will continue relocating to the South. The Northeast has turned into a police state and anti-capitalist to firearms…not to alcohol nor tobacco. Because, you can’t drink or smoke a gun for enjoyment…as our government embraces world anti-gun movement, guns will become the gold of survival to all who believe in freedom….cherish it while you can.

  • 101nomad

    Sweet Home Alabama.

  • Amichai

    Time to switch companies! I’d love to work for them instead of the typical government contract in Huntsville.

  • Brian

    This move by Remington is both very wise and strategic business sense. I live in Huntsville, Alabama and I’m very excited to see them come here. Here are five reason why they are moving to Huntsville, Alabama! We are home to Redstone Arsenal, Marshall Space Flight Center, and Cummings Research Park. We have superior engineering capability. Now we’ll have a mix of both of missile and rifle manufacturing talent!

    (1) Remington Wins USSOCOM PSR (Precision Sniper Rifle). Remington Defense, who are already supplying the US Army with the XM2010 sniper rifle system, have just been awarded the coveted USSOCOM PSR (Precision Sniper Rifle) contract. Remington will produce 5,150 of their new bolt action Remington Modular Sniper Rifle, which will be now be called the Remington Defense PSR (Precision Sniper Rifle). Remington sister company Barnes Bullets will be supplying ammunition for the sniper system and AAC will supply the suppressors.
    (2) Their new location in Huntsville is right next door to Redstone Arsenal, which is only a few miles from The United States Army Materiel Command, Army’s Aviation and Missile Command, the Missile Defense Agency. Also, don’t forget about Research Park and all if the elite engineers that are in Huntsville. Now we’ll have a mix of missiles and rifles!
    (3) New York legislature passed the Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement (SAFE) Act.
    (4) Liberal politicians/media hate guns and also the people who make and use them.
    (5) We don’t have stupid welfare unions here in the south. If you suck at your job then you deserve to be fired.
    ROLL TIDE!!!

    • nova3930

      This guy wonders if they might have need of an engineer of my flavor….

  • Jeff S

    Folks, they’re not leaving the People’s Republik of Neu York… they’re merely expanding operations to AL; much like Beretta expanding to TN, while staying Maryland.

    • nova3930

      If I had to bet $, I’d say it’s only a matter of time. It probably was not feasible from an operations perspective to move the whole operation in one go. I’d bet this is part of a multi-stage plan to eventually downsize and close the NY plant while consolidating operations in a place where operational costs are less and the political environment more friendly.

      • Wild Bill H

        Let’s hope its part of a multi-stage plan to abandon the business hostile NY. Remington really screwed though by not putting this expansion in a real firearms friendly and free state, South Dakota.

        • nova3930

          Not sure what the laws in SD are like but AL is pretty darn friendly. Basically every policy the Brady Campaign hates, we’ve enacted and everything they love, we’ve refused. Shall issue CCW, no restrictions on type of weapons or magazines, no NFA restrictions, state level preemption, etc etc.

  • Rainhaven

    Phil – Any word on if they – either Remington or Bushmaster – is going to have any movement on the ACR caliber conversions and other accessories? Remington Defense made a number of improvements and new parts as part of the IC solicitation…now that the IC is dead for now, and Cerberus is getting its’ investor problems taken care of one would think they would now support a good platform that has a lot of fans that are eagerly awaiting what they were promised.

  • Bill

    Glad to see Remington getting out of New York State. The morons in Albany want give prisoners and illegal aliens free college. But they push the working people and taxpayers in the mud.