Primary Weapon Systems Limited Run of 7.62×39 AR Uppers

Primary Weapon Systems just announced that they’ll be producing a limited run of MK116 and MK107 uppers chambered in the much more affordable and plentiful 7.62x39mm. PWS is known for their long-stroke piston driven AR-15 rifles and uppers. If the limited run of uppers sell well PWS has said that they may do another run in 2015.


From the PWS press release:

We are pleased to announce that due to popular demand, we will be producing a limited run of MK107 and MK116 uppers in 7.62x39mm. These uppers will only be available from your local dealers and we expect them to go very quickly. We will be producing a maximum of 250 uppers total, so we recommend that you get your order into your local dealer as soon as possible.”

Seeing how well all their other AR rifles and uppers sell I’m sure 250 uppers will go very very quickly. They’ll be available in their Mk116 rifle configuration as well as their MK107 pistol configuration. PWS didn’t specify a retail price for the uppers, but they’re already on their way to dealers.

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  • Spectre

    Dang, and I just ordered the bcm kmr upper today. Need more money.

  • noob

    hmm how reliable is the 7.62×39 ar bolt from PWS? any cracking issues?

  • AK™

    They’ll be gone,and on GunBroker,going for 2-3x as much. Can’t fault someone for wanting to make money,especially in this economy.

  • John

    Isn’t this an expensive solution to a non-existent problem. If I need to shoot inexpensive dirty 7.62×39 ammo, I know a really really cheap and ultra reliable rifle that can do it for small fraction of the price.

    • Phil Hsueh

      What’s so wrong with an AR upper chambered for another round? It may not be your cup of tea but what if somebody wanted to be able to shoot 7.62×39 and already owned an AR but didn’t want to buy another rifle for it, this upper would allow such a person to be able to do so. While it may or may not be cheaper than another rifle like an SKS but it would probably be cheaper than an AK and it would be easier to get in some states than another rifle. It would also allow someone who has a significant other who may not be that thrilled about another gun in the house to essentially have another gun without actually owning another gun.

      • tts

        As he said: the problem is the price + existing weapons do it better already for much much cheaper.

        These uppers sell for like $1500+. You can pick up a serviceable AK for $5-600 right now. A higher end, and much nicer, Vepr AK47 MD2 will run around $800. Cz58’s can still be found for $8-900.

        These uppers are a very expensive proprietary solution to a problem that was solved for far less a long time ago. Unless you’re rich + hate money they make no sense at all to buy.

        • J

          Unless it’s someone trying to mate it with their pre-ban lower…

        • n0truscotsman

          I would have to agree with you.

          good AKs still command a respectable price, sometimes surpassing the price of a decent AR (I thought I would never see the day).

          I do own PWS products though and love them. But as far as “bang for your buck”, AKs are hard to beat.

          Realistically, also, the AR platform is damned reliable.

      • John

        Just look at that AK long stroke piston on the PWS. If tomorrow some new startup XYZ car company started making flat six air cooled boxer engines and charged 10 times more than a brand new 1998 air cooled Porsche 911. I would buy the Porsche over XYZ. In fact I did. I paid for $500 for my brand new RussIan AK by MOLOT last year. And MOLOTs are NICE.

        • n0truscotsman

          Thats utter robbery on the Vepr. 😀

          I haven’t seen them priced in that range since gee dub was in office.

          Last year, I bought a Vepr AK74 and a 7.62×54 variant (which i configured as a dragunov) from atlantic and was utterly impressed with them. They are heavy, although, given the fact that they are technically a IAR, one should expect that from them.

          I will tell you they are astonishingly accurate. In AR territory (yes, i know that arouses skepticism).

        • Jim

          Man, where did you find a VEPR for $500? I’d pick one up right now for that price.

  • Primarily

    My first AR was a “Mod 0” MK114 chambered in 5.56.
    That was 3 years ago. I love my PWS rifle, but I won’t be purchasing any more of their products.
    They changed a few things (including chamber size, 5.56 to .223 Wylde) on their “Mod 1” rifles, meaning very few parts are compatible across “Mods”.
    Personally, I want to buy a rifle that stays standard within its own brand. I just don’t feel comfortable buying something from PWS and finding out two years later they changed chamber sizes on their rifles… again. Awesome rifle, great quality, mediocre consistency.

    • n0truscotsman

      Yeah i noticed that too with the chambering.

      My response was 0__o

      I own the previous iterations of PWS rifles (mk116 and diablo), but really only keep them around due to my curiosity of their long stroke action. I have previously owned short stroke gas piston ARs but have since gotten rid of them. I wouldn’t advise anybody buy one

    • This Guy

      I had the same experience but still have my mk114, love the gun but with no available replacement parts I feel like I purchased an obsolete gun from a company that went out of business. I did buy a 7.62×39 upper from pws and so far so good although I am skeptical about the bolt. I’ll be purchasing a liberty gun works bolt and some d&h mags soon. As far as accuracy goes my newer 7.62×39 rifle seems to be hands down more accurate than my older mk114 5.56 (even with crap russian ammo).

  • ColaBox

    Im sensing some McRib economics here, a well known company selling a product that is likely to be highly sought after, for a short amount of time, then maybe be brought back? Im sure this will end up on the products page indefinitely at some point before 2016.

  • iksnilol

    So it is essentialy an AK with AR ergos? I like it.

  • FourString

    Will these take normal AK mags?

    • Tim Pearce

      That’s up to your lower, I think. There are AK-mag lowers. I’ve had a 7.62×39 AR-15 Upper. The magazines designed to work in a standard AR-15 lower rarely work well. There are, supposedly, some that do. I tried two on a list of “good magazines” and they both weren’t very good. One would misfeed if I had more than three JSP in it or five FMJ in it. It was a 10-round magazine. The other would *always* fail to get the third round all the way into the chamber. It was a 5-round magazine.

      • FourString

        I looked up the available lowers(*), and they all seem either (1) aesthetically unsettling or (2) expensive. I think I see a SIG 556xi in my future.

  • Anonymous

    Err, PWS has done 7.62×39 uppers before…not sure what makes this particularly noteworthy, except that they decided to release another batch. They didn’t sell particularly well in my took forever to move them.

  • Squirreltactical

    This, mounted on a non-vaporware version of the RRA LAR-47 lower, would be tits.

    Or you could just buy a Sig 556R…

  • Tim Smith

    My bolt broke after less than 30 rounds.