Winchester Releases 20 Gauge Slug for Defender Ammo Line

For those that favor a 20 gauge shotgun for your defensive long gun, Winchester has now released the 20 gauge fragmenting slug.  The slug is designed to fragment into three large segments when it encounters a soft target, which helps to enlarge the temporary wound channel, and create three separate permanent wound channels increasing the likelihood of hitting vital organ or blood vessel.  In recent years many have started looking to the 20 gauge to fill their home defense needs because of the reduced recoil and length of pull, many women also prefer it to a 12 gauge, even with reduced recoil loads.  This load looks to be much easier to use, and will reduce pellets that would miss the target, which can happen even on a well placed shot.  Below is a graphic depiction of what the slug looks like before and after fragmentation.


See the press release form Winchester for further info.

EAST ALTON, Ill. – Winchester® Ammunition first launched its Defender® line of personal defense ammunition five years ago, providing responsible citizens with the most reliable ammunition to protect their homes and families. Winchester continues to add to the line up of innovative ammunition for personal defense with a 20 gauge segmenting slug.

The Winchester Defender Segmenting Slug combines all of the advantages of a slug and buckshot, while eliminating the need for two different rounds. This greatly simplifies the shotgun platform, allowing one round to be used for all situations. The round is designed to compensate for aim error over traditional slugs. Upon impact, the slug segments into three equal projectiles – delivering greater knock-down power than traditional buck shot loads, improving aim error and reducing the chance of stray projectiles in confined spaces.

The segmenting slug is designed to split into three pieces as it enters the target eliminating the chance of the slug passing through and striking additional objects in its path. This new offering further broadens the impressive Defender® line up that already includes most calibers in centerfire pistol, centerfire rifle, 12 gauge and 410 personal defense.

“It’s our job to create the right product for every situation whether it’s for hunting, recreational shooting sports or personal defense,” said Brett Flaugher, Winchester Ammunition vice president of sales, marketing and strategy. “The addition of the 20 gauge segmenting slug to the Defender line provides customers and responsible gun owners with more options to defend themselves when faced with life-threatening situations.”

Winchester Defender Segmenting Slug specifications:

Gauge Length of Shell Slug Weight Velocity
20 2 3/4″ ¾ oz. 1600 fps

To learn more about the 20 gauge Segmenting Slug and the complete line of Defender products, visit

With a heritage dating back to 1866, the Winchester brand was there for the taming of the American West, the Allied Forces’ victory in World War II and through the years, millions of fond memories made in the great outdoors. Known as The American Legend™, Winchester Ammunition is a global leader in sporting, law enforcement, military and personal defense ammunition production.

Winchester continues to raise the bar with new products like the Defender® personal defense ammunition.

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  • gunslinger

    now if you could put some kevlar srings on it, then make the frangables CNC’s “flachettes” we’d cover all our bases…

  • 101nomad

    I like it. Will keep this in mind when I get a 20 gauge companion to go with my 12.