Swiss Arms Lay Off Half Of Their Employees. Prices Increase.

Swiss military arms manufacturer SAN Swiss Arms AG, maker of the SG 550 rifles, has laid off half their workforce. Swiss Arms AG is owned by the German company L & O Holding which also owns SIG Sauer, Sauer & Sohn, Mauser and Blaser. reports (Google-translated from German) …

Approximately every second of the total 34 employees was terminated at the end of January from the company SAN Swiss Arms. This was confirmed by the manufacturer of the Swiss assault rifle into the program “ECO” on Swiss television . Swiss Arms produced in Neuhausen Rhine Falls (SH) as the successor company of SIG, the weapon with which the Swiss army is equipped.

The production order of 450,000 assault rifles for the army, however, was done long ago. Today, especially national and international police forces and sport shooters prefer the rifle. And here is broken, according to Swiss Arms demand. Also, because the production costs in Switzerland compared with other countries are higher.Therefore, saw the company forced to make drastic austerity measures. Whether the production of the assault rifle is endangered or would just be transferred abroad, she did not say against “ECO” however.

A new price list from the company, dated 1 February, shows significant price increases (3,460 Swiss franc is $3,864). Note, these are Swiss Arms pricing, not pricing for SIG Sauer equivalent rifles.




Thanks to TroubleShooterBerlin for information.

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  • Matrix3692

    what’s the price of a SIG 550 before this? and by the way, is this the MSRP?

    • This price is through Swiss Arms. The cost of a 550 in the US has a wide range and are mostly for sale by collectors. The lowest I’ve seen is $5000 while the highest, with sniper scope, is $10,000.

      • Bah

        But importing more would drive done the price

    • Calimero

      Prices took a 500 CHF hike.

      Listed prices include 8% VAT (more or less a “state tax”).

  • That Guy

    Sell them to the states for gods sakes!

    • Winter

      They would love to but it’s illegal thanks to 18 U.S.C. § 922. A number of parts must be Made in USA before they can sell it in the US and that’s a little hard to do now that they’re down to just 17 guys.

      • Steve_7

        18 USC 925(d)(3) actually.

  • scw

    Even before the lay off there are just 34 people in the company, which seems to indicate they are not really making anything. I dont think anyone at the company will be surprised to see this coming.

    • Stuart Ben Smith

      No just Swiss being efficient. High out put from small work force, very mechanised.

      • gunslinger

        much product?

        • Neeko

          So assembly line

          • Anders Albertsson


          • neoconfection

            Very manufacture wow

      • Graham 1

        Very gun

  • Jeff S

    Great, so green Swiss furniture for the 55x series of rifles is going to skyrocket even higher now? I should have ordered earlier… Oh well.

  • Ray

    It should be noted that Swiss Arms as part of the L&O Holding is still at the mercy of the much bigger Sigsauer USA ruled by the wise and benign former CEO of Kimber. Sigsauer USA never had any interest in actually importing a US legal version of the 550-553 Series. What they wanted is an one-sided knowledge transfer resulting in the cheapened (compromised) US versions like the 556 and the 55xi. Now that Swiss Arms is sucked dry L&O will probably let it wither away.

    • dp

      A plausible analysis. Destroying one time home base and creating Ami-Sauer instead. Just like in every branch of consumer based economy. Who cares for tradition and know-how – it’s portable.

    • Andrew

      I don’t think you know what you are really talking about. I have dealt with Sig Sauer USA multiple times both personally and professionally (plus many other gun manufactures here in the states) and they consistently produce some of the best made, innovative guns you can buy, for a decent/marketable price. Are the Sig 556’s less expensive than the original Swiss 550? Yes. Are they any less reliable? No. Are they fine rifles that match any other modern mass produced battle/sporting rifle today? Yes. Sig has no interest in navigating the god-forsaken import laws required to get a gun from Switzerland, to the US. And while there may be interest, I highly doubt they would sell guns at 5K each, it just doesn’t make business sense.
      Sig is the most innovative and forward thinking gun company I’m aware of right now. They had more new products at SHOT Show 2014 than the next 5-10 major gun manufactures put together. Say what you want about their leadership, etc. but they make fine guns, at decent prices, offer exceptional customer service, great innovation and I look forward to seeing what 2015 brings.

  • As somebody who’s had lots of interest with Swiss Arms before (scandal with the RCMP) I’m sad to see more trouble for the company. Their guns are so well done. It’s a shame really.

  • BOB

    that price increase aint gonna help them retain the remaining workers.

  • Christopher

    Does this mean we won’t be seeing an export version of the SG 750?

  • John Keefe

    Think all firearms and ammo makers better be ready for a large slow down ! Most shooters have already spent their wads and ever dealer I go into has a ton of black rifles and pistol . Once people can get their 22 rimfire fix sales will fall off the charts most of the dealers I know have know idea how much stuff was bought when the panic buying started and since none was canceled its all coming in now .Those bills will be due in 30 days and if sales slow watch the ripple effect through the industry?SALES
    Are coming Big Fn Sales can’t wait

  • Steve_7

    They were always struggling even before they were bought out back in 2000, which is why SIG sold them off in the first place. They only make the rifles at the plant in Neuhausen and they are seriously expensive.

  • These guns are now being prohibited by the Canadian RCMP: