Fire in Winchester Factory, East Alton IL

A fire broke out in the Winchester Ammunition plant in East Alton, IL during the early hours of Sunday morning. reports

Firefighters said the blaze broke in a maintenance building on the site of Winchester Ammunition plant in East Alton just before 3:30 a.m. Authorities said propane cylinders exploded, but those cylinders were isolated from more dangerous materials.

Thankfully it sounds like nobody was hurt.

Thanks to Jay for the tip.

Steve Johnson

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  • ak1134

    this totally helps this ammo situation…

    • gunslinger

      yup. but at least no one was hurt. could have been much worse

      • a lot worse!

        • noob

          meanwhile in Russia, a truck driver carrying a load of pressurized gas cylinders discovers what “a lot worse” looks like.

    • It wouldn’t have an impact on the ammo situation. That building is a good distance from the main plant.
      I’ve been in that plant more than few times. They have the place very well laid out for the safety of the employees and public. The plant is only a block away from a busy street.

  • Dan

    Well here is the perfect excuse to leave Illinois. Why invest in a facility in a state which is hostile to your business?

    • That Guy

      Texas is looking for businesses to move in. Bet ‘ol Rick Perry will give them a boatload of tax dollars to move to the non-union state!

    • That plants been there a very very long time.

  • micko77

    Hhhmmm… As an Illinois resident, I thought that they had moved that production a few years ago. Seems I recall there being a kerfluffle one of the many time IL tried to run off the firearms industry; about the time Les Baer crossed the river to IA. For those unaware, Armalite, Springfield Armory, Lewis Machine Tool, Rock River Arms and several other gun companies call Illinois home…for now.

    • sadlerbw

      Illinois as a whole isn’t so bad, it’s just that Chicago dictates so much to the rest of the state due to the huge number of people there. In fact, it is probably fair to say that most of Illinois wishes that Chicago would leave them alone.

      • micko77

        It would be fair to say that most of Illinois would be perfectly happy to have the Greater Chicago Area and collar counties split off into their own state, pay their own bills, AND leave us the heck alone! Thanks for the kind words.

        • They certainly would and it’s a topic of conversation that comes up often.
          A real sore spot with hunters is you can only deer hunt with shotguns no rifles allowed.

          • micko77

            Yeah, about that… 12-ga. Forster slugs hit a frozen field and skip who knows where, but a .308 soft point goes to pieces. Go figure. Yet coyotes are routinely hunted with 7.62×51 ball, perfectly legal. Laws written by, as usual, the ignorant. Willfully ignorant.

      • AK™

        I think a lot of people feel that way in NY State,with the same feelings towards NYC.

      • Agreed—If you want to start a fight just talk about how well you like Chicago if you live in the southern or western part of the state.

      • Dragonheart

        And if you took away the right to vote for that huge number on welfare in Chicago maybe the state regain some of its sanity.

    • cheechakos

      The Olin – Winchester plant in E.Alton is in the process of moving to Mississippi .
      They only mfg ammo and their largest consumer atm is the government.
      My son works there.

      • micko77

        I’m sorry to hear that your son’s job is leaving; here in Galesburg, IL we have experienced enormous job losses due to Maytag, Butler, Carhart,Outboard Marine and various other manfacturing companies packing it in. There is a whole different discussion on the topics of job/manufacturing base losses vs. service industry, small business, etc. and the politics/dynamics of all that. As to the immediate point, I’m glad nobody got killed at the Winchester plant.

  • noob

    wow. somebody is going to face increased insurance premiums.

    on the other hand, I wonder how big the insurance payout will be once the investigation is over?