For the Truly Custom AR: Unique AR’s Custom Handguards

For the rifleman who desires the ultimate in creative customization, Unique-AR’s or Idaho offers custom free-float handguards for the AR platform. The company offers a variety of stock configuration tubes, configurable in either 7, 9, 12, or 15″.  Also, Unique-ARs has options for custom one-off projects, group designs/buys, and private label options for OEMs.

Sinister and good looking, the "Web" handguard from Unique-AR's

Sinister and good looking, the “Web” handguard from Unique-AR’s

All of their products are American-made and covered by a limited lifetime warranty. The stock configuration handguards range from $175 to $225, depending on the design. Unique-ARs will Cerakote your handguard for another $35. The tubes are capable of mounting rail sections for all your accessories.

Unique-ARs' skeleton hand free-float handguard.

Unique-ARs’ Skeleton Hand

I had the pleasure of being able to handle their wares at SHOTShow 2014. The handguards have excellent finish, are mounted solid, and most importantly: look fantastic! Now, to get my hands on one for some testing…


Nathan S

One of TFB’s resident Jarheads, Nathan now works within the firearms industry. A consecutive Marine rifle and pistol expert, he enjoys local 3-gun, NFA, gunsmithing, MSR’s, & high-speed gear. Nathan has traveled to over 30 countries working with US DoD & foreign MoDs.

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      • It can happen and then sometimes the models or information changes and we’ll do a second one.
        Actually from a few weeks before SHOT through the HRA show it’s about the busiest time of the year. More new guns come out during this time than any other time of the year,

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  • Mystick

    These are some beautiful pieces of work. Very creative!

  • ColaBox

    I think were taking this whole customization thing a bit to far, not that it isn’t very cool, but I feel at some point people are going to forget the AR is a firearm and not an art piece. Kinda like how people see Ferraris.

    • An interesting point and perspective, if your primary use for the firearm is just shooting. By that train of logic, we should all just drive a Prius and never customize Mustangs or Harley’s.

      To me, it is about the holistic experience of owning, customizing, and shooting. It is about the freedom to do what I want with it. To me, the AR-15 is my Barbie Doll.

      • ColaBox

        Fair enough. By no means do I condemn customization, people like to personalize things. My own AR is made to my own liking, a contrast to how I bought it. But generally in the history of firearms, there has been a standard of a model, and each slight change served a purpose. An m1 carbine had a wooden stock then added a foldable skeleton stock, the skeleton folding stock was to reduce the size of the rifle for the jumpers. But with the AR people are modifying it to degrees where it can be almost unrecognizable. I believe the military recognized a need for a solid image of the rifle among the troops, and this is why you usually see them with quad rails and standard A2’s. However with a company like this modifying a hand guard to such a degree, it to me states the idea this is not a firearm to be taken seriously. Sure a Prius will get you there just fine, but some people would rather a Mustang, however when you modify the mustang to a point where people just oggle the tail fin and such, they seem to forget its still a car, thinking of it as more of a show piece then something to actually drive and get dirty.

        • An absolutely set of fair points, but I don’t begrudge those who do choose to customize, because I am one of them. Ha!

        • Deviant Ollam

          This is my feeling on the matter, too. I equate it to a spoiler or 22″ rims on one’s car. People with garish taste but little real skill often go for mods like that. They can’t drive their car at a race track worth a damn, but they love “tricking it out” for all its worth.

          If i were to see someone at a gun range with a handguard like this, I would quietly wager with my buddies that the shooter would be unable to group within 2 MOA, possibly even shooting from a bench rest. Sure, their rifle looks “wicked” or whatever they’re going for… but how well can they USE it?

          Stuff like this, at least for me, makes me take a person less seriously.

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    some of those look like some of the American Chopper guys got mixed up with Red Jacket

    others, look pretty good.

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      I kinda remember that crossover being already shown… they ended up with a machine gun with chrome, dragons and handlebars…
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        saw it. sort of why i said what i did. was a god awful bike

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          I was talking about the 1919…

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            i could of swore it went on a bike. said that episode was part of a crossover (AC:SvJ – Big Guns) where someone wanted a MG on a chopper.
            I couldn’t find any more on that. w/o watching 44min of the episode

            ohwell guess i was wrong.

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    I didn’t know Paul Jr. Designs was making a black widow AR-15. American Choppa’s

  • Mazryonh

    What’s with the “teeth” at the front of the handguard of the topmost photo? It’s not like you can effectively hit someone with it unless the muzzle was behind the “teeth” and they look thin enough to break with rough handling.

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    I justnoticed that Nathan S., the author of the above entry, is not “gear-queer.” Was this title selected because “gear-faggot” was deemed too offensive? Or were you guys just tickled pink (uh-oh!) with the rhyme and liked the way the title rolled off the tongue better than the (equally offensive and audience alienating) phrase “gear-cocksucker?” Stay classy, TFB.

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    • As you can see from the urban dictionary it’s not meant as a derogatory term rather a term in common usage in the military.