New for 2014, MagPul’s MS1 Multi-Mission Sling

Taking it a step further from their MS2 and MS3 designs, MagPul has introduced the MS1. The MS1 by itself is tailor-built piece of webbing that interfaces with multiple adapter types offered by MagPul. With the multiple adapter options (QD, Paraclip, MS3/MS4, and others), the operator can tailor their sling to their mission, creating either a 1-point or 2-point system.

The base sling is built around the new MS1 slider that allows the operator the change the length with no loops, tails, or potential snag hazards. The 1-1/4″ wide webbing is NIR and wear resistant while remaining “anti-chafe for user comfort.”

The stand-alone MagPul MS1 sling prior to adding attachment adapters.

The stand-alone MagPul MS1 sling prior to adding attachment adapters.

For further details on how the system works, MagPul worked with Brownells to create an instructional video on the MS1’s functions and adaptability: 



MagPul claims that the MS1 has been tested to “thousands of cycles in wet, dry, and sandy conditions” under lab conditions (not to mention field testing). Also, the MS1 is rated to handle static loads of 300 lbs. past 72 hours. The entire sling is made in the United States; retail pricing for the base MS1 is $34.95 with adapters ranging from $9.95 to $24.95.

Nathan S

One of TFB’s resident Jarheads, Nathan now works within the firearms industry. A consecutive Marine rifle and pistol expert, he enjoys local 3-gun, NFA, gunsmithing, MSR’s, & high-speed gear. Nathan has traveled to over 30 countries working with US DoD & foreign MoDs.

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  • Lance

    Many tacti coolers want a complex web system to bond the weapon to them. I prefer a old easy to adjust sling I find it just as comfortable as a newer and complex to adjust tacticool sling. Many Marines can agree.

    • gunslinger

      but… then you won’t be “an operator” you’ll be laughed at as a simple “Mall Ninja”


      • ColaBox

        A simple Mall Ninja? I scoff at you good sir, everybody knows that real Mall Ninjas only use the finest Special Weapons and equipment for their Tactical Shopping Teams, a simple Magpul sling is no match for their ninjutsu bonded bamboo rope that helps the gun defy gravity as he climbs walls!

    • JT

      Try a IRIS sling. Single point mode is good, The three point mode is worthless, but it disconnects with one clasp

      • JT

        Correction IRENE

  • hkryan

    I like the idea of a basic sling offering with the fittings available a la carte. Sure beats wasting money on a fancy sling only to remove one or both of the supplied end fittings to get it to connect to your specific rifle.

  • JT

    As long as their hardware is polymer, it will shear for practically nothing no matter how well thought out the web system is. They need to put metal where they need metal and that should be on items that will see a lot of articulation. Polymer is fine for butstocks

  • Joe Blow

    As long as the bring back the clip from MS2 that so many couldn’t handle with dropping their rifle. Life will be good for those of us who need quick release hardware that can be opened by being pulled on by some para-cord. for extra ease. the One feature that makes you want to take their design by rock climbing webbing/skydiving webbing (some has Kevlar in some of it) and just adding the buckles and getting the whole assembly stitched up really cheap at a shoe/leather repair shop. Although I prefer the Known quality and like supporting companies in my country… I just wish they see us what we want, not what they think we want and will settle for. Sucks buying straps in colors you hate at full retail to get the last few left that aren’t airsoft…
    So here is hopping magpull does it right with more metal, strong webbing and lots of hard ware options without a thousand stupid clip this clip that adapter B.S. to create another connection that may fail and re earn them the blame for rifles bing dropped.

    I do feel the adapter ” add on”s will be like a another “add on ” extra zinging for one more before they get out the door purchase, By way of lets strip some parts off and then sell the straps, minus the item without them, at full price. Then make then pay again to get the rest of what they already bought. Nickle and diming always leaves a bad taste in the customer’s mouth. Dealing with stocking accessory options in colors is a problem already, hope they don’t add to it. Or else I have been of clips but no quick disconnects or have one of each for you but they are in non matching colors Full price of course……
    Let hope they don’t make it worse. Craziest idea would be for the mS1strap system to include each type and at the price they can. Nothing is that high priced for parts singular purchase at hardware sources and especially not in bulk. That any person could go to a class and try out the options and adjust each different set up without a major out lay. Maybe have a different set up for work on the farm and in the house.Or for when climbing a tree where its better to drop the rifle down by wuick release than be fouled by it and other gear causing you to fall.

    If not, the materials, design are not hard to duplicate at any shoe repair shop that sews for way less. I prefer to give leading inventive companies(especially 2A supporters , at costs to themselves aka more lip service) that brought things to the market, the money as a reward and encouragement as long as they play fair price wise and quality.