Paradigm GATOR Shotgun Spreader

Paradigm has made a modern recreation of the Duckbill shotgun spreader used by the US Navy SEALs back in the Vietnam War. Re-engineered to be much stronger than the original Duckbill, the GATOR Shotgun Spreader spreads the shot into a narrow horizontal pattern making your shotgun much more effective in close quarter combat situations. It spreads the shot up to 6 feet at around 12 yards and also helps in reducing felt recoil and muzzle rise. The GATOR works best with #4 lead buckshot and is easily installed on any shotgun that’s equipped with a choke. Paradigm doesn’t recommend 00 buckshot but it could still be used in a pinch. Steel shot and slugs should never be used with the GATOR however. They retail for $199 and are available at Check it out in action below.

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  • wetcorps

    Wait they purposely put eyes and nostrils on the thing? LOL

    • sianmink

      needs googly eyes!

  • 24a+&Uch

    How about for use as a breaching standoff?

  • Ken

    I like the idea of the vertical spread. You can hit someone from head to toe.

    • noob

      gangster style.

      • gunslinger

        that’s just how you hold the shotgun.

        • Jack Hammer

          They should really explain that in the video (vertical vs horizontal spread). Seems like it could easily be designed to do both, but they don’t mention it in the video.

    • Cymond

      The original intent is to suppress the vertical and enhance the horizontal. It supposedly makes the gun easier for unaimed “point” shots.

  • 1911a145acp

    Quite possibly the worst idea EVER for a shotgun. Why YES Mr. State Prosecutor, I did spend $200 to install a widjit on my shotgun that causes some buckshot to fly around the intended target and hit those innocent folks on the left and the right. I shouldn’t use 00 Buck, and I can’t use Slugs or Duck loads until I screw it off and install another choke. And, let’s see, if anyone accidentally loads Steel shot or a slug into your gun it blows the end of your shotgun OFF? Suspiciously absent are any ACTUAL images of the pattern on paper targets. Hhmmm…. I wonder why……

    • He’s actually right the attorney would have a field day.

      • 1911a145acp

        Thanks Phil W. -sniff, sniff …means so much to me….;-)

  • MOG

    They made this thing why? Maybe it goes with the fake tree trunk?

    • dan citizen

      spreaders have been around for decades, this is just the latest.

      • floppyscience

        That doesn’t explain why this is a good idea. Plenty of dumb things have been around for decades.

        • dan citizen

          I’m not saying it’s a good idea, it just seemed like MOG thought this was a new idea.

          Under some very specific situations this could be a useful idea, riot control using rubber buckshot (or birdshot as much of the middle east does).

          But for all the hype about how much the military loved spreaders in vietnam, they were not terribly common and then were soon left by the wayside.

          The thing a spreader is best at is getting some goofball to spend money buying a spreader.

          • MOG

            Sorry, I asked the question more as hypothetical. I was around when duck bills were being used by some in hut clearing, or in other scenarios. (My opinion only, not a very practical device.)

  • Dracon1201

    May all of your Battlefield 4 dreams come true…

    I would actually buy this, though. It’s pretty cool!

    • gunslinger


  • vereceleritas

    Wouldn’t this need to be timed to your particular shotgun? Shims or spacers included?

    • Michael E. Stora, Ph.D.

      You time the outer part to the choke thread adapter with a set screw.

  • jamezb

    Because the spread at a given distance is difficult to immediately envision, this kinda violates the “know where it’s gonna go” safety rule in my book. I believe it probably makes more sense in a military application rather than self defense or L.E. because of this aspect.,

    (rejected comment bloopers)
    GATOR. -Because ____ hostages.
    GATOR. -For more productive drive-by’s.
    GATOR. -By-God now I can hit those clays.

  • JT

    somewhat tempting. I bought a rifled barrel and cut it down to 18.5 to get a spread like this + ability to fire slugs with better accuracy being rifled. That cost more than this add on, but I only have a more compact gun as well and I have rifling. This looks like it could prob do lead slugs with passable accuracy I guess, but 18.5 inch choked shotguns aren’t common and this adds even more length if maneuvering is an issue

  • Weirdcloud

    Someone has to say it….zombies

  • noob

    turn it gangster style and put all the shot on to a man’s centerline.

  • ben b

    Has anyone else noticed the delay between the inner and outer targets falling in the demonstration shots? F=MA I believe so I’m expecting the outer pellets will have much less effect. and suddenly I want to see this in ballistic gel.

  • Kali_Refugee

    Lol from the same people trying to push the call of duty knife in between shots junk. This looks to be just as ridiculous.

  • gunslinger

    I mean, i can see the veritical thing for a target behind cover, but even then, it looks like you have to rotate the shotgun 90degrees to achieve it. how uncomfortable is that? (unless you’re a gangster?)

    i would much rather put two shots CoM on 2 bad guys than attempt one of this on the same 2.

  • iksnilol

    What about mounting a pair of these on a double barrel shotgun? I was thinking mount one horizontally while the other is vertical. That way you get a pluss shaped pattern when firing both barrels (and nobody complains about how to hold it).

  • Hunter57dor

    didn’t red jacket make one of these in an episode?

    its been awhile sicne i watched that show.

  • guest

    I just love when manufacturers limp-wrist products other than their own to show “a decrease in muzzle rise”.

  • czed

    Attention game designers, If you insist on making your shot patterns as ridiculous as you usually do, at least make your artists put these on the barrels of your shotguns.

    • floppyscience

      Actually I’ve seen “duckbill” devices that spread patterns horizontally in video games before. I thought it was ridiculous then, but it’s even more so in real life.

    • 1911a145acp

      Guess if EVERYBODY downrange is ALWAYS a bad guy, and they cooperate by LINING UP in convenient horizontal shoulder to shoulder formations, never too low, never too high- then I was totally wrong in my assessment and this thing is possibly the BEST idea EVER for a shotgun!

  • Fenrir
  • jerseyjerryking38

    Waste – of – money. You’re responsible for every projectile that goes down range. I’d just as soon put them all in a bad guy at 12 yards than spread them all over. Ridiculous. Maybe for hosing down a jungle, but what LEO or private citizen scenario would require such a thing?

  • 101nomad

    I personally can not wait to not get one. Just does not seem a practical tool for home defense. As always, having choices is wonderful. This is one of those choices I would not make.

  • Mazryonh

    I don’t see how this attachment would have any “tactical” use. Each 00 buckshot pellet is actually only .33 caliber in diameter (you won’t likely get one-shot stops with that). The relative concentration of 9 of these pellets (in standard 2 and 3/4ths inch 12 gauge loadings) at short range is what contributes to 00 Buckshot’s legendary stopping power. Spreading those pellets out isn’t going to do any favours for actual stopping power–you’d likely need a longer shell with more buckshot (and more recoil) just to keep up.

    Against human-sized targets this would increase the possibility of wounding, but would not kill them quickly. Against small game in groups, sure, this’ll work, but if lead shot was used you’d be spreading lead that much farther around.

    The shot spreaders used in Vietnam were rated for 00 buckshot, right? How did they differ from this one?

  • will_1400

    I sense a disturbance in the Force; as if thousands of personal injury lawyers saw this and had a collective orgasm.