Advanced Tactical SOC Rifle from Kimber

Advanced Tactical SOC

Kimber introduced the new Advanced Tactical SOC (Special Operations Capable) rifle at the 2014 SHOT Show.  According to Kimber, the new gun is designed for high-performance.

The new rifles will be offered in both .308 Win and .300 Win Mag.  The .308 model will have a 22″ barrel and weighs in at 11.4 pounds.  The .300 Win Mag will have a 27″ barrel and total weight of 12 pounds.  Barrels are stainless steel and will use SureFire muzzle brakes that accept quick attach suppressors.

Advanced Tactical SOC

The rifles use detachable magazines.  A five round mag will ship with the rifle, and 10-round magazines will be available as a separate purchase.

The SOC rifle has a folding stock, and is adjustable for length of pull and comb height.  The rear stock also has an adjustable monopod to provide additional stability when working from a bipod (not included.)  The fore end and receiver have Picatinny rails.

Advanced Tactical SOC

The guns will ship with a waterproof hard case.  MSRP will be $4,099.

Richard Johnson

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  • Why yes that is a nice Cadex/Ashbury/MDT rifle you’ve got there Kimber.

    • ATman

      Woa you mean to say that Kimber did not come up with this amazingly unique rifle design that they are aping the similar layout used by like a zillion other rifle manufacturers in there “taticool” “modular” rifle “chassis” on a second note I do not believe this is a re branded Cadex stock.

      • JumpIf NotZero

        It’s CLEARLY all AI AX…. Sometimes I think this site has an exceptionally large following from people with exceptionally little firearms knowledge.

    • JumpIf NotZero

      Jesus… Nice attempt? But the only design Kimber actually ripped of is AI’s AX rifle. You are right they copied, but completely swung and missed on the WHO.

      • Curse my smugness! You’re saying you don’t see a similarity to Cadex’s Field Strike? I suppose its seeing various manufacturers move to that slim fore-stock that catches my eye:

        • JumpIf NotZero

          No more in similarity than any AR-15’s free float rail.

          Every aspect of Kimbers rifle is AI, except maybe the chamfer at the front of the rail which IMO is cut on the wrong direction.

          Some chassis look similar like cars can look similar, but this is ALL AI.

          • ATman

            I see what people are saying about the similarities to the AI AX but I wonder what adamantium/unobtainium alloy was used to justify the price. When it comes to modular rifle chassis I like to default to a Canadian company (CADEX).

  • John Dalton

    For over $4000 it should ship with a few ounces of Gold! What is it with the $4000 price tags on everything lately??? Arsenal had a 22 cal knife/gun for $4k….seriously???

    • FourString

      Seriously. At that price, I’ll take the famed Accuracy International instead.

      • JumpIf NotZero

        Pretty much this. The Mauser/Kimber action is very good, but the AI is more sight after.

        At 4k I would have hoped Kimber could design their own chassis and not just blatantly copy the AI AX. I mean, they did correct two issues with the AI by using an AR grip and non-proprietary keymod. And at $1000 that chassis for a few different actions would dominate the market… They won’t do this of course.

        At 4k just buy the real thing.

  • Frosty_The_White_Man

    At only $4k you’ll have enough left over to install an embarrassingly low quality optic.

  • S O

    “quick attach suppressors”
    What’s the point on a rifle that’s clearly not meant to be used for indoor fighting?
    Has the issue about radically different zero with/without suppressor been solved (I strongly doubt it will ever) or become calculable?

    • Phil Hsueh

      Last time I checked people use suppressors outdoors just as much as they do indoors, you obviously haven’t seen the comments here and elsewhere advocating the use of suppressors while hunting have you? If I’m not mistaken, special operations forces like to use suppressors outdoors as well so I don’t get why you would suggest that suppressors are only used for indoor fighting.

      • He was referring to the QD aspect. QD cans are more expensive and generally have much, much more POI shift than a thread on can. Most long distance guys I know (of course there are exceptions) use thread on cans.

        • JumpIf NotZero


        • NDS

          I have a Surefire SOCOM suppressor and there is no appreciable impact shift. It holds the same zero when removed and reinstalled.

          My AAC Ti-Rant 9mm can (thread-on) has considerably more POI change, although it too is repeatable but not as consistent.

          The Surefire was considerably more expensive though, and I have no experience with older-generation QD suppressors.

    • FourString

      quick attach suppressors would be useful in long distance combat too, I’d imagine? last time i checked, bullets come and go within split seconds even at distance o.o”

      • S O

        A suppressor changes ballistics; the point of impact is moved, and you need to zero in anew.
        There’s not much wrong with a suppressor for long-range fire, but when you detach and reattach it without zeroing in again you’ll miss the first shot at long range and will need to correct at best.

        Some suppressors are in use for CQB indoors because indoors the noise level of gunfire can be a problem (caves, sewers, some basements), while a quick attach suppressor’s shit of point of impact would not matter in CQB. This rifle is clearly not meant for, CQB, so this is not the relevant case. The LR shooting is the relevant case, and the inaccuracy/zeroing issue or detaching/reattaching a suppressor is a pain in the butt in it.

  • kipy

    That’s quite the sniper flashlight

  • avconsumer2

    New firearm pricing equation…
    “Special Ops” + “Tactical” = $4k+ price

  • MOG

    I can get a rifle for much less than $4,000, but having choices is wonderful.

  • ben b

    looks nice, I do wish the pictures were linked to larger images.

  • Aaron E

    Is there an MOA guarantee? For that kind of money the shooter should be getting at least a 1/2 MOA guarantee with match grade ammunition.

    • jack1k

      Kimber has a sub 1/2moa guarantee. They should offer this rifle chambered in
      300WSM, much more accurate than the 300 Win. Mag. for long range shooting.

  • Vitor

    Funny how the Merkel Helix posted just before this looks much more impressive even if way less tacticool

  • petru sova

    People will pay anything to be “Tactic-cool” so they can say “see what I have got and you do not”. Of course the old foxes know that these “Tactic-cool” guns do not shoot any more accurately than a tuned garden variety Remington, Savage or Winchester off the shelf heavy barrel costing thousands less sans the “Tatic-cool’ plasticky stock. Even if one had to re-barrel a commercial heavy barrel it is still way less money and you can still find older heavy barrel guns with real walnut stocks, they sure look better than junky looking plasticky stocks.
    Ah-hah you say but the plasticky Tactic-cool stocks have raise-able cheek pieces. Old foxes often take a really nice older walnut stock to a cabinet maker and he simply makes a cut in the stocks cheek piece and installs a couple of round pins that let the user run the cheek piece up and down. Now you have got the same thing in nice walnut but not in modern junk plastic.