New Streamlight TLR-4 G: Compact Green Laser/White Light


Streamlight broadened its line of compact laser/light units with the introduction of the TLR-4 G at the 2014 SHOT Show.  Like the prior TLR-4 models, the new light and laser unit is designed for compact handguns.  Unlike the prior models, this one uses a green aiming laser.

Streamlight previously released a green laser version of the TLR-2.  While I found that laser to be extremely effective, I did find it to be somewhat limited by its operating temperature range (32° to 104° F).  I tossed mine in a freezer and found that performance was definitely hampered when used at sub-freezing temps.

The new TLR-4 G fixes that with a much wider range of operating temps:  -20° to 120° F.

The white light puts out 115 lumens and 5,200 candela, which should provide enough light for most self defense situations.  On a single CR2 battery, the unit will run the light and laser for a full hour.  Using only the light or the laser will significantly increase run times.

MSRP is $400, though I have found the street price on Streamlight gear to be substantially less than suggested retail.

Richard Johnson

An advocate of gun proliferation zones, Richard is a long time shooter, former cop and internet entrepreneur. Among the many places he calls home is


  • Anton Gray Basson

    You know what I want is a combo like this but with a small camera with audio in it, that starts recording as soon as I draw the weapon.Why well evidence to protect me in a court of law should I be involved in a shooting and for training.

    • anointedsword

      Not a bad idea.

      • gunslinger

        actually, that’s a really good idea. I was in walmart the other day, and saw a 32 gig USB “stick” for like 25 bucks. and the stick was no bigger than a few tic-tacs. heck, my microSD card for my cell phone is 32 gigs and small as can be. i’m surprised this hasn’t been done..

        • Anton Gray Basson

          The only real issue I see is recoil eventually destroying the camera but it can be done, I have seen a”spy pen” with a camera in it that records in 720p which Im sure is more than adequate.

          • gunslinger

            eventually. but how long? i know i’ve dropped my phone many times and the camera works. i don’t think that the forces are comparable, but i really don’t see too much of an issue if the camera is a “solid piece” when mounted. you may have image distoration during firing/recoil but you’d have a before and after shot, as well as the audio.

    • AznMike

      Actually, they’ve already invented such a thing. Though I can’t find the one I’ve seen a few years back. I don’t remember where I was but the site had an ad where the gun had a camera attached to it along with a light for low light situations (think of the camera light combo found of tasers but can be mounted on a gun’s rail).

    • gggplaya

      Just slap a contourHD camera on your ar15 and you’re golden.

      • Anton Gray Basson

        Good idea, but I am more likely to bump in to Mr Assailant during the hours where I dont have my rifle on hand, and thats where evidence is need to insure you dont go down for randomly gunning down somebody

  • FourString

    jeez i want one. *bookmarks page*