Sig Sauer Buy One Get One Free 1911 Deal

Sig Sauer just sent out a newsletter for a pretty awesome deal, if you buy one of their featured 1911s you’ll get a free 1911-22. OK, so it’s not actually buy a .45ACP 1911 and get a full .45ACP 1911 free. However the Sig 1911-22 retails for $419 and is a pretty sweet .22lr pistol. I have the GSG 1911-22 which is essentially the same gun and it’s one of my favorite handguns to shoot. Check out the list of 1911 models included in the promo and the terms below.

Featured Models
1911 Ultra TT (1911U-45-TSS)
1911 Compact C3 (1911CO-45-T-C3)
1911 Carry Nightmare (1911FCA-45-NMR)
1911 Tacops (1911R-45-TACOPS)
1911 Spartan (1911-45-SPARTAN)
1911 Stainless (1911R-45-SSS-CA)

Terms and conditions: Promotion ends April 30, 2014. Participating dealers only. Supplies are limited. Check with your participating dealer for availability. State restrictions where applicable. You must purchase one of the six full-size 1911 pistols to receive a FREE 1911-22. Pistol is free. Transfers fees, taxes and all other costs are assumed by the consumer. Offer subject to on-hand inventory and not necessarily model depicted.* Call your local dealer to determine participation.** SIG SAUER reserves the right to discontinue all offers and promotions without prior notification.



Note the terms and conditions, it is participating dealers only.

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  • Giolli Joker
  • Dick is a Dick

    My my, this is very seducing.

  • MrApple

    I’m waiting for the Glock BOGO deal.

  • gunslinger

    but it’s only one of the 6 45s listed? is the Spartan the only “full size” w/o a rail?

  • schmidlin

    ive heard several different thing about this. gander mountain is letting you get any sig 1911 in stock. other dealers say you have to buy 2 1911s before you get one free. anyone have any luck.

    • j

      I got the Sig 1911 Nightmare full size at Gander Mountain and it qualified for the deal. No sending in rebate forms either, they give you both guns right away. Pretty sweet deal!! however their supplies are limited and when they are out of .22s they are done. good luck!

  • Gerald Pugal

    anyone know if this is happening in Dallas?

  • Dan

    Finally I can turn the tables and tell my wife “But Honey, it was buy one get one”. This is sure to end well.

  • jdmcomp

    boy was that ever a limited time, it is over

  • hotairbill

    Sig has issued a retraction. The deal is: Buy TWO and get one free! Oooops!

  • desertrunner

    Any one find a dealer offering this deal in California

  • Mike

    Academy’s ….. If you can find one. I got the c3. They had all of them…I said had…lol. Got the desert sand 22
    Here in Houston