Korth Photos from SHOT Show






We thoroughly enjoyed shooting, handling and just plain admiring the beautiful Korth-Waffen pistols and revolvers at SHOT Show. Here are some more photos from the show taken by, and copyright, Bryan Jones.

Korth two

Korth three

Korth more


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  • An Interested Person

    Is that a Damascus steel revolver? Impressive machine work to say the least.

    • allannon

      I think it’s “just” etched, but still a damned impressive piece of work.

      • FourString

        I read somewhere that the Korths are actual Damascus steel

        • allannon

          Oh, I’m sure some are; that 1911-ish pic they have, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if it’s got a Damascus jacket.

          The revolver specifically, though, looks more like the patterned acid-etching mom does than the decorative Damascus she’s done.

          • Giolli Joker

            It’s most likely swedish industrially made stainless steel damascus: Damasteel.
            Probably Concentric Layers pattern that looks particularly gorgeous on such a complex shape: http://www.damasteel.se/products/

        • Some certainly are

      • S.Evans

        Not etched. That’s a metal sandwich repeatedly folded of stainless and high carbon steel. The only restriction is you can’t use it on metal bits that slide together because of the uneven wear pattern of the “demo-alloy”.

        They’ve been making custom knives in Pakistan out of this material for years, it’s nice to see that someone finally out it into a the frame of a revolver at least. Admittedly SOME of the effect is decorative, but also a handgun with that sort of frame might resist damage from overpressure loads, etc, blowing the cylinder and damaging the frame as well. The higher carbon steel provides the backbone while the softer stainless prevents the springer carbon steel from shattering. Probably an advantage with certain very high powered revolvers.

        As for automatics, not so much suited unless you make sure NOTHING is sliding against the alloy. Since it wears unevenly eventually those wear areas will start cutting more metal out of the weapons as they wear, leaving shavings, metallic dust, and about everything else you don’t want in your semi-auto all over the inside.

        • ChadP

          Being an engineer, I would NOT want a frame/barrel made of Damascus. The reason the material is popular with knives (other than looks) is that the material differences creates a micro-serration at the edge of blade. Seems to me that the folding process used in making the steel would make it highly prone to voids/imperfections. Also, the rifling in the barrel would become very abrasive over time (like the knife blade). The mechanical properties would vary greatly. Of course, I may be wrong with all this!

    • yes it is—-

  • Giolli Joker

    That PRS calls for 10 Auto…

  • FourString

    fucken swagg

    • gunslinger

      yolo with my swag!

      • FourString


  • plumber576

    whatever the firearm equivalent of SPLOOSH is…which I guess would just be SPLOOSH, with bullets.

  • Anonymoose

    OHHH YESSSS. I have a raging boner now.

  • Jack Morris

    The most gorgeous handgun I’ll never have.

  • john huscio

    for as much a certain sets proclaim korths as “the best handguns ever made”, id like to see a shootoff/torture test between them and glocks/HKs/SIGs just to see how good they actually are……just to maybe justify the jawdropping prices just a little.

  • Michael Zeleny

    Korth isn’t using Damasteel. Their Damascus steel comes from Markus Balbach. It is is manufactured in the traditional pattern welding process.