New B-Square AR-15 Accessories

B-SQUARE BLACK RK-M4 Fore-End Rail Kit on AR15

New for 2014, B-Square announced a line of AR-15 accessories.  One of the new accessories is the new RK-M4 Forend Rail Kit.

The kit bolts on to a standard handguard, and gives the shooter three short rails in the 45°, 180°, and 315° positions.  The rail carries a suggested retail price of $40.00.

Also new this year is the BSACC1, which is a polymer magazine well grip.  At this time, no pictures are available for the new grip.  According to the company, the bottom of the adaptor is beveled and can assist with decreasing reload times.

B-Square states no tools or hardware are needed to install the grip.  MSRP will be $19.99.

Richard Johnson

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  • PatrickPM

    I cant even remember the last time I saw someone with a standard handguard

    • Duray

      …or an AR under 7 pounds?

      • derfelcadarn

        Will there ever be an end to seeing just how much $H!T can be glued to the surface of a weapon ? Keep it simple stupid saves lives. More gadgets only means more places for things to failure, and failure it the gun defense business means the wrong life becomes threatened, yours!

        • gunslinger

          at least they cost less than 50 bucks

        • Formynder

          Each individual item may fail, but none of them are reliant on the others, it just becomes dead weight instead of a failure cascade.

    • Steve

      We’re out there I run car hand-guards on my AR’s because i dont need rail space and they are comfortable. Not all AR owners are tactical fanbois, some are all about the go and not about the show

      • noob

        what do you do for light?

      • J.T.

        Same here.

      • Patrick Henry,The2nd

        I really HATE the feeling of railed hand guards. Why doesn’t somebody make half rails? Best of both worlds.

        • Phil Hsueh

          You can always get a modular or keymod hand guard and not have to worry about having rails all over and it will allow you to free float your barrel too.

    • OldNorthState

      I prefer the standard guard, myself, and I run a “less is more” configuration on this particular platform of weapon. Humorously to me, much of the yuppie public has become enamored with trendy bolt-on gear (not to mention the whole AR, AK and variants scene). A few years ago, many of these same yuppie couples (or singles… whichever) were “doing the Harley-Davidson thing”. Now they’re on to looking cool with tactical style weapons, and doing tactical training seems quite trendy. Some of today’s self-defense/tactical and sporting weaponry shooters are reminiscent to me of yesterday’s R/C model airplane hobbyists.

  • DiverEngrSL17K

    In spite of the proliferation of railed replacement handguards, there are many AR users who still prefer the standard handguards for fit and comfort ( or who want to retain the external appearance of the original M4 ), so this is a good option to have. However, B-Square is going to have to compete with other manufacturers in the add-on rail category.

  • Scott Fuller

    This has been out for YEARS under the Safariland brand…

  • J.T.

    I could get that, or I could get an MOE handguard and a couple rails for the same price and have a better product.

    • DiverEngrSL17K

      Good point, J.T. I agree that the MOE handguard with rails is a great product, but the OEM M4 handguard with the B-Square option might be just as viable after all at a competitive price. It would be interesting to do a side-by-side comparison ( I suspect the end result would be fairly comparable, and that user preference would be dependent more on individual perceptions and needs than outright cost-effectiveness ).

  • Lance

    Its nice to keep the standard hand guard more comfortable than those sharp quad rails. way to go B-square.