Troy Defense “PAR” Pump Action (AR-Style) Rifle

Squirreled away in the Troy booth at SHOTShow 2014 was the “PAR” or Pump-Action Rifle. All golf jokes aside, the PAR is a AR-style pump rifle and looks to be a real (tack)driver. Built for states and countries with restrictions on ownership, the receivers are proprietary. One will not be able to mount them to standard AR uppers and lowers. Fortunately, the PAR is compatible with AR-style magazines (Troy Industries BattleMag shown) and triggers.

The pump itself is cleverly hidden under otherwise ubiquitous rail covers. The action stroke is in similar length to 12-gauge shotguns with just enough travel to eject and load 5.56/.223 rounds. Full-length top rails compliment the Troy Alpha-style fore-end and the rifle uses Troy’s medieval brake to reduce recoil. 

Troy PAR with the stock folded to the right. Note the opening in the stock to allow rounds to eject.

Troy PAR with the stock folded to the right. Note the opening in the stock to allow rounds to eject.

Since the PAR does not need a buffer tube, Troy is offering a 5-position stock adjustable for either right or left-hand folding. The design allows shells to be ejected even with the stock folded. The rifle is 25″ collapsed or 33.5″ with fully extended length-of-pull and weighs a scant 6 lbs.

Rumor mill has the rifle set for release later this year with an MSRP around $1100.

Author’s silly personal note: So long as I can shoot the rifle better than I can drive a golf ball, this will be a good PAR. 

Nathan S

One of TFB’s resident Jarheads, Nathan now works within the firearms industry. A consecutive Marine rifle and pistol expert, he enjoys local 3-gun, NFA, gunsmithing, MSR’s, & high-speed gear. Nathan has traveled to over 30 countries working with US DoD & foreign MoDs.

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  • IstandWithRand

    Ah Troy Industries, the company that hires both government thugs responsible for killing innocent women at Ruby Ridge and outspoken opponents of the 2nd amendment now unveils the latest neutered gun made to cater to anti-gun states to make a quick buck where they can rather than stand on principle and cut sales to such states as Ronnie Barrett does. You can count me out ever buying anything Troy makes, they had a chance to redeem themselves and blew it.

    • Jake

      Can you elaborate on the ‘hiring of government thugs’ part?

      • Paul Epstein

        Basically, Troy hired a sniper who was implicated in the Ruby Ridge standoff and then defended not only their hiring but the guy’s actions at Ruby Ridge. The ‘hiring of government thugs’ depends on how you view that whole mess and the people involved.

        • I was active at the time and the guy Troy hired wasn’t even close to the actions that took place.
          It was a terrible day no doubt about that.

          • Carter

            With all due respect, I believe you are incorrect. He was there and defended Horiuchi.

            Troy also hired a bigtime anti and was forced to fire him after outrage.

          • I was at the range with one of my friends who left our PD and went with the Marshall service. He had just returned from that god awful mess.
            As usual after being deployed the team leader brings the various guns to the range make sure the zero is still good. Then clean them all and put them back to bed in their hard cases. I got volunteered to help which I didm’t mind. We talked all during the morning in detail about what happened. He was pissed and I listened while he got it off his chest.
            Short story is while the Troy guy was the idiots partner he wasn’t close to him. They were all spread out around the residence as well as the area along the perimiter in case someone tried to enter the area. Not people with guns per se but media types trying to sneak in.
            By far the Marshal service agents were not a happy bunch when all was said and done. Neither were the majority of others.
            That’s the short and sweet version.

          • gunsandrockets

            Back in 1995 I watched on C-SPAN much of the U.S. Senate Judiciary Subcommittee hearings on Ruby Ridge. But I missed the testimony of Monroe which your links provides. Shocking stuff. Even terrifying.

      • Raven

        There’s mass butthurt over the fact that they hired an ex-FBI agent involved in the Ruby Ridge shootout for their training division.

        • JT

          didn’t know that. They should get the trigger crazy Japanese guy to do exposition shoots

      • Well that was an unpleasant comment—and a deleted one.

    • Mike

      Ronnie Barrett doesn’t sell to LE… This is designed to help people in states who can’t legally possess certain firearms have a similar alternative to AR15s, for example, and retain the evil features… It also spits in the face of anti-gunners pretty effectively.

      A valid point would be that troy still sells to LE in states with firearms restrictions… but making a gun for people behind enemy lines that is sure to piss off politicians… Hard to dig them for that.

  • crunch

    This would be quite popular in Australia, the Remington 7600/7615 is one of the most prominent firearms over here at the moment,
    although its probably going to be about $2500au by the time everybody takes their slice of the pie….

    • Nathanial S

      $2500 AU?

      For a pump rifle, that just hurts to think about! (For us Yanks, that is over $2100 US).

    • James In Australia

      It wont to Australia – “Military Appearance” plus a folding stock = No from Customs/ Attorney General.

      • iksnilol

        Put a wooden stock on it (ironwood designs make some if I remember) then it wont be “scary”.

        They should make a version with a fixed stock.

  • TheSmellofNapalm

    This looks to be a much better alternative to removing the gas block from an AR so it can have drop-free mags in CA…. Combine this with that star-mag thing you wrote about a while back and I think we have a winner.

    Also, why all the hate? If you lived in anti-gun states you would appreciate this, but if you don’t then please refrain from being a dick.

    • tts

      $1100 is a deal breaker. Even as much as a regular cheap AR15 (ie. $600) is too high due to the reduced functionality + proprietary parts.

      • allannon

        I’m guessing you’re in a reasonably sane state, where standard ARs are an option.

        To crib a quote: this isn’t a good option, it’s just the best option available in some states.

        • tts

          Even then $1100 is still a deal breaker.

          Sometimes the best option is still terrible.

          • FourString

            aw shiet i read the article wrong. i am amending my initial comment. pump action AR is still cool though, wish it was done more often.

    • Who knows at least he’s gone.

  • Jeremy Star

    Ugh. So glad I am moving out of NY state.

  • mechamaster

    Pair it with suppressor and subsonic 5,56 ammo, it’s very lessly fouling the mechanism with carbon-buildup from suppressor and Direct-Impingement system that blowed back to the bolt. And maybe the quietest performance AR. ( just sounds of hammer and firing pin and very unnoticeable muzzle sonic boom )

    • Did not think of this perspective. Suppressed would be excellent. Now to hope for a 300 BLK version?

      • Suburban


      • gunsandrockets

        A handgun version of the PAR would be short (no buffer tube) and reliable regardless of chambering (no DI issues), and even legal in California (imported with 1 round blocked mag). An 8 to 12 inch barreled handgun version in .300 is my preference.

    • GordonFreeman

      Very True. But the sound of just racking the slide will scare them away. ;D

  • Matt

    This gun looks fun as hell! Even if I do live in a pro-gun state, I still want one

  • Marshall

    This is a good looking rifle. It seems well laid out and likely well constructed. People that complain about this kind of rifle have an excellent recourse; don’t buy one.

    We do ourselves a disservice as fellow enthusiasts when we think ALL weapons must be “tactical” or they are “selling out”.

    More cool guns of every conceivable operating method I say!

    • saiga556

      All the cops in these ban states should have to have one of these in their car. Sure the cops are still cruising around with their select fire versions and won’t ever give them up.

  • Jeremy

    I reckon these will sell pretty well in Australia, like the Remington 7600

  • MOG

    Little taste of politics in here. Let us not contaminate. As to the 9 iron rifle, whatever a 9 iron is, it would be last choice, but, it is good to have choices.

  • JT

    how would this differ from the DPMS panther pump rifle that’s been out for more than 14 years?

    • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

      It’s a troy, so it’s like 100X better quality. DPMS makes an “ok” gun on their best day.

    • floppyscience

      As far as I know, DPMS hasn’t made a pump rifle in a long time.

    • JT

      Well, I stand corrected, sort of. I guess they don’t sell the panther pump any more. You can get used though. I still wouldn’t mind a in-depth differentiation between that rifle and this Troy thing

  • wetcorps

    The stocks actually looks like a putter ^^

    Not something I’d want to club someone with though.

  • allannon

    It’s a kludgey solution to a problem that shouldn’t exist.

    That said, it’s still a solution to a problem. Props to Troy.

    I wonder if you couldn’t improve AR part compatability, though. Put a hold on the magazine, kinda like in 1903a3s, that’s actuated by the pump action. The pump is also loosely connected to the BCG via a rod to the gas key. The BCG cycles like normal after firing, but doesn’t grab a bullet until the pump is cycled (which mimics the effect of a normal ARs gas/piston cycle). Then you basically just need a custom lower and forearm.

    I would say have the bolt hold-open come into effect, and the pump releases the bullet hold and bolt, but I can’t help but think that would be deemed too close to a normal AR.

  • iksnilol

    Its cool but how much would it cost to tinker with a normal ar to make it a pump action?

    They should make a non-scary version for foreign countries like Australia or NZ. Wooden A2 stock and forearm, no muzzle devices (keep the threads for suppressor use).

    • FourString

      agree especially for UK

  • noob

    hmm, politics aside, pump action rifles are a-ok in australia on category B in victoria.

    pistol grips and detachable magazines, not so much. I wonder if it will accept a cali-stock?

    • MichaelZWilliamson

      Would one of the aftermarket grip wraps they use in CA work?

  • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

    It’s like the 1994-2004 Fed AWB all over again 🙁

  • Ken

    They should put a full auto sear in there, so you can hold the trigger down and slam fire the slide.

    I think the UK legal AR with the thumb release (bolt locks back after each shot, a lever by the selector releases it) is better.

  • Andrey Martim

    I liked the design… But I’ll also like to see… A LEVER AR-15!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Micki

      Believe it or not, there was a UK-legal lever-action AR 15, (the name escapes me now,) where the pistol-grip served as the lever. The Troy, however wouldn’t be UK-legal because it’s a pump-action.

      • Cynic

        The gun is made by southern gun works they have a 9mm out the .223 is in the works.

        Interesting and quick the first few weren’t reliable and we’re a pain in the butt from what I have seen and the guy running sgc has a reputation as a bit of a twunt.

        • Steve_7

          That’s the lever release, they did briefly make an actual lever-action AR-15 with a hinged pistol grip. I had a go with one years ago, it was a bit tricky to operate so I’m not surprised they stopped making it.

          • Cynic

            The SGC 9mm is the modern one of their design. The majority of shooters found our straight pull rifles to be faster than sgc’s grip lever so they fell out of favour as the main use for a 15 here is CSR shoots The 9mm is legally a lever action here pump rifles are banned though. DPMS made a pump grip iirc.

  • Mike F

    This would be outstanding in 300blk with a suppressor.

  • GPSrulz

    Should be called NAR – neutered AR or CAR – castrated AR.

  • JLR84

    Neat idea. If they made a 308 version it would also be useful for states that don’t allow hunting with semi-autos, like otherwise gun-friendly Pennsylvania. Unfortunately 223 is a bit anemic for taking down whitetail deer in these parts.

    • Suburban

      6.5mm Grendel, or one of the other larger caliber cartridges made to fit the AR-15 magazine?

  • floppyscience

    Neat. I’m in a free state and even I’m liking this idea so far.

  • john huscio

    I’ve never bought troy products and don’t plan to anytime soon for a variety of reasons, some of which have been discussed in this thread….too many less expensive, equally effective options on the market for me to screw around with their stuff…

  • loopydupe

    Someone has GOT to put one of those golf ball launcher muzzle devices on one of these.

  • Leigh Rich

    LOL…for Kalifornnia? Remember the pump AK?

  • Leigh Rich

    $1100 seems kind of expensive.. unless you are in CA or Australia and maybe the UK? U tink they would just sell an upper.

    • Cynic

      Pump rifles in centre fire are verboten in the UK.

  • zebra dun

    I’d like to own one of these! I recall the pump action BB guns as a kid and the pumping action aiding in the realignment of fast instinctive shooting.

    I’d like a solid stock more better, them folders usually aren’t stiff enough.

  • snake

    Behold, the neutering of the AR!!!!!

  • Doom

    pretty cool, I saw a pump action .223 AK at the gun store a while ago, kind of wanted it but it was 600 dollars so I NOPED out of there. this looked pretty cool too until I saw it cost more than a real AR15. this thing should cost only slightly more than a pump action shotgun to cover for the more intricate receiver, stock, and rifled barrel. heck lose the stock and hopefully about 200 dollars from that price o.O

  • Rootie

    This seems like a gun that the antigunners will look at and say “see you can still have ARs, just not automatics”. Of course I know they’re semi-auto. I guess I just agree with others here say it’s a solution to a non-existent problem. That being said I love pump-actions and 30 rds is kind of nice…. But no I’ll keep my “old style” AR.

  • Couple hundred less and I would buy one of these.

  • cfusionpm

    Isn’t federal size supposed to be 26″ or longer for a long gun? It says 25″ when folded.

  • Rick

    I can build a CA legal (and recently did even with “scare” prices) AR for less.

  • Steve_7

    There are various EU countries where this would be subject to less restrictions than a semi-auto, the European Firearms Directive puts military-style semi-autos and semi-auto long guns generally with a magazine capacity of more than 2 rounds into Category B (firearms that require authorization). Pump-action rifles though are in Category C. So for example in France and Austria and a few other places it would be less hassle to buy one.

  • Jeffrey Holmes-Hunter

    damn that’s pricy. Do you think they are going to make it as just and upper, too?

  • gordon533

    Being from the Great White North where all AR’s are restricted & not legal to hunt with, this would be a get addition to ones stable of firearms. It would be an attention getter in the field, but would be better in a larger caliber. As to the price it is about what a good AR would cost up here, you can buy a Chinese AR for less but they are far from quality firearms. Don’t get me wrong, they are serviceable firearms just not pretty.