Quick Hands-On with LMT’s Precision/DMR Stock

Jon Stokes posted on LMT’s new rifles for 2014, but I was able to go hands-on for a bit with the new stock. It immediately elicits thoughts on MagPul’s PRS, but upon closer inspection the stock is a unique solution for those seeking that extra customization. It is not “just a copy”.

Unlike the PRS, LMT’s DMR stock mounts to a carbine buffer tube, giving the user the option of switching stocks on lowers that already have carbine adjustable buffer tubes available. It will be nice to take the same lower and switch stocks (and uppers) to move to precision work with the same trigger

LMT's stock overview & features from SHOT 2014 booth


The stock was solid, with no wobble on the tube. Shoulders naturally with 45 solid clicks, adjusting height and length-of-pull. When brought to the shoulder vigorously, the stock did not collapse or move on the tube.  The stock material was smooth to the touch, but is rugged for heavy use. The butt-pad is a no-slip rubber that felt natural in my big shoulders.

The DMR stock includes a bottom rail for mounting a mono-pod and two QD mounts for slings. My only suggestion would be lengthen the adjustable cheek-piece. My chipmunk cheeks rolled over the front of the piece. Those with larger faces may want to keep this in mind or adjust their position.

LMT has not released pricing but expects retail to be “comparable” to similar products. I was impressed and will pick one up when they hit the market. I do not have any rifle buffer tubes on my various AR’s and the DMR will work nicely for an 18″ build currently in the works.

Nathan S

One of TFB’s resident Jarheads, Nathan now works within the firearms industry. A consecutive Marine rifle and pistol expert, he enjoys local 3-gun, NFA, gunsmithing, MSR’s, & high-speed gear. Nathan has traveled to over 30 countries working with US DoD & foreign MoDs.

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  • nester7929

    Is the rubber on the buttpad needlessly hard like the Magpul, or is it a softer variety?

    • Julio

      Good point, but how soft could a solid 3/8″ butt pad ever be?

    • Nathanial S

      I would call it a good balance of the two. LMT means for this to be beat up so its got to be a bit harder to withstand abuse.

    • It is exactly the same as the SOPMOD, its rubber should take recoil pretty well.

  • Sir Herp the Derp

    I’ll give credit to the modularity of the product. AR’s should always endeavor to be more akin to a Lego set. I’m sure it will be well built, LMT has a well regarded reputation for quality manufacturing practices. However, I just with they hadn’t been quite so er… unoriginal (that’s putting it nicely, I hope the lawyers at magpul aren’t quite as accommodating.) in the other 90% of its design and construction. Also, its uglier than a PRS (jmo). Not that it counts for anything, but still.

    • The one major difference here is the fact that this fits a carbine buffer tube not an A2/Rifle buffer tube. While not a major plus for me, I am sure there are those out there that this stock would work better for. One selling point they are stressing is that if you wanted to sigh in your rifle from the bench, this stock is an easy swap, or if you have multiple rifles you use in a more precision capacity, you can buy one stock and use it for all of them, while the PRS is not as friendly to move.

      To me the cheek rest was a little small, not allowing for any real leeway to the front or rear. Although a little more comfortable, having it like a mushroom was a little distracting to me. That could just be from using a PRS for so long too.

      All in all an interesting design. One that I am sure LMT fans will love.

  • MAJ P

    Interesting move from a company known for assertion of intellectual property rights. Still not sure why LMT gets a pass from the tactical crowd while Dick Swan caught so much backlash for his patent infringement lawsuit. What do you think the boys at MEGA would say?

    • jK

      I was going to post the same… LMT let their lawyers loose over the monolithic rail/upper patent. Isn’t this just hypocrisy?

  • DiverEngrSL17K

    Did you mean to say “elicited” in your second sentence? Good review summary, all the same.