Meprolight M5 Reflex Sight – SHOT Show Optic Preview

It have been two years since the prototype of the Mepro M5 was appeared at the previous SHOT Show. During SHOT Show 2014, The Mako Group have shown me the production model of the Mepro M5 reflex sight. It has a number of design changes and the final design was certified by the Israeli Defense Forces with extensive field trails.



The Mepro M5 feature a EOTech-esque large viewing window for achieving the biggest possible field of view. The Mepro M5 is powered by a single AA size battery for 5,000 hour of illumination. The power system has an auto-shutoff mode to conserve battery but it also has an auto resume feature to turn the sight back on. I am assuming that’s with a help of build-in motion sensor.



The main change is that the sight is now all metal construction instead of having a polymer hood on the prototype. However, I am not so sure about the new wheel shaped switch is an improvement over the flip-lever switch found on the prototype. Mako told me that’s an IDF required design change. The Mepro M5 now comes with a set of low profile QD levers instead of prototype’s simple dual-screw mount.



The Mepro M5 features a 2 MOA red dot reticle with four levels of brightness control. A unique feature of the Mepro M5 is its ocular window which consist of a single glass prism. This is very different from the typical multiple lens optical design found in majority of the red-dot sights. The optical window on the Mepro M5 seems to be almost clear with just barely noticeable bit of blue color tint.



The Mako Group is the only authorized distributor of the Meprolight optic in the North American market. Beware of buying any Meprolight sight directly from Israel, which shipping it to the US or Canada can be a violation of the ITAR and other arms importation laws.


Writer and gear editor with articles published in major gun publications. A five year combat veteran of the US Marine Corps, Tim is also part of Point & Shoot Media Works, a producer of photography, video and web media for the firearms and shooting sport industry. Tim’s direct contact: Tyan.TFB -at-


  • joe

    it’s not cost competitive with the more established and proven brands.

    • 7.62 Precision

      What more established an proven brand is there? Meprolight invented pistol night sights, and was the first to build a reflex (red-dot) sight for combat use on a rifle. Meprolight builds sighting systems for Merkava tanks and some of the most advanced uncooled thermal sniper scopes in the world. Meprolight optics have been in use by IDF soldiers since before US soldiers used optics on their rifles (other than specialized troops, like snipers).

      • DiverEngrSL17K

        Their tritium night sights for infantry rifles and carbines are first-rate, too.

        • Mepro Trijicon night sights are brighter than all other brands.

          • 7.62 Precision

            I think you meant tritium – I’ve done the same typo.

      • Beju

        In the US, Eotech and Trijicon are far more established names in combat optics, and I’m saying that as somebody who’s purchased Meprolight pistol night sight sets on five separate occasions.

        The only price I’ve seen on the M5 was $621 at Optics Planet, which is $200 more than the Amazon price for an Eotech 512 (at the expense of greatly reduced battery life) on the low, but still big name brand end. On the higher end, it’s within $150-200 of a 1.5x Trijicon ACOG. If the going rate drops closer to $500, I could see picking one up, but I’m a guy who’s already sold on the brand, so there’s a good chance that I’m not indictive of the rest of the US market.

        • erwos

          Given that the MSRP is supposed to be $550, I could see $500 street as a possibility.

          IMHO, the value proposition here is basically “if you want something with a form factor like an Eotech, but has more durability, a bigger viewport, and a less complex reticle, use the Mepro M5”. I can see that being compelling.

  • Laserbait

    It looks like a russian copy of the EoTech.

    • No it’s not. The window is actually larger than an EoTech and does provide a better field of view.

      • Timothy G. Yan

        Laser vs LED illumination
        Multiple small prisms vs 1 big prism
        adjustment by moving the prisms vs adjustment by moving the LED source.

    • DiverEngrSL17K

      The Russians have designed and built first-rate small-arms optics for a very, very long time without having to clone someone else’s invention. And Phil is correct — the Meprolight M5, as well as the MSE AQC-1 series, have considerably larger sight windows and wider FOV than any EOTech.

  • ATman

    My friend just outfitted a meprolight on his Tavor here in Canada and he received a sight direct from Israel and as far as I can tell there is not breaking ITAR. The only concern with ITAR is Magpul Iphone Cases as those yield a destructive potential like none other.

    • TV-PressPass

      Ah the old ITAR-as-a-protectionist-tool trick. it never gets old.

    • 7.62 Precision

      I don’t know that ITAR restricts the importation of this sight into Canada, unless it first entered the US, but I expect there are Canadian regs that impact it, and the export of sights is controlled by Israel (who and where they can be exported to.)

    • erwos

      ITAR is a US thing, not a Canadian thing. Duh, your friend in Canada doesn’t need to worry about US laws, at least until we get bored and conquer them.

  • Lance

    EO tech knock off “cough”. Saw many use this HUD style sight design works fine to about 50 yard then lousy out pas that. Prefer a AIMPOIN to the HUD design. ACOG much much better but is 4x.

    • Joe Schmoe

      How do they still let you post your nonsense here?

      Sure, EOTech knockoff; because every 1x sight with a square window is an EOTech knockoff right? Sure, let’s not let facts like the difference/s between Holographic vs. Red Dot sights get in the way.

      • JumpIf NotZero

        Should have been banned YEARS ago. He does this on other sites like KitUp too.

        I’d really love to think he’s trolling, and that he’s really subtle and committed to the act. Alas it is possible he really might be that “off”.

        • Timothy G. Yan

          We keep him around for entertainment. Everyone need a village idiot.

        • ColaBox

          Check him out on TTAG. Pretty entertaining.

          • Gyufygy

            He’s turned me into a one-target troll over there. I’ll randomly refer to the SCAR in a completely irrelevant post just to watch his gibbering.

    • 7.62 Precision

      Any optic that is accurate at 50 meters is accurate at 500. Accuracy does not change with range. The idea that reflex optics are accurate only at short range is a myth. (Other factors can be involved, like dot size, etc.)

      ACOG is a magnified optic with a physical reticle, not comparable in any way to a red dot sight. Apples and oranges.

      Who are the many people you have seen use this sight? I have one.

    • ak1134


      Really guy… your comparing this thing to a Trijicon ACOG? its a different product.

      How did you come to the conclusion that a sight after 50 yards goes out???? Do you own a firearm or just watch other people shoot theres on youtube?

    • Lance come on–at least try to get the facts straight. You can get an ACOG at 4x, 3X and 1X and I yea I believe they have a military model at 6X.

      An Aimpoint,ACOG and about any red dot will do way past 50 yards. I do that almost every range trip.

  • Jesse Mrozowski

    Was there any word on price?

    • Timothy G. Yan

      You have to ask Mako for the finalized price. It will be more expensive than the Mepro M21.

    • Yes and it hasn’t been set yet. I asked twice.

  • Venkman

    I’d love to see a side by side with an EoTech.

    • ak1134

      I want to see tech specs next to an aimpoint, eotech, a burris, and a few lesser known products. against each other…


      • I hear ya— I looked at this sight at SHOT and spent a good amount of time with the Mako guys.
        This sight runs for 15,000 hours on this one battery. They also tested the crud out of it and it held up better than the others tested including the current sights used.
        As sights break or are worn out they will replace them with this sight. I like the smaller red dot especially for distance shooting.
        I’ll see if we can’t do a comparison. This is a tall order though. Most of the companies don’t want to send out sights to have them tested to destruction. That would be the biggest obstacle.

  • ak1134

    Heres the problem with this and the Israeli site that was on here a few weeks ago…

    If the MSRP is around $4-$600 it MUST be made and function better than the EoTech and Aimpoint. It has to do more. It must be lighter, smaller, more durable, better optic/glass, or have something new that i’ve never seen before or else your not going to get the average consumer’s money. Sitting in a gunshop I’m going to buy something thats tried and true from the military to the average joe once every month gun range guy.

    If the product is going to be priced at $100-$200, thats a different consumer than the $400-$600 consumer. At $150 I’m probably going to be an entry level shooter that wants something that doesn’t break the bank.

    The Meprolight above retails at $550 and the MSE site at $700 is absurd! I def like the Mepro more than the MSE…but at $550?! thats crazy… Its price point should be in the Burris category.

    But my biggest gripe with all this is that is that this company came in and brought stagnant technology at a higher price. The outcome is that companies like EoTech and Aimpoint won’t change shit and not push technology or at least force them to lower their pricing. Whn i read something comes from Japan, Israel, or Germany; the shit better be good not be something thats stagnant and unimpressive as seen here.

    • Joe Schmoe

      You’re missing the entire point behind this optic existing in the first place.

      The IDF sent out a request for a new red dot sight to replace the MARS. While the MARS is a great sight, it eats through battery when on and ended up costing a lot; remember, it’s an old sight.

      So we have two Israeli companies competing for this contract (among others from abroad), MSE and Meprolight. The idea was not to come up with a game changer, it was simply to build a damn strong (needed for conscripts) and reliable red dot sight that could replace many of the MARS and some Mepro21 sights in service; that’s it. You have sights like the Mepro MOR if you want something a bit more game changing.

      • I have a Mepro on my Tavor and I do like it. It’s been pretty sturdy as well.

        The IDF intends to replace all optics currently in use with this sight. One battery 15,000 hours run time!

    • 7.62 Precision

      So you want a MIL-SPEC night vision compatible sight that uses new technology, is lighter, simpler, clearer, and more durable than previous military electronic sights, costs more to build than other MIL-SPEC sights, meets the IDF’s more stringent requirements, can handle the heat that kills other electronic sights, and has just spent 5+ years in development, combat testing, and refinement before being released priced at $100 to $200, like a cheap commercial market sight? That is completely absurd.

      If the IDF had wanted an EOTech or an Aimpoint, or a Burris, for that matter, they would have just purchased them. They wanted something that solved the problems they wanted solved and met their requirements. They don’t care about cool looks, cool names, or unnecessary features.

      • Joe Schmoe

        By the way, I’ve seen the EOTech’s and Aimpoints in the IDF during my time. The IDF was actually thinking about switching over to the Aimpoints a few years ago but something happened that stopped it (I heard a rumor of some problem with them or something, don’t know the details).

    • ak1134

      Your arguing on behalf of a solution that isn’t my problem. Why would I want this over my EoTech or AIMPOINT was the question I posed. I don’t need it to be conscript proof with regards to controls, durability.

      If this is product is being featured at SHOT and on this blog it’s for my consumption. I’m not a dumb shit recruit trying holding a firearm for the first time. I’ve owned firearms for over two decades. So when i see a product thats featured for my potential consumption I have to compare its existing competitors and prices with how it affects me and my potential to purchase it.

      What doesn’t help this product this product is the fact that this is supposed to help replace the Mars sight… This looks like it was made in the 90’s aesthetically speaking and if its way more durable it just means it weighs way more with metal replacing the poly and thicker glass to ensure the whole population of Israel won’t damage this site for the next decade and a half.

      • Joe Schmoe

        Then I’ll be honest with you, you in particular would probably be better served by that $200 cheaper EOTech then.

        I’m not one for blind company loyalty, I’m just stating it as it is. If you take care of your sights and don’t plan on putting in extreme environments or abuse, then there is no point in spending the extra money in my opinion.

        Though I’m sure there will be a bunch of ‘preppers’ who would. 🙂

    • ASDF

      It has the battery life/reticle of an Aimpoint(almost) with the field of view of an EOTech. It’s a better optic.

  • Will Mclaws

    Does anyone edit these reviews before posting? The author loses most of their credibility the instant the reader sees such obvious spelling and grammatical errors.

    • SAR

      Seriously? if it bothers you that much, copy & paste the article to a word doc, then spell check it. Or you can up your meds.