If Star Wars Was Historical Fiction, What Guns Would They Use?

Western-themed Leah with Colt Single Action Army

Most of the guns in the original Star Wars Trilogy were hacked-up / bubba’d / tacticool versions of classic WWII, or earlier, vintage guns. The Ion Blaster was a Enfield rifle, the Blaster pistol was a broomhandle Mauser, Bob Fett’s carbine was a Webley flare gun and the T-21 Light Repeating Blaster was a Lewis Machine Gun. I was sent a link to a toy maker who has reimagined the Star Wars universe in different historical eras, and armed them with non-tacticool period weapons, from Colt revolvers to M1 Garands. A few of his models are below …


WWII Stormtrooper with MP-40



Feudal Japanese Han with muzzeloader pistol.


WWII Han with Mauser C96


Steampunk Bad Guys with M1 Garands

Is you were to re-imagine Star Wars, what period would you choose and what guns would you arm them with?

Steve Johnson

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  • JaxD

    Is this one serious? Reads like a joke post.

    • Karina

      Know the arcane concept of “fun”? You should try it sometime.

  • Kyle

    I really think that the Starwars guns, as they stood, were well done for the time period. They weren’t like any other scifi guns we had seen before, and they opened up the door to kitbash real guns into something different. Before them, very few scifi films had taken WWII surplus guns and did what they did with them. They were a drift away from the smooth, bulbous scifi ray guns that we were accustomed to seeing

  • Jeff Smith

    As a Star Wars/historical fiction/gun nerd, this post has my seal of approval.

  • clinton notestine

    I dig the Han Solo Flying Tigers look with the broom handle. I’d probably go with the WW2 look… mp-40s for the storm troopers since they cant hit anything, M1 carbines for the rebels, chewie gets a ma deuce.

    • scw

      ALL bad guys in movies are like that, no reason to pick on the imperial storm trooper.

      • BOB

        Cylons were pretty decent shots

  • decix

    The stormtrooper rifle is pretty closely a Sterling SMG if you look. Sweet.

    • Zak

      That’s because it is one with a few bits welded on.

  • Lance

    STG 44s for Storm Troopers a 1911 for Hans Solo. A M-60 for Chewbacca.

    • Chase Buchanan

      I’m so used to the BlasTech DL-44 that it’s hard for me to imagine Han with anything but a Mauser C96.

      • David Knuth

        I’ve always wanted to buy a C96 replica and attach some of the machined parts to make it look like Han’s DL-44. There’s a guy who sells machined flash hiders, etc. on EBay. I would SOOOO carry that gun…

  • Blake

    But the steampunk Vader should be holding a Graflex flashgun!

  • Browncoat

    This has already kind of been done: just watch Firefly…

    • gunslinger

      can’t. Fox canceled it!

      (but i think every other saturday on the science channel reruns the full series)

      • TXgnnr

        You can see the entire Firefly series as well as the full length feature film, Serenity, on Netflix through your ROKU, Sony Play Station or other streaming video player that has Internet access.

  • M.M.D.C.

    Why change guns when they could just use the sights on the ones they have?

  • Billy___Bob

    Lever action 12 gauge. Brought back in time by the Terminator.

  • SP mclaughlin

    You’re telling me Star Wars isn’t historical fiction 🙂

    • gunslinger

      a long time ago…in a galaxy far away…

  • Louis Welke

    WWii was what Star Wars was based on especially with the officers looking like the Officers in Hitlers armies with their boots and their clothing.
    The Empire was ruled by Darth Vader just like Adolph Hitler ruled Germany in WWII.
    Germany may have had SCI-FI weapons if Hitler would ok the construction of them.

    • Dan Atwater

      The Empire wasn’t ruled by Darth Vader.

      • ryan

        He wanted to rule the empire, that being said, he didn’t rule it.

    • Ryan

      Darth Vader wanted to rule the empire, however he sold the buggery out and opted to dance with his nancy rebel son.

    • MichaelZWilliamson

      And the final attack on the Death Star was straight out of The Dambusters.

  • MrApple


  • kingghidorah

    Jango’s blaster looks like a stretched whitney wolverine.

  • tincankilla

    let’s go real historical: atl-atls and bows. han solo rides a chariot pulled by american cheetahs.

  • Isaac FluffyWolf Rader

    World War 2. I would probably have period-accurate ones, mixed randomly with dieselpunked guns. Also, Han _has_ to have a Mauser C96. There is no other way.

  • MichaelZWilliamson

    Don’t forget the Sandpeople blaster was a Moroccan matchlock.

    • AwesomeMcCoolerName

      I was under the impression it was a chopped up bolt action?

      • MichaelZWilliamson

        The Jawa gun was a chopped SMLE. Luke’s gun on his speeder and the sandpeople had props carved like Morrocan matchlocks.