iMarksman Training System

While walking the hallways of the Sands Convention Center during SHOT Show, I happened to come across a booth showing the iMarksman Training System. It consists of a computer program which allows you to take a picture of familiar scene, such as a parking lot, your family room, your work, garage, etc, and then you can display the image on a TV, projector screen, wall, etc, and the software will insert virtual good guys and bad guys that randomly appear.



The iMarksman software also allows you to set up IPSC/USPSA style targets which can be scored and timed.


One option is taking a SiRT pistol and replacing the laser unit with an IR module, shown below the muzzle.

You then have a laser training gun such as the SiRT pistol or laser insert which with the accompanying sensor, can track whether you hit or miss your mark. There are scenarios for civilians, law enforcement, military, and even competitive shooters. I had a short amount of time with it, and a demo unit is on its way so I can get some more hands on time with the unit.

Their website only lists pricing starting at $799.99 for their Sport Package which includes their software, sensor, tripod, and your choice of laser insert/cartridge. I look forward to doing a more thorough review in a few months.

Chris Cheng

Chris Cheng is History Channel’s Top Shot Season 4 champion and author of “Shoot to Win,” a book for beginning shooters. A self-taught amateur turned pro through his Top Shot win, Cheng very much still considers himself an amateur who parachuted into this new career.

He is a professional marksman for Bass Pro Shops who shares his thoughts and experiences from the perspective of a newbie to the shooting community. He resides in San Francisco, CA and works in Silicon Valley.


  • Yojimbo556

    Top two images reminded me of Lethal Enforcers

    • Tinkerer

      Spot on. With a little ingenuity, an old computer, an arcade emulator and a PS lightgun, you can have your very own Lethal Enforcers machine for a fraction of the price, and a lot of the functionality of this system.

    • st4

      I remember that game at the arcades! Also, who remembers, “Police Trainer?”

  • BOB

    betcha all the ‘badguys’ are white… wouldn’t want to offend the PC police by having and accurate portrayal of the more likely event.

    • CrankyFool

      Firearms not politics 🙂

      • BOB

        Politics my Irish ass, if I’m going to pay good money for a product, I want it to be LIFELIKE.

        • Karina

          Please respect this website’s motto. I don’t give a rat’s ass about my bad guy’s skin color, personally. I care it’s a bad guy and I want them dead before I am.

          • BryanS

            From a scientific point of view, does it give the brain a second of pause if the target he or she has practiced with now looks totally different, or are we all Will Smith’s character from MIB and able to figure out in a split second that the innocent child is the one holding the nuclear device?

          • JimmyHickey

            I guess this depends on how the person trains, if they train due to skin tone then maybe, however if they train for the sight of a firearm then I would assume not?

          • All realistic training is based on situation and threat analysis. See a gun on a suspect coming your way it’s time to shoot.

          • JimmyHickey

            Completely agreed, however I was trying to answer the question of whether it would make a hindrance – I do not agree with the training purposed.
            If we looked into muscle memory and what our brain is trained to do I do not believe it would cause a hindrance, I think the brain would be more concerned that someone is trying to harm it.
            The targets I use to train are blue – and I do not think it’ll slow me down if a subject in a purple/green/rainbow morph suit comes at me (I may need time to recover from my laughter however).

        • Lifelike or whatever I want a realistic shape and size. I couldn’t care less what the color is.
          As I told two people I banned racism won’t last two seconds on TFB. This remark is darn close.
          One outright racist remark and a person is gone no warning or second chance.

          • BryanS

            It would be interesting if a simulation came up with option to input a geographic area, which could then access crime stats and add in gang affiliations in the area and simulate appropriately based in real data.

            Perhaps it would make for 2 types of training in one in that regard.

  • iksnilol

    Would this work for rifles? I can’t find a rifle/pistol simulator that one could also use to simulate long distance shooting.

    • OutWest systems has one that works for rifles and pistols. They have a 500 and 1000 yard max distance versions.
      I used it indoors with my 1911.

  • Jeffrey Witkin

    anybody have any experience with this thing?

    • This is somewhat similar to the system the State Police had and brought around to various police departments.
      They brought guns with lasers mounted inside the barrel, the scenarios played out and the officer decided to shoot or don’t shoot. The same scenario could be changed where the one you just saw that you didn’t shoot would change to one where you did. It was fast paced and good practice.
      The setup used a screen making the suspects life size.

    • Michael

      Yes, its incredibly hard to dial in the shot sensor to work correctly – at least my unit, which was purchased 4yrs ago. Paid a lot of money for software and a modified webcam – hopefully they have improved because they wouldnt refund me 4yrs ago.

  • SAR

    Simulators are great stuff – the reality of determining the friend or threat is something not many teach. Why? Because the majority of simulators that come from companies like TI, SES, etc are very expensive. I priced a handful of systems because I wanted to add that to the classroom portion of my classes but the lowest base price was $14,995! The average was around $20,000! I don’t know about you but the wife would kill me if I spent that much money. However this is where iMarksman comes in – for about $800 or so you can get a system to train in self defense, competition and even allows users to make and use their own pictures &/or videos is awesome and it won’t break the bank.

    This system is going to be a near future purchase. Look forward to your review Chris. Keep up the good work.

  • Pancho

    Everytime you talk about this, gun-grabbers will argue that you don’t need ammunition anymore …!

  • Susan Georgieff

    Anyone who has downloaded the iMarksman Virtual Training Program without a problem>