The Blue Force Gear Tactical Velociraptor

Photo © Bryan Jones

Booth babes are employed by companies to tempt people (and by people I mean men) to visit their SHOT Show booth. If you want to guarantee that people will visit your booth you bring along a Tactical Velociraptor wearing panoramic night vision goggles and camo, which is exactly what Blue Force Gear did. The Blue Force Tactical Dino is named Terry Clausen and even has his own website.

Photo © Bryan Jones

Photo © Bryan Jones





This is how I always want to picture a Velociraptor. Part of my childhood died when I discovered Velociraptors were actually just large meat-eating chickens.

Steve Johnson

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  • Jeff Smith

    This was my immediate thought.

    • Giolli Joker

      Franchi SPAS 12… always cool…

    • Jack Flag

      Mine too.

      “Clever girl”.

    • JT

      Franchi SPAS12: Who cares about hard narrow metal slamming into your shoulder when a raptor is on you?

  • Vhyrus

    That looks more like a Utahraptor. Not to be confused with the basketball team.

  • Mike

    Terry tried to eat me when I entered his booth at SHOT…
    Naw, just kidding, Terry and I are cool, he didn’t even drool on my head!

    • gunslinger

      nah man. we are cool. cool

  • TheSmellofNapalm

    Should have a covering of feathers….

  • Nicholas Mew

    Sorry to burst your bubble. This is a more real depiction.

    • Steve (TFB Editor)

      I vacationed in Australia a number of years ago … those are a log bigger than the ‘raptor would have been.

      • Steve (TFB Editor)

        Its all tail!

        • iksnilol

          My only experience with cassowaries is playing Far Cry 3 . It was the scariest game i pøayed in a while.

      • Giolli Joker

        Might even be tasty… 😀

      • bfmusashi

        If you’ve ever seen a rooster fight, take that, add teeth, about six more feet of jumping height, pack hunting, and the desire to nest in your warm mammal entrails. Real velociraptors scare me far more than the movie ones. They can hide in places, they can run you down, and they want to eat you while you still live.

    • DiverEngrSL17K

      Yeah, cassowaries have definitely retained the disembowelment method of their dinosaur ancestors for dealing with adversaries. In the bush, you have to deal with them in the same way that you would have to with wild bears in North America — with a lot of respect and a real understanding of their behavioural responses.

  • Timothy G. Yan

    Milspec Monkey himself on the Raptor. We did that after the show was closed on Friday.

  • wetcorps

    I, for once, think that “tactical velociraptor” sounds badass ^^
    And I bet he was more popular than all the booth babes together.

    • gunslinger

      Booth babes… only for CES and Car Shows now?

  • flemgunner

    Its actually not a velociraptor, its to big. Jurassic Park made em that size for drama. Its actually either a deinonychus or a Utah raptor

    • Mark

      fer chrisakes it’s a joke…..quit overthinking it!

      • flemgunner

        Hey man Dinosaurs are serious business

  • Jonathan Ferguson

    Needs a holster/scabbard for an AR…

  • avconsumer2

    Screenplay writers @ SyFy… your mission is clear.

  • dan citizen

    Great, now everybody is going to have tactical raptors. it’s the AR/1911 thing all over again.

  • ColaBox

    “Instagram that shit!”
    Best patch ever.

  • LCON

    Technically Terry Clausen is a Utah Raptor.

  • It is shades of the Raptor in the YouTube video “How Jurassic Park Should Have Ended.”

  • Patrick Mingle


  • Nathaniel


  • DiverEngrSL17K

    If I’m not mistaken, several sub-species of Velociraptor and Utahraptor may have evolved with excellent night / low-light vision and natural camouflage. I don’t think they would have needed the hand of Man to enhance those capabilities.

    Still, a pretty interesting way to boost the signature of an exhibit at SHOT.

  • hkryan

    “…very high size to carnage ratio…” LOL!

  • Marcus

    Three words- Turok: Dinosaur Hunter

  • CaptainSlaughterboard

    Meanwhile in Texas( yeah I know, it’s acutally North Carolina XD )

  • Tater

    Not a real NSN. It should be 9122-00-428-7673

  • Harriet Engle

    See now, I would visit this booth over any other, simply because it’s NOT crawling with booth “babes”. We females spend money, and generally have some say over what our menfolk buy, too. A smart business doesn’t automatically alienate half of their potential market. 🙂 Plus, who doesn’t like dinosaurs?!

  • mechamaster

    Next… Tactical Ostrich…. or maybe Horse…

  • Fruitbat44

    First a thread about historical firearms in ‘Star Wars.’ And now this . . .
    O.M.G! I am approaching geek overload!