Safariland Rogers’ Rail Light

Rogers Rail Light

Safariland introduced a new, inexpensive option for mounting a white light on your handgun.  The Rogers’ Rail Light mounts to most accessory rails on modern handguns, and is supposed to be easy and fast to put on or take off.

The Rogers’ Rail Light is designed to work with a Microstream flashlight made by Streamlight.  The Microstream is included in the Rogers’ Rail Light package.

The Mircrostream is not a very bright flashlight compared to many of the 200+ lumen tactical lights that are on the market.  However, it is very compact and inexpensive, yet still uses quality construction to make it water resistant and impact resistant.  It puts out only 28 lumens with a single AAA battery.

MSRP for the Rogers’ Rail Light is $48, which is substantially cheaper than many gun-mounted light options on the market.

Richard Johnson

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  • TangledThorns

    I found a video demonstration for it. I’m not liking it, seems like a better concept for a rifle.

    • gunslinger

      thanks. was going to post tha the picture looks like a bad photoshop job of placing the light ontop of gun. i didn’t get how it mounted or anything.

  • noob

    this being a safariland product, do they have a matching line of holster bodies that will accommodate a pistol with this light mounted to it?

  • noob

    28 lumens could actually be quite useful for close range target identification without totally ruining your own night vision.

    • wetcorps

      What use is a light if it can’t vaporize the enemy’s eyebrows at 10 feets, set his clothes on fire at 7 and make his eyeballs melt out of his skull at 5? 😀

  • Risky

    You might be able to run a 3.7v 10440 lithium ion cell in it for about double the output… depending on how the light is designed. Some Streamlights can operate higher voltages, some can’t.

  • ShootingCamping1984 .

    Oddly enough I had my Microstream mounted (read taped) to my Romy AK47 handguards for awhile. It wasn’t my primary rifle and I had replaced the MS with a bigger EDC light so I went for it. The pocket clip rested between the handguard gap and kept the light pretty firm despite being rigged with tape. It was good enough for small rooms and as a last ditch if I couldn’t get to my AR.

    The light isn’t super tough though. Mine has loose electronics (or maybe battery contacts?) and won’t stay lit. IIRC it lasted about 1.5 years.

  • ShootingCamping1984 .

    Also, is this “Rogers” of “Rogers’ Superstock” fame? I still use that stock on my 6920 to good effect.

  • Kai

    I love my microstream for edc, but I don’t think it’d be my first choice for mounting on a handgun