TFB SHOT Show 2014 Debrief

Welcome to SHOT Show. Photo © Bryan Jones

SHOT Show was crazy. So many people to see, so many guns to handle and not nearly enough time to do it all. This year SHOT `14 was the best organized SHOT I have attended. Despite having a record 67,000 people in attendance, the show floor felt less crowded and chaotic than in past years. Good job NSSF.

The Horde. Photo © Bryan Jones

The SHOT Show Hordes. Photo © Bryan Jones


We published 122 posts during the show, with many posts published since the show ended and many more to come. As biased as I am, I think we had hands down the best and most comprehensive SHOT Show coverage online.

I am so proud of my team of writers who covered the show. They did an amazing job and I cannot thank or praise them enough. SHOT is incredibly tiring and while most attendees are heading back to their hotel rooms to sleep, casinos to gamble or bars for a Margarita, our bloggers were busy communicating what they saw that day to all of you. Our SHOT Team in alphabetical order was Aaron, Alex, Anette, Bryan, Chris, Edward, Ethan, Murdoc, Phil, Ray, Richard and Sam. Many of our writers were also posting to their personal blogs about SHOT Show, so go take a look at their blogs for even more coverage of the show.

I got a number of emails from readers congratulating us for the coverage. One reader wrote …

Hey, I just wanted to give you a huge thanks for the excellent SHOT show coverage.  I was there last year and understand how overwhelming it is.  It is even harder to fight the other bloggers and find the gems of the show.
A+ Articles
A+ Subject of articles
A+ Amount of coverage on each item

A perfect grouping….

… another reader wrote …

!!!YOU GUYS ROCK!!!  Next best thing to being there, thanks for making all the latest and greatest accessible to all of us stuck drooling in front of our PCs.

Thanks to them and everyone else who send in positive feedback. It is a real encouragement.

Next year I am planning even better SHOT coverage!

Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • Greetings, Steve. Definitely great coverage! Thanks to you and the crew. Maybe see you there next year. Mike

    • Mike we always hope to meet some of our readers at SHOT. We sure appreciate your comments. I tend to look at TFB as a group of kindred spirits and we’re writing home to spread the news.

      Thanks for reading our SHOT coverage!

    • Steve (TFB Editor)

      Definitely Mike! It would be great to catch up since I was not able to make it up to your part of the world this year as I had originally planned.

  • M.M.D.C.

    “…I think we had hands down the best and most comprehensive SHOT Show coverage online.”

    Indeed. Lots of cool stuff and a few outrageous things too. Thanks!

  • I still have quite a few articles to post as well… Coverage was great, and you forgot Nathan!

    Was a great show, and very well done. Was good to meet all the fellow writers. Nice to put a face to a name.

    Look forward to SHOT 2015!

  • Jeff Smith

    I agree with the reader’s email – the staff has really outdone themselves. I loved the steady stream of new posts flowing in.

    Next year, it would be amazing to have some type of a contest where the winner could attend the festivities with the crew from the Firearm Blog. I have no clue if anything like that could be possible, but that would be an amazing opportunity!

    • Phil Hsueh

      I agree and thought the very same thing myself since SHOT isn’t open to the general public, it would be a nice opportunity for some/one lucky non-blogger/journalist/industry type to actually attend and see all of the cool stuff for themselves. I’d even be cool with the idea if one of the caveats of winning and attending is that you are expected to write a couple of articles as a “guest blogger”.

  • bikemancs

    To me, the emails were great way to keep abreast of stuff, especially since I am in S. Korea and have to catch up as you guys are starting to feel the hangovers! If you could do one massive post, that covers all the SHOT articles, just as a simple list, once everything gets published, I think that would be awesome. I still feel as though I missed some good articles.

  • On Target Hawaii

    Great job TFB…it was no mean feat to cover this event.

  • It was a great opportunity to help out! I always love Shot Show, and this year as no exception

  • Fred Johnson

    Well done, TFB! This was my “go to” place everyday during the SHOT show coverage.

  • wetcorps

    Thanks again guys that was definitely a great coverage 🙂

  • gunslinger

    Awesome coverage. with 122 posts, i’ve seen many posters comment counts go though the roof (although i doubt anyone will catch Phill ! 🙂 )

    The only gripe i had with the coverage was some of the “double posting” where there were duplicate posts on the same subject (six12 shotgun) but with a team of 11 people, it might be hard to gather notes from everyone and post at the end of the day, or w/e.

    thanks again!

    • I did notice some similar post. You hit the nail on the head it really is hard to get that many post out daily and still have everyone get together so we don’t duplicate anything.
      I figure it was worth having a couple of similar post if it saves time and allows more articles to be posted daily. Steve really spent a lot of time keeping up with things and did a great job.

      LOL—thanks I appreciate the comment:-)

    • I was trying to avoid it but I actually enjoyed the different opinions and somewhow each seemed to get different info from the companies.

      TFB has made the business of SHOT even more enjoyable. Thanks to the readers, I’m one myself and thanks for letting me a part of it!

      • Steve (TFB Editor)

        I really like that we had enough writers to cover a few interesting things from different perspectives.

  • Vaughan

    You are right. You certainly had the best Shot Show coverage. I really enjoy it. I wish I could have been there myself!