Beretta ARX 100 Semi-automatic 5.56mm Rifle

The Beretta ARX-100, the consumer semi-automatic version of the Beretta ARX-160, is going to be on sale in the USA in just a few months. Other than the lack of full-automatic fire it is almost identical to the military version and handles the same. The ambidextrous controls are easy to use. The bolt release is just in front of the trigger guard. The under barrel picatinny rail has a sleek looking handguard installed to cover it up if you are not using it.

Like many of Beretta’s contemporary firearm designs, it has an almost space-age look and I expect we will be seeing it in many movies and TV shows, like the Beretta Cx4 Storm before it. Below are photos I took of it at the Beretta SHOW Show booth …






Steve Johnson

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  • nester7929

    Looks a bit bulky for my taste.

    • st4

      But she’s got a great personality!

      • Giolli Joker

        Wanna tell you a story

        ‘Bout a woman I know

        Ah, come to lovin’

        Ooh, she steals the show

        She ain’t exactly pretty

        Ain’t exactly small

        • MOG

          As far as looks go, this firearm is sort of like my gf, she ain’t pretty, she ain’t ugly…….she is just pretty ugly………(I only told her that once). It is good to have choices.

    • hkryan

      There’s gotta be a grenade launcher or shotgun hidden in there somewhere!

      • noob

        I think you’d be able to buy lower handguards with the identical angled profile that do have lights in them at least.

        if not from beretta, from someone else soon.

      • mike


      • markej4801

        The reviews discuss a grenade launcher. We’ll see. I want them to 1:RELEASE this one!!! 2:Also release the .300AAC barrel!!!

    • ACR-Shooter

      It looks it but it feels pretty light. But I will still pass.

    • FourString

      In the first photo, I like that character line that runs along the side rail and curves gently up along the top of the ejection port; looks pretty streamlined (like a rifle interpretation of their PX4 design language), to me at least.

  • Clint Notestine

    nickname: Guppy

    • hkryan

      And I thought the SCAR looked like a fish…

      • JumpIf NotZero

        You’re thinking the F2000 that looks like a Tuna.

        This looks like a pregnant CZ Bren

    • dp

      Nah, it’s Mobby Dick!

  • TangledThorns

    The same ARX-100 that was supposed to be release almost a year ago? Beretta missed so many boats during the panic, these guys couldn’t market sex.

    • hkryan

      Exactly, not to mention the newly arrived other options like the Tavor.

  • Colby

    Wow! Check out that the hight of the sights over the bore. Looks like 4 inches. I wonder what the ramifications are of such a high sight configuration.

    • Blake

      About the same as an AR15 with optics mounted on the carry handle…

      From what I recall from previous literature, the bbl is especially low on the weapon to get the recoil impulse closer to the vertical center of mass (as on Kriss Vector, Taurus Rhino, etc.).

    • Dan

      same ramification as the sights on a tavor. or steyr aug. or ps90.

      e.g. none

  • ColaBox

    Nice design and great manufacturer, but bad stock, too heavy, and too bloated. I suppose it would be safe to say, “good idea,bad execution”, but im not quit sure what their idea was to begin with.

    • lrs

      I got to play with these with the Albanian SF in Afghanistan. They rocked them with mostly short barrels and EOTechs. They’re many things, but “too heavy” isn’t one of them.

    • floppyscience

      6.8lb is heavy for a piston-driven carbine? Also as far as I can tell, it only looks bulky because of that plastic chunk in between the lower handguard and magwell, and the receiver being a plain slab-sided deal with not much going on.

      • FourString

        yep that plastic chunk acts like a magpul AFG, albeit integrated, from what I understand, so it’s an ergonomic feature! my guess is that the designers chose function more than form in adding it, and that the ‘bulkiness’ is just appearance related

    • Dan

      Heavy compared to what? 6.8lb is pretty damn light for an AR, let alone a piston driven one. both the tavor and scar are heavier than the arx-100.

      your eyes make a terrible weight scale.

      • FourString

        yup, there is a funny bit of assumption going on on the internetz by ppl who have never handled or shot it! let alone haven’t minded the specs -.-

      • ColaBox

        Eyes? Try hands. Speaking as someone whose actually handled one (not shot sadly, im not paying $4500), its heavier then a standard AR by quite a bit. Equivalent to the SCAR L, or pretty damn close.

        • Dan

          manufacturer data:
          FN SCAR-L 7.2lbs
          ARX-100 6.8lbs
          LWRC Carbine – 7.3lbs
          Daniel Defense M4 Carbine – 6.6lbs

          even featherlight ARs are hard to get under 6lbs without a lot of compromises. not sure what “standard AR” you are talking about here that the ARX-100 is “heavier by quite a bit”.

  • Lance

    Prefer if they made a AR-70/90 back for import

  • Giolli Joker

    What did English language do to you to be treated so badly? 😛

    • dp

      You did not get it. it’s Galic.

  • Mike

    The gun isn’t bulky, but it looks it. Most awkward thing to me was the sights; I’m used to M16/USGI style peep sights. These BUIS are huge and remind me of a pinhole Lyman target sight. I’m sure the height over bore will be less of an issue with an RDS or standard AR type BUIS.

    • noob

      does it get annoying having to change apertures on the rear sight every 100m?

      or is it better than having only a “near” and “far” setting?

    • Greg Paulsen

      They used to have integrated BUIS in their ARX-160’s but got feedback that people wanted to choose their own. The ones on there now are bulky, but it’s because there is a very high chance the user is just going to toss them and put their favorites on anyways.

  • Ed van Wageningen

    It is allready found in the game Call of Duty Ghosts. There it has a white color AND is used in space!

  • Blake

    Personally I kinda like the lines of the CX4 storm (& I own a Neos), but this thing is pretty fugly. The thin folding stock is really out of proportion to the rest of the weapon. Maybe they’ll offer a beefier fixed-stock option?

    Any idea of MSRP?

    • gunslinger

      it’s like a CX4, ACR and SCAR had a massive..”union” and this popped out.

  • RickH

    I’m not sure on that stock either. When it’s folded, that opening looks like a great place for crap to collect. And is there a steel insert in that hinge? If it’s all plastic, seems too light duty.

  • Tuulos

    Was there any indication of price or when they would be available in Europe?

  • Mazryonh

    Can anyone tell me why the Beretta RX4 Storm wasn’t developed further into a select-fire version for “professional” use, instead of this weapon?

    • Christopher

      Beretta would have to share profit with Benelli if they did that.

      • Giolli Joker

        Beretta owns Benelli.
        However the RX4 (Benelli MR1) is basically a hunting semiauto carbine with modern features.

        It’s surely capable and, according to some “professionals”, better (reliability wise, I suppose) than any “assault rifle” developed by Beretta so far, however it lacks features that a modern military rifle should have, supposedly covered by the ARX (modularity, quick disassembly, reversible ejection port, etc…).
        Is it better than the RX4?
        I don’t know, but I doubt many “professionals” would switch from their issued assault rifle to a select fire RX4.

        • Mazryonh

          I see, I’m still surprised that they didn’t try to save money that way by enhancing the RX4 Storm instead.

          And the problem with switching would have been there with many other platforms. The 5.56mm Rifle/Carbine market is extremely overcrowded. Even H&K couldn’t push its XM8 on anyone, despite better performance than competitors in dust tests, so it settled on the HK416 instead.

  • mike

    What an ugly rifle. IMO at least.

    • FourString

      the Glock and USP aren’t beauts either (the latter sometimes being described as a big intimidating ugly pug) but like the aforementioned, I can definitely guess that this will grow on you and I over time and perhaps more importantly over usage

  • Sham WOW!


    • Dan

      Yep. Tavor definitely is ugly. the ARX on the other hand looks pretty good.

  • petru sova

    I wish they would produce the original Beretta AR70/90 rifle. At least it was not made with a junk plastic receiver and it did not look ugly like this new abortion of an assault rifle. I guess since Glock got away with a non-sculptured slide the feeling in the firearms industry is that you do not have to produce an aesthetically pleasing firearm anymore because people would be too dumb to appreciated it anyway. Wrong, a lot of potential buyers will avoid it just because of its ugly looks. I wonder how long the junk plasticky receiver will last before it starts cracking like the junk plastic receiver of the FN SCAR.
    One company that bucked the ugly trend was HK when they introduced the P30 pistol. It was designed to look pleasing to the eye despite its junk plastic frame which does flex and crack behind the trigger guard like a lot of other brand plasticky pistols do. Even its ridiculous high price compared to other plasticky pistols did not put off a lot of buyers from spending their money on it proving that if you make a consume object look pleasing to the eye it will sell even it is not the quality product that was produced in years past.

  • PDW

    Huge fan of this thing. Love the bulky, high-tech aesthetic. Looks like something out of Starship Troopers, which makes shooting it just that much more fun!

  • Tenacious221

    The iron sights that are built in are trash. I wish they’d improve them somehow.

  • I Ren

    ACR must be feeling really foolish right about now. This is better thought out, easier to use, lighter to run, far more versatile, the FA version is in active military service and has a number of features that are truly game changing (the charging handle, ejector device, barrel disassemble to name a few).

    It’s looks may be an issue of personal taste (I for one find the AK to be the sexiest rifle ever created) but honestly, after what I’ve read this is an excellent rifle platform. I would actually like to see this replace the M4 because its a better weapon and will be even greater when refined. I’d keep this on hand as my go-to light Carbine.

    And the price of this thing? Considering what you are getting this is a bargain, not the steal of the century by any stretch, but definitely worth your every last penny.