Ashbury Precision Ordinance Releases SABER Chassis for Savage 110/10

Ashbury Precision Ordinance released their long awaited Savage 110 chassis system at SHOT this year.  The SABER FORSST system is a modular rifle chassis designed to accept Badger Ordinance, Remington 700, Defiance Machine, Surgeon, Sako, H-S Precision, McMillian and Weatherby Vanguard actions.  The new addition this year was the Savage 110/10. The chassis system is fully adjustable for length of pull, vertical recoil pad position and cheek weld height.


The chassis are made form 7075-T6 aerospace alloys, and claim to require no skim-bedding to maintain accuracy.  They also feature a modular forend system with three option available at release the Mod 1 Quattro which features a monolithic top rail, and the Mod 0 Quattro which has two 4″ picatinny rails that are user the user can place as needed.  Also available is a sporter traditional forend with a standard sling stud attachment.

The chassis center sections are also replaceable, and the same chassis can be reconfigured by the user to accept a short, long or extra long action with only the addition of a spacer.  Available in 4 colors, black, OD Green, FDE and Nordic Grey.




  • Lance

    Nice add on but for practical uses outside tacti cool look not needed.

    • Really depends. If you are a precision shooter, something like this is way more than just tacticool, and has a huge practical use. If you are looking to get more accuracy out of a rifle, a chassis system like this is a must. Yes they look pretty tactical, but really they only look that way because many snipers, both LE and military, use chassis systems because of the dramatic increase in accuracy that can be gained.

      So if you are OK with your rifle shooting 2MOA, then there would be no real use… But if you are looking to be on that razors edge of precision, something like this is not only practical, it is a requirement. I am not employed currently in any sort of tactical role, or as a sniper but have several rifles in chassis systems for competition use. Practical on something like this is relative to the accuracy you are trying to obtain.

      • jim

        Google is failing me… what does a rifle chassis *do* exactly?

        • Raven

          Basically, stocks like these use enhanced bedding (as I recall, the SABER uses aluminum blocks) to center and align the rifle’s action and keep movement and flex to a minimum. You can buy kits to epoxy-bed stocks as well, I’m not totally sure how those compare to a chassis system.

        • See my answer above…

      • Slim934

        How does a chassis system increase accuracy?

        • More stable platform

        • Its a more stable platform, like Phil said. But it also helps to keep the action stable, and in the same place from shot to shot, which helps increase accuracy. Your general chassis system will have an aluminum block that is precision milled, and provides as much contact with the bottom of the action as it can. Many times skim bedding is also necessary in order to get 100% contact. A chassis will also completely free float the barrel, which helps to keep the barrel harmonics the same from shot to shot, and not put any pressure on the barrel. The secret to accuracy in a rifle is to make make each shot exactly the same, every single time. From pressure on the action, to the way the barrel harmonizes and making sure that the bullet leaves the barrel at the same place each time in the barrel whip.

          Chassis systems are also more adjustable for the user, and can be lighter than standard stock.

          • Hunter57dor

            the other thing to note is the adjustability.

            we humans, all being from different places and the like, are different shapes and sizes. no two people will want the same dimensions in a rifle.

            a closer fitting rifle, is an easier rifle to shoot.

          • Yes, forgot about that aspect… But you are 100% right…

        • Brandon Bowers

          Truth be told the stock on the Savage does leave something to be desired. Certainly not rigid enough. I will say that everything else on mine is awesome.

  • Jim

    Sorry, I have to point it out. It is Ordnance, not Ordinance.

  • Seth Hill

    Pistol grip – check; barrel shroud – technically not one, but check; removable magazine – not 10+ rounds, but check; flash hider – needed.

    Waiting on claims that this will fire 30 rounds in 1/2 second and that it is an “assault rifle” from the liberals that wet themselves over the looks.

    • CrankyFool

      Firearms not politics.

      (Speaking as a liberal who’s also an avid gun owner).

      • Nicks87

        There are “liberals” and there are liberals. Some people call themselves liberals but in reality they are just authoritarian control freaks that are cashing in on a trend. It’s trendy to say that you are liberal until you get elected then you just turn into a criminal politician.